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Socialist Venezuela now targeting bakeries with absurd regulations


To enforce the bakeries compliance with the new regulations, a monitoring team will be established. ... They will supervise the bread produced and the equipment the bakeries have on hand. "...

Junk food company Bimbo Bakeries recalls products due to plastic contamination


Bimbo Bakeries is warning customers that the small pieces of plastic in the products may cause a "choking and/or cutting hazard," according to CNN Money. ... Headquartered in Horsham Township, Pennsylvania, Bimbo Bakeries is the largest bakery company in the U.S. "...

Court rules California bakeries may REFUSE to decorate cakes for gay couples... Backlash against the "gay mafia" accelerates


And yet, no lawsuits were filed, and no courts intervened to declare that the bakeries in young Dylan’s area had to bake him a Trump cake. ... Sources for this article include: Breitbart.com SFChronicle.com NaturalNews.com NaturalNews.com Previous :SICK TV: NBC depicts brutal rape of “Ann Coulter” character in Law & Order episode, radical Antifa assailant goes free Next : Wall Street Journal confirms: Bitcoin is a BUST - More news on Bakersfield Court rules California bakeries may ...

Venezuelans continue to starve, as government refuses to blame socialism


However, the country apparently thinks it has some sort of image to maintain, so the National Superintendency of Fair Prices has decided to start fining bakeries for allowing lines to stretch outside their front doors. ... Fining bakeries over long lines is just the latest step; security guards have been banning people from taking photos of empty shelves in grocery stores for quite some time now. "...

'Wheat-belly' 101 - Five clues that your excess weight is caused by gluten


Some bakeries make sprouted wheat and other sprouted grain breads. Whole Food bakeries provide a sourdough, sprouted wheat bread without bromide, a harmful ingredient used by most bakeries. "...

Food collapse: Bread will be emptied from shelves within days, warn Sri Lankan bakery owners


Jayawardena said back then that 50 kilograms of wheat flour pack increased by 1000 Indian rupee and that nearly 3,000 bakeries had been shut down at the time . "...

California lawmaker proposes NYC-like trans fat ban


Opponents of Garcia's bill - such as California Restaurant Association CEO Jot Condie - say trans fats are not a "critical issue," and claim the expense of non-trans-fat oils will bankrupt small and independent restaurants and bakeries. However, a number of California restaurants and bakeries have already voluntarily switched to trans fat-free cooking oils because of rising awareness of the health issues brought on by trans fat consumption. "...

Enslaved by socialism, Venezuelans now dig through waste to avoid starving to death


In that place, Venezuelans comb through the debris of scraps tossed out by bakeries and other businesses in the hopes of being able to sustain themselves through the week. ... Here we get bread, flour or wheat dough disposed in bakeries, with which to make arepas or bread. "...

Science proves eating white bread makes you fat


They are the traditionally baked breads and pastries baked with sourdough cultures that have fermented for a day or so without artificial interventions. [2] And you may purchase authentic sourdough breads in artisan bakeries that bake small batches often during the week. An important added feature is that most real artisan bakeries don't use bromides with their baking. "...

Researchers seek to insert caffeine into baked goods


With a new technology involving caffeine being researched, bakeries might be adding more than just sugar and spice to pastries. "...

Food rationing begins in some countries as plandemic's war phase escalates


Flour mills in Lebanon delivered supplies only to bread bakeries on Monday and Tuesday, which forced bakers who make pastries and thyme pizzas to close. "...

Burger King struggles with higher health expectations of consumers


Although Burger King's global profits rose 82 percent to $40 million in third quarter, it has had lackluster sales at its British operations, which the chain says is due to "perceptions about obesity and food-borne illness, and increased competition from sandwich shops, bakeries and other new restaurants that are diversifying into healthier options in response to nutritional concerns." "...

From 'rape Melania' to mocking violent beat downs of white people, the extreme cruelty and mental illness of the left has no place in a civilized society


. • Denounce the attacks on religious freedom, where bakeries and pizza parlors are vilified for saying they don't want to cater gay weddings. Personally, I don't have anything against gay people, and some of my friends are gay, but all gay people know that there are plenty of gay-friendly bakeries and pizza joints available. "...

Secret list of food companies funding GMO-labeling opposition slush fund revealed after illegal activities of GMA exposed


Secret slush fund donors revealed The companies that funneled money into the GMA's money laundering slush fund are: Abbott Nutrition Bimbo Bakeries USA Bruce Foods Corp. "...

Taiwan to ban all disposable plastic items by 2030


They are also planning to expand the coverage of this ban to include smaller operations such as drink kiosks and bakeries starting this year. "...

Court dismisses ridiculous lawsuit against Dr. Oz over "fake" olive oil warnings


Next : Socialist Venezuela now targeting bakeries with absurd regulations - More news on Dr. "...

Liberals attack Melania Trump over "nature" cures comments


Sources: Heatst.com Westernjournalism.com Previous :Socialist Venezuela now targeting bakeries with absurd regulations Next : Johnson & Johnson sued after their antipsychotic drug caused men to grow breasts - More news on Donald Trump Biden family’s China ties date back decades to Joe Biden’s term as senator Left-wing media journalist says 75% of media writers have “side job destroying Trump ballots” “Obamagate” film destroys Russian collusion conspiracy theory Trump administration releases ...

New wave of business opportunities involving medicinal, nutritional marijuana sweep Colorado


An entire sector of the market that was formerly limited to only licensed marijuana dispensaries for approved medical patients, in other words, is set to potentially expand more publicly into things like bakeries that sell cannabis-infused goodies; corner coffee shops that serve joints alongside lattes; and even restaurants that serve meals containing a much different kind of hash. "...

Brewer's spent grain from the beer-brewing process can be processed into cereal, flour or meat replacements, suggest researchers


For instance, bakeries in Chicago have been using the brewery leftovers to make “spent grain loaves.” "...

Did you know? Cows are the ultimate food recyclers and can help curb herbicide use


Dairy cows enjoy eating everything from citrus pulp to leftovers from bakeries – food that would normally go to waste and end up in landfills. "...