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Researchers seek to insert caffeine into baked goods


Researchers seek to insert caffeine into baked goods Monday, January 29, 2007 by: M. ... Leading the charge is Robert Bohannon, who invented a patent-pending method to encapsulate caffeine into baked goods. "...

15 Baked goods and ingredients with a long shelf life for emergency preparedness


That said, there are some foods that don’t need to be replaced as often: baked goods. Baked goods, particularly the packaged ones you can buy in large quantities, make great additions to your stockpile because they can last anywhere from a year to forever. "...

Eating baked goods regularly can lead to depression - study


Eating baked goods regularly can lead to depression - study Thursday, June 26, 2014 by: S. ... Scrub the ingredients in your baked goods against recent research. Could the ingredients in your baked goods be "pressing you down?" "...

Avoid GMOs in gluten-free baked goods this holiday season with these tips


With the holiday baking season just around the corner, ingredients that are free of harmful substances and GMOs are an important consideration. ... Millet flour imparts a fine cake-like texture to baked goods . Always choose organic, gluten-free flours to avoid genetically modified organisms. "...

Whole Foods sued over false 'all natural' claim on baked goods


Whole Foods sued over false 'all natural' claim on baked goods Wednesday, June 18, 2014 by: L.J. ... This new class action lawsuit, originally filed in November 2013 by Mary Garrison, accuses Whole Foods of misleading consumers by selling baked goods labeled "all natural," while containing a synthetic leavening agent - sodium acid pyrophosphate. "...

Starbucks to cut trans fats from baked goods in half of U.S. stores


Coffee retailer Starbucks Corp. recently announced that it would remove trans fats from baked goods in half of its U.S. stores by Jan. 3, and plans to eventually cut the unhealthy fats from foods in all its stores. ... The trans fat ban applies to the items offered on Starbucks' food menu, including doughnuts, muffins and other baked goods. "...

Many flours and baked goods contain potassium bromate, a carcinogen that has been banned across Europe


Much of the flour sold in the United States has been treated with potassium bromate, which causes the flour to bulk up, strengthens the dough and makes the bread rise more. ... The only reliable away to avoid this poisonous ingredient is to buy organic flours and baked goods. "...

Baked goods sold in USA contain potassium bromate, a carcinogen banned in Europe but allowed in the US due to chemical loophole


Most potassium bromate breaks down during the baking process, but tests have confirmed that trace amounts can remain in finished baked goods. ... See astonishing videos about this subject at www.FoodInvestigations.com The only reliable away to avoid this poisonous ingredient is to buy organic flours and baked goods. "...

Make Healthy, Sweet Baked Treats with Stevia and Dates


It works very well, substituted cup-for-cup, in any baked-goods recipe that calls for brown sugar . For those who don't like the taste of dates, the flavor does not come across too strongly in baked goods. "...

Fast food diet increases risk of depression by more than fifty percent


Consumption of fast foods and baked goods doubles risk of depression Researchers conducting the study found that risk of depression could be predicted in a dose-dependent manner. ... The study found that those participants eating the largest amount of fast food and commercially baked goods are more likely to be single, physically inactive and generally exhibit poor dietary habits. "...

11 Substitutes for baking powder, a pantry staple


It’s the essential ingredient that adds volume to baked goods and lightens their texture. ... Baking powder is essential to making bread, pastries and other baked goods so soft and light. "...

Unrefined pumpkin seed oil increases antioxidant properties of bakery products


The products were baked at two temperatures – at 200 C and at 220 C. The researchers looked at the antioxidant activity of the baked goods through chemiluminescence and through DPPH radical assay. ... On the other hand, the antioxidant activity of aqueous extracts in baked goods with pumpkin seed oil was found to be higher in the crust than in the crumb. "...

The health benefits of 5 holiday herbs and spices


Nutmeg is wonderful in many baked goods and can also be used in making a spiced tea. ... Vanilla is great in hot and cool beverages, smoothies, baked goods, oatmeal, and granola. "...

Candy carcinogens: Petroleum-based additives are being used in popular children's candy


Red 40 is known to cause allergic reaction in some people. - Blue 1: The second-most common dye, found in beverages, candy and baked goods. ... It is also a known allergen. - Yellow 5: The third-most common dye, used in candy, baked goods and gelatin desserts. "...

Is your 'gluten-free' or 'vegan' diet truly healthy?


Gluten-free foods often loaded with refined sugar, processed oils, synthetic additives The same is true for many gluten-free baked goods. ... "Few realize that when it comes to gluten free baked goods such as bread, snacks, and desserts, gluten free food is not as nutritious as 'regular' food," explains the blog ElanasPantry.com. "...

Acrylamides in coffee ... should you be worried?


Because of this, the compound is also often found in breakfast cereals, baked goods and potato chips. ... If you truly want to reduce exposure to this compound, avoid processed foods and baked goods as well. "...

A common food additive could be causing celiac disease, study suggests


Matthias Torsten found a direct link between the increasing use of enzymes as food additives in baked goods and the growing number of celiac disease cases in the last 40 years. ... The immune system can mistake natural enzymes for harmful ones Gluten’s durability is what made it invaluable in getting baked goods to rise and maintain their shape. "...

Coconut flour: A nutritious, gluten-free substitute to processed flour


It is also quite light and airy, making it especially suitable for baked goods like muffins, pancakes and cakes. ... He recommends adding 1-2 tablespoons of coconut flour to gravies, baked goods, casseroles or smoothies. "...

Avoid these six foods that could trigger acid reflux and IBS symptoms


If you are acid reflux prone or suffer from IBS, you may get around this by purchasing baked goods directly from a bakery you trust or make your own with excellent whole ingredients. Sourdough and/or sprouted wheat, wheat substitutes, such as buckwheat, spelt, or other grains used in baked goods without harmful additives may also be tolerable. "...

Common Additives in Your Food Contain Shocking Dangers, Part IV


They are found in fried foods, fast foods, baked goods, margarines, shortening, snacks and prepared entrees. ... It is found in fast foods, baked goods and flours. It can best be avoided by purchasing organic products. "...