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Bad science


A six-year-old girl from Dallas, Texas, became one happy little lady recently after her family’s Amazon Echo, an always-listening speaker device that’s gradually being implemented into thousands of consumer electronic products, responded to a simple voice command she made and ordered her both a tin of shortbread cookies and a large dollhouse — […] in: Bad science , Current Events , Future , Gadgets , Police state , Privacy & surveillance , Robotics and AI , Science & Tech , Transhumanism ...

The Lady Gaga saga and the coming poverty generation of youth left behind


They say you can best determine the character of a celebrity by the character of their fans. By that measure, you'd be shocked to learn about Lady Gaga's fans. After a recent article I posted criticizing the superstar musician for wearing a dress made out of raw, dead animal flesh and stating that she was a bad influence for children and teens, we received an impressive flood of the most hateful, vitriolic and profanity-filled feedback I've ever witnessed. "...

Frito-Lay under attack by outraged feminists after announcing "Lady Doritos" that would be less messy


Frito-Lay under attack by outraged feminists after announcing “Lady Doritos” that would be less messy Tuesday, February 13, 2018 by: Jayson Veley badfood , Doritos , feminism , gender , identity politics , junk food , Lady Doritos , left cult , Liberal Mob , outrage , snack food , social justice , stupid , women - (Natural News ) Welcome to America 2018, where everyone and their mother is a victim. ... We don’t want lady Doritos! They want equality. They want the same ...

Smoking gun: Wuhan collaborator Peter Daszak admits to developing "killer" coronaviruses with communist Chinese


Smoking gun: Wuhan collaborator Peter Daszak admits to developing “killer” coronaviruses with communist Chinese Wednesday, June 09, 2021 by: Mike Adams Bad Lady , coronavirus , covid-19 , Fauci , lab origins , outbreak , pandemic , Peter Daszak , Plague , SARS-CoV-2 , virology , Wuhan Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/526203.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) We now know that Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance, who funneled millions of dollars to ...

Father forced to leave hospital, witness daughter's death on FaceTime ... all due to outrageous covid restrictions


Grace was a 19-year-old young lady with special needs. Her condition made her unable to communicate effectively with people. ... Paul Vallely lauds Canadians for standing up against tyrannical leadership – Brighteon.TV - More news on bad doctors Father forced to leave hospital, witness daughter’s death on FaceTime … all due to outrageous covid restrictions Biden admin bribing doctors to push COVID shots on children The Sheriff Mack Show: Nurse Erin Olszewski talks about hospital ...

Judge Fred Mosely talks about the lies and deceptions driving modern "science" on "Laws of Life" – Brighteon.TV


He discusses with Beth Townsend a situation involving a store owner and a lady customer who bought a nice looking outfit, wore it in an event and brought it back the following business day. ... “In our life, in our homes and our businesses, we’re busy pulling out what’s obviously bad or obviously wrong. "...

New book exposes the TRUE history of the New York Times' embrace of Hitler, Stalin, Castro


For his entire term, President Donald Trump was accused of having a soft spot for despots and dictators including Putin, but a new book by Ashley Rindsberg, “The Gray Lady Winked ,” which was published under his own imprint, reveals how the Times has actually backed and feted authoritarians. ... Besides headlines like ‘Greatest Athletic Show in History,’ some woefully bad predictions about Nazi Germany were made by the paper in the run-up to the Olympics, including that it would ...

The un-funny and unhinged Chelsea Handler gets ripped over her mocking of Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Why are Leftists such rotten people?


Maybe as a modern feminist you should act like a lady for a change.” “Glad to see how much of a strong feminist you are, by promoting positive body image of other females,” wrote another, to which Handler arrogantly replied : “This woman deserves to be taken down. ... Or maybe it was because they wanted to be taken seriously, and they knew that a catty, childish, brainless moron would probably have just made things worse for the president, bad as they already were for Obama and ...

JOURNO-TERRORISM: New York Times now openly sponsoring a public depiction of the assassination of President Trump


It’s bad enough that it is essentially a fake news conveyor belt for the Deep State and the Democrats, but now it turns out that it is also bankrolling the Public Theater “Shakespeare in the Park” production of a contemporary interpretation of Julius Ceasar that depicts an assassination of a Donald Trump lookalike. ... To make matters worse, Ceasar’s wife Calpurnia is said to resemble First Lady Melania Trump in the production. "...

Mindless Hillary Clinton voters declare support for Sharia law: video


"Absolutely," the young lady insists. "Absolutely." "Hillary knows what's best?" ... "I don't know, I don't think it'd be a bad thing," she responds. Dice nest finds yet another young lady, whom he asks, "One of Hillary's platforms is to spread Sharia law within the minority community – you think that's the right thing to do?" "...

Dutch journalist in Ukraine says Western media regularly lie about what is happening on the ground


They had used this script for many years in Iraq, Venezuela and [other] countries which don’t comply with their agenda; they need a ‘bad ‘guy.’ ... Madison Cawthorn says he’s been asked to “orgies” in DC, has seen politicians do “coke” while media gathers blackmail materials Dems push for “Department of Reconciliation” that could actually ignite a RACE WAR Shi Zhengli, the “Bat Lady” publishes propaganda piece in MIT Technology Review to cover up for crimes against humanity Fauci ...

Creator of "The Daily Show" says unborn human babies are "medical waste" ... did her own mother think the same of her?


Lizz Winstead and the Lady Parts Justice League are launching pro-abortion “comedy tour” Why these filthy feminists can’t just use birth control and stop getting pregnant in the first place remains unclear. ... According to reports, Lizz Winstead and the Lady Parts Justice League are actually launching a pro-abortion “comedy tour” to teach women that promoting abortion can be “fun.” "...

Uber-PC University of California: Saying America is the


Case in point: At the University of California , a recent faculty seminar at nine of the 10 UC campuses during the recently concluded school year discussed "microaggressions" and the "[bad] Messages they Send." ... America is the land of opportunity, because that's "racist" and "sexist." — The first lady's "America is bad" high school graduation speech tour: In recent weeks, First Lady Michelle Obama has been traveling around the country on the taxpayer's dime ...

Pushback to COVID tyranny is spreading, but the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know that


After Southwest pilots filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against their company’s jab mandate, the airline company cancelled nearly 2,000 flights over the weekend, citing “bad weather.” ... A free livestream of the retreat is available by registering at Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House . "...

SICKOS: Pro-abortion leftist Sarah Silverman says she wants to "eat an aborted fetus"


Any attention — doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Because without attention, they don’t have status and without status, they don’t have a platform in which to spew stupidity. ... Silverman made the comment during a game of “abortion charades” – part of a “telethon” titled Life Is a Living Nightmare: A Telethon to Fix It, hosted by the Lady Parts Justice League. "...

Armed St. Louis home defender says media siding with BLM “mob” as he expects to be indicted by Left-wing prosecutor who let looters go


And that’s too bad for a St. Louis man, who — along with his wife — decided to defend their home with guns against a mob of Black Lives Matter protesters who had broken into their property. ... I got a nice letter from a lady in Ireland this morning who congratulated us for taking a stand against the violence. "...

Speaking for the unhinged Left, Peter Fonda says Trump's children should be locked in cages with pedophiles, and ICE agents' families should be targeted


The First Lady no doubt well understood that her life would forever change if her husband became president. ... It’s bad enough no one on the Left — Democrats, the Pravda media, the entertainment world — is criticizing Fonda for his rank vileness. "...

Thomas Renz to Americans affected by COVID pandemic lies: We need to hold them accountable – Brighteon.TV


And we’re going to use this as a platform to fight bad guys from now on into the future for as far as we can. We need to hold these bad guys accountable. “So we want your voice to be heard. "...

Carlson: 'This is the point where we're just going to have to draw the line — No, Joe Biden, you can't have a federally funded Ministry of Truth'


And that’s the bad news. > > The good news is, everyone involved in Joe Biden’s new ministry of information is a buffoon. ... Rudy Giuliani shared bad Intel from Ukraine. Or when TikTok influencers said COVID can cause pain. "...