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Environmentally conscious investment firm warns against investing in GMO companies


An Oregon-based investment firm concerned about the world's "ecological crisis" will not be investing in genetically modified organisms (GMOs), as they are considered a bad "financial risk," according to a detailed report [PDF] released by the firm in September. ... This consumer education contributes to a bad reputation for the industry , as growing awareness "builds up negative perceptions" of GMOs, the report found. "...

Economics of self-sabotage: The safest trillion dollar investment EVER


There is only one reason: It's a secure investment. If it weren't such a safe bet, the world's business landscape would look very different indeed. ... What if you had EVERY dime of that money right now, safely tucked away in a good investment? "...

US national debt is so bad now that the U.S. Treasury has simply stopped reporting it


US national debt is so bad now that the U.S. Treasury has simply stopped reporting it Tuesday, April 07, 2015 by: J. ... Click here to see how these financial "geniuses" get creative with the numbers, in order to avoid telling Americans just how bad things really are. "...

Food as an investment - Preparing now for a food crisis


People all over the US are feeling a sudden pinch on their food budgets. ... This is why I say food is an investment. It has helped us raise some critical money when we needed it. "...

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin: Cryptocurrency not ideal for long-term investment


For this reason, one of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency community has spoken out against this view, saying in no uncertain terms that they are simply not ideal for long-term investment at all. According to Vitalik Buterin, the Canadian-Russian researcher and programmer behind Ethereum, an open-source and public alternative to Bitcoin, it’s just a bad idea all around to look at any cryptocurrency as worthy of buying into as a form of investment. "...

Bad science warning: More than 30,000 studies may have been compromised by contaminated cell lines used for decades


Bad science warning: More than 30,000 studies may have been compromised by contaminated cell lines used for decades Wednesday, October 18, 2017 by: Isabelle Z. bad science , cell line contamination , faulty studies , HeLa cells , Henrietta Lacks , junk science , medical fraud , medical research , research , studies - (Natural News ) What if everything you thought you knew turned out to be wrong? "...

How The Atlantic got scammed by Monsanto shill Kevin Folta: Hit piece on the Food Babe used an exposed liar as its primary source... Will the publisher issue a retraction and apology?


Before Univ. of Florida professor Kevin Folta was exposed as a Monsanto puppet and academic prostitute , he was widely quoted in mainstream media's attack stories on clean food activists like the Food Babe . ... Discredited Monsanto shill from the Univ. of Florida might be guilty of a second class felony under state's anti-corruption laws CNN caught using crisis actor operative to attack Donald Trump Meet the sleazy Monsanto operatives pretending to be journalists for Discover, Slate, The Washington ...

Joe Biden's Treasury Secretary has extensive financial ties with CCP and Wall Street


The investment firm’s principal financial backer also happens to be the state-owned China Development Bank. ... “This is not someone who pulls punches when it comes to bad actors or bad behavior. "...

Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” is such a bad plan she has to LIE in order to get it passed, like Obama did with Obamacare


Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” is such a bad plan she has to LIE in order to get it passed, like Obama did with Obamacare Monday, February 11, 2019 by: JD Heyes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , AOC , badclimate , badscience , barack obama , deception , Democratic Socialists , FAQ , freebies , GND , government benefit , Green New Deal , left cult , left-wing media , lies , Marxism , obamacare , online FAQ , Republicans , Robert Hockett , Tucker Carlson - (Natural News ) If you like your doctor, ...

Costco protecting BLM terrorists from criticism, removing vendors who speak up about BLM's domestic terror


Costco protecting BLM terrorists from criticism, removing vendors who speak up about BLM’s domestic terror Monday, September 28, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson bad investment , blm terror , corporate brainwashing , corporations , Costco , domestic terror , evil , evil corporation , extortion , left cult , Marxism , mob violence , retailers , terrorism , threats , Twisted , Tyranny Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.clearnewswire.com/461487.html Copy URL - (Natural News ...

Vegetarian Author John Robbins Financially Hit Hard by Madoff Ponzi Scheme Collapse


But is it really appropriate to call for a grassroots fundraising campaign to reimburse a celebrity author for riches they lost due to a bad or unlucky investment decision? ... Personally, I do not believe that an individual's private financial investment decisions, no matter how bad the outcome, rise to a level that should trigger a call for a grassroots fundraising campaign from the health-conscious community. "...

American GDP grew 33.1% in the third quarter, fastest ever recorded


“Business investment surged 20.3 percent during the quarter, reflecting a 70.1 percent jump in investment in equipment. The housing market is booming: residential investment grew at a rate of 59.3 percent.” "...

Word Games:


Rescued from the really bad investment decisions of greedy, careless bankers. And HOW are we all being rescued? ... Yes, an investment. Your government is now your stock broker. Except you don't really have a choice in this investment. "...

Celebrity cryptocurrency schemes now earning felony fraud charges as DOJ cracks down on crypto scams


While only 46 ICOs existed in 2016, which collectively drew $96 million in investment, that number soared to 228 ICOs in 2017, which altogether garnered a whopping $3.6 billion in investment. This represents a growth rate of nearly 3,700 percent, a figure that’s caught the attention of plenty of bad apples. "...

UN secretary-general calls for world to end "deadly addiction" to coal, ignoring the role it plays in constructing renewable energy plants


Second, end the international financing of coal plants and shift investment to renewable energy projects. ... Sources include: WattsUpWithThat.com Breitbart.com BloombergQuint.com Previous :Armed bounty hunters raid a home without warrant in Buffalo, New York as police officers watch and do nothing - More news on badpollution UN secretary-general calls for world to end “deadly addiction” to coal, ignoring the role it plays in constructing renewable energy plants Toxic ingredient in disinfectants ...

Elizabeth Warren's $52 trillion "Medicare for All" health care plan would push tax rates above 100% for some


Pretend, for a moment, that you’re a billionaire with a $1,000 investment who just earned a six percent, or $60, return on that investment as a capital gain, or dividend. ... So, $35 plus $60 equals $95, meaning you’d have to pay $95 in taxes for the $60 you actually earned from your investment. "...

BitConnect shuts down after accusations it was running a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme


The changes to the investment platform’s operations are already in effect, which means that it will no longer be around in its original state much longer. ... Since BitConnect will no longer operate as a Bitcoin investment platform, it has started releasing all outstanding active loans to its users. "...

As the financial collapse approaches, should you go all-in on gold and silver?


That's all well and good, and there is no question that people who got into the gold and silver markets early-on have done well with their investment. ... Historically valuable and a hedge against bad times First, gold and silver had historically held some value, especially as economic times get tough. "...

Iconic American companies are owned by Chinese investors


CEO of Legend’s Hony Capital John Zhao said, “Our investment in WeWork is both strategic and obvious.” ... While different isn’t always bad, in this case Fab.com has transformed into something entirely unrecognizable. "...

As Bitcoin wastes the world's electricity, Bitcoin mining now a money-LOSING proposition


As Bitcoin wastes the world’s electricity, Bitcoin mining now a money-LOSING proposition Tuesday, June 19, 2018 by: Ethan Huff bad investment , bitcoin , Bitcoin collapse , blockchain , cost-effective , costs , crypto , crypto mining , cryptocurrency , economy , electricity , ethereum , financial collapse , incentive , market crash , market value , mining , Price , Profitable , risk - (Natural News ) The market price of the popular online cryptocurrency Bitcoin has sunk so low ...