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Shocking whistleblower recordings show children getting jabbed with poorly mixed COVID vaccines


“We have no circumstances in company history when bacteriostatic water was used in diluting vaccine,” Capone said. ... Watch the video below about a nurse in New York who revealed that COVID vaccines with bacteriostatic water were mistakenly given to children. "...

The therapeutic potential of cherry mahogany in treating methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus


. - The stem bark of the tree was processed into six different extracts: chloroform, ethyl acetate, ethanol, hexane, methanol, and sterile distilled water. - Each extract was tested on six different strains of MRSA. ... The concentrations determined if the extract had bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects. - The ethyl acetate, ethanol, methanol, and sterile distilled water extracts displayed significant potential as antibacterials. "...

Ginger essential oil can prevent cheese from getting infected with E.coli


Also, the addition of ginger essential oil improved the hydrophobic properties of WPI, forming a good water barrier. ... “The antimicrobial effect provided by ginger essential oil during storage was observed to be in the form of a bacteriostatic effect on E. coli O157:H7 and a bactericidal effect on S. aureus,” the researchers concluded of their study . "...

Has the cure for MRSA been found? A traditional Côte d’Ivoire medicine shows great potential in treating the infection


They tested the chloroform, ethyl acetate, ethanol, hexane, methanol and sterile distilled water extracts on six different MRSA strains. ... They also determined if the extract is bacteriostatic or bactericidal by comparing the growth of the microbes in differently-prepared batches. "...

Plant extracts from Rosaceae plants can be used as natural treatments for cholera


In the case of cholera, treatment also includes antibiotics to stop Vibrio cholerae from producing a toxin that causes the body to discharge large amounts of water . ... After analyzing hot water extracts from these five plants, the researchers reported that all five have bacteriostatic activities, meaning they can inhibit the growth and reproduction of V. cholerae . "...