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Great Britain considers forcing backyard chickens to be registered due to “avian flu” psy-op

March 10, 2023 - backyard chickens is necessary to help protect flocks against the perceived threat of avian influenza. Failure to allow the government to snoop on people's broods will allow for more disease to spread, we are told.

More of the latest news about the government's non-stop disease scare psy-ops can be found at

Sources for this article include:

This site is part of the Natural News Network ...

Chlorine dioxide makes chickens healthier, study finds

March 15, 2023 -

Researchers out of Pakistan, publishing their work in the Pakistan Veterinary Journal, found at the time that chlorine dioxide (ClO2), a water-acidifying agent, heals a damaged gut. Poor digestion, just in case you did not know, is a common entry point for diseases like bird flu to form.

For the study, researchers randomly assigned 160 day-old Cobb-500 male broiler birds to four different treatments using a ClO2 product called Dutrion. The first group, DW-0, served as ...

9 Ways to feed your chickens for FREE

August 09, 2023 - backyard chickens for free with garden produce, common weeds.)Start a grazing box

A grazing box is essentially a raised bed or planter with chicken wire stretched over the top or protected hardware cloth. The seeds – grains and greens – grow through the chicken wire or taller than the hardware cloth, which allows your chickens to peck at without digging up the soil or the root systems. This works especially well with kale, lettuce and spinach that will regrow from ...

South Africa CULLS 7.5M chickens to contain BIRD FLU outbreaks, triggering shortages of poultry and eggs

a month ago -

The South African Poultry Association (SAPA) reported the first bird flu cases in commercial poultry farms in April. SAPA General Manager Izaak Breitenbach said roughly 205,000 chickens have died from two different bird flu strains – the infamous H5N1 and a new strain identified as H7N6 – in at least 60 separate outbreaks across the country

More than half of those outbreaks occurred in Gauteng province, which includes the city of Johannesburg and the executive capital Pretoria....

EPA warns about DIOXINS released from chlorinated compounds such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or “backyard burning” of household trash

February 22, 2023 -

One of the first things the EPA warns about on the page is that burning trash produces not only dioxins but other noxious chemicals such as particle pollution, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide, hexachlorobenzene, and ash.

"Many dangerous health conditions can be caused by inhaling or ingesting even small amounts of these pollutants," the EPA warns. "Small children, the elderly, or people with preexisting respiratory ...

The human immune system has been COMPROMISED in pursuit of producing fatter chickens, thanks to indiscriminate antibiotic use

April 28, 2023 -

A study conducted by scientists at the University of Oxford has found that the antimicrobial colistin, previously used as a growth promoter on pig and chicken farms in China, resulted in the emergence of Escherichia coli strains that are more likely to evade the body's initial defense mechanism.

"This is potentially much more dangerous than resistance to antibiotics," warned study lead author Craig MacLean, a professor of Evolution and Microbiology at Oxford. "It highlights ...

Commercial egg farm in Connecticut goes UP IN FLAMES over the weekend; more than 100,000 chickens lost as egg prices explode

January 31, 2023 -

A massive Hillandale Farms chicken coop facility in Bozrah, Conn., caught fire on Saturday afternoon, producing a blaze and smoke plumes so large that more than 100 firefighters were called to the scene to extinguish it.

A 50-foot by 600-foot operating room at the facility on Schwartz Road is where the fire first began, according to firefighters. Crews from 16 surrounding departments were called out to fight the fire, including from the areas of Colchester, East Haddam, ...

Globalist-controlled DEMOLITION of protein supply in full effect as forced vaccination of all chickens for LAB-CREATED BIRD FLU now imminent

April 10, 2023 -

Bill Gates' gain-of-function bird flu being created in biolabs in Ukraine right now

When will fake news start the rumor that humans are somehow coming down with bird flu from eating infected chicken from a wet market in China? Manufacturers around the world are hinting that a new strain of avian influenza may jump across the species divide and infect humans, so they are rushing to develop a jab for human bird flu. As H5N1 kills off a record number of birds, according to MSM, there's ...

CLAIM: Tractor Supply chicken feed allegedly laced with ingredients causing chickens to stop laying eggs; company board members tied to WEF, Jeffrey Epstein

January 26, 2023 -

Multiple online sources, many of them hen farmers, say that ever since Tractor Supply changed the Producer's Pride formulation, their birds have gone desolate. This could be because of a reduction in the amount of protein contained in the feed, or it could be caused by other factors such as aflatoxin contamination.

Note: Mike Adams has committed to acquiring and testing Tractor Supply chicken feed products in his food science lab and sharing the results publicly, whatever ...

Staying under the radar: Tips for efficient stealth prepping

January 11, 2023 -

If you want to avoid unwanted attention, try stealth prepping to prepare for unexpected disasters. (h/t to prepping for discreet preppers

Stealth prepping or guerilla prepping involves learning survival skills and preparing for survival scenarios while also being discreet. This ensures that people like desperate non-preppers don't target you for your gear and supplies after SHTF.

If you're interested in stealth prepping, think of how ...

Mass chicken culling based on “avian influenza outbreaks” just another malicious attack on the FOOD SUPPLY

December 23, 2022 - backyard chickens are unvaccinated and free range, and they aren't dying from avian influenza

I've maintained backyard egg layers, by the way, for over a decade. Although chickens die from natural causes and old age -- yes, mine end up dying from old age because I don't kill them -- my chickens have never suffered an avian influenza mass death event. And they prance around all day in a free range environment with no fences and no boundaries. They encounter plenty of ...

If they are willing to poison the chickens to stop them from laying eggs, they are likely poisoning the HUMAN food supply to stop us from having children

February 12, 2023 -

A few globalist-owned and controlled animal feed companies are supplying farmers with tainted chicken feed that allegedly prevent hens from producing eggs, adding to the chaotic food shortages and supply chain breakdowns. Is this another attempt to cripple the entire food supply, including meat and eggs, so everyone will run to the grocery stores and buy genetically-mutated, lab-concocted Franken-meat that Bill Gates funds? It would appear so.Purina's Dumor brand and ...

East Palestine ripe for “cancer clusters” following train derailment chemical disaster

February 15, 2023 -

A disaster mitigation consultant who specializes in hazardous chemicals and has first-hand knowledge of this disaster told Hohmann that area residents should avoid returning home for a least a month – that is how serious this situation apparently is.

"I'm an analytical chemist. I worked on cleanups for Superfund sites related to cleanups," this person is quoted as saying.

"The biggest problem is, right now, what's on the surface. As long as the soot is on the ...

STUDY: Chicken bones are proof that human activities and appetites can rapidly transform the natural world

July 14, 2023 -

Originating from the jungles of Southeast Asia, the red junglefowl became one of the first domesticated chicken species after humans domesticated it about 10,000 years ago, prizing the bird for its meat and eggs. However, it was only after World War II that selective breeding techniques transformed it into the rotund, short-lived creature found in supermarkets worldwide today.

"The modern meat chicken is unrecognizable compared to its ancestors or wild counterparts," explained ...

Food supply 101: How to grow food for your stockpile and be more self-sufficient

May 10, 2023 - backyard chickens.

If you have six laying hens, one laying hen will lay about 250 eggs in a year because they will need some time off when it's too hot or too cold. They also won't be able to lay eggs every day of the year since they will need to mold their feathers.

But if you have six laying hens, you can expect about 250 eggs, which means you can get at least 1,500 eggs a year. If that's too many eggs for your family, sell any extras when SHTF or trade them ...

Why is Tractor Supply’s board of directors heavily infested with GLOBALISTS who push depopulation and climate agendas? (op-ed)

January 31, 2023 -

Is this all part of a larger agenda to massively cripple the entire food supply and drive inflation through the roof, while people pour money into the Ponzi schemes of "climate change" and "global warming?"Tractor Supply's "Producer's Pride" and Purina's "Dumor" brands of chicken feed accused of preventing chickens from laying eggs

Keep in mind that the WEF and globalists are now pushing for all humans (except them) to eat worms, crickets, roaches, ants, and grubs as ...

NEW STUDY: H3N8 avian flu virus has strong transmission potential, with risk of causing an outbreak

2 months ago -

Medical experts and researchers from the University of Nottingham, China Agricultural University in Beijing, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that the virus has undergone several adaptive changes to cause severe animal infections and make it transmissible via the airborne route between animals.

"We demonstrated that an avian H3N8 virus isolated from a patient with severe pneumonia replicated efficiently in human ...

Prepping and livestock tips: 5 Animals to raise on your homestead

February 21, 2023 -

If you want to become self-reliant or try a new hobby, you can look into raising animals on your property for meat or dairy. (h/t to

While chickens are the first choice for many homesteaders, animal husbandry goes beyond chickens. Here are some animals that you can raise on your homestead for food:Grazing animals

When deciding between grazing animals, you can keep either a cow or sheep. What you choose will depend on what you need the animal ...

How organic farming practices preserve biodiversity in the natural world while growing healthy abundant food

May 29, 2023 -

Scientists at the Rodale Institute, a non-profit dedicated to research on organic farming, note that organic farming practices enrich the soil, allowing it to hold more air and water and supplying crops with a steady release of nutrients while also hosting a robust population of beneficial microorganisms that play important roles in plant health.

Here are some organic farming practices that help preserve the biodiversity of the natural world while, at the same time, allowing ...

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