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Playing God: US government funds geoengineering, a controversial and deadly "backup plan" to alter Earth's atmosphere in the name of "climate science"


Playing God: US government funds geoengineering, a controversial and deadly “backup plan” to alter Earth’s atmosphere in the name of “climate science” Thursday, June 03, 2021 by: Cassie B. ... Some researchers have been supporting the idea of the deliberate mass manipulation of our climate as a “backup plan” if the world does not succeed in reducing carbon emissions by 2 degrees, and now the U.S. government is throwing money behind the plans . "...

How to create an effective emergency communications plan for when SHTF


In case SHTF, you and your family should have a backup emergency communications plan that you can use even if none of you can contact each other. ... Next : Why exercising in a pool is a great alternative for those suffering from back pain - More news on backup plan How to create an effective emergency communications plan for when SHTF Do you have a water contingency plan? "...

Get out and stay alive when SHTF by having a well-thought-out escape plan


Get out and stay alive when SHTF by having a well-thought-out escape plan Saturday, March 21, 2020 by: Mary Miller backup plan , BOB , BOL , bug out , bug out bag , bug-out location , bugout , chaos , Collapse , emergencies , escape plan , off grid , outdoors , preparedness , Preppers , prepping , prepping tips , self sufficiency , SHTF , survival , survival gear , survival skills , Survival Tips , survival tools , survivalist - (Natural News ) You never know ...

Be prepared: 3 Tips to better communicate with your family during an emergency


Be prepared: 3 Tips to better communicate with your family during an emergency Saturday, October 21, 2017 by: Michelle Simmons backup plan , communication , Disasters , emergency , family , preparedness , survival - (Natural News ) It is important to be always prepared in times of emergency. ... Sources include: PreparednessMama.com FEMA.gov Previous :Don’t forget the tunes in the bedroom; study shows “sexy” songs enhance your sense of touch Next : Walk, jog, yoga: Every bit of ...

The Dark Winter DIE-OFF begins: Mass vaccination deaths collide with engineered starvation and the collapse of gas and energy


This is all by design, and it’s accelerating by the day You are probably already noticing the grocery shortages that are rapidly spreading across North America. ... Most people have zero backup food supplies, no backup water storage, no ability to produce their own food, no means of self-defense, no backup communications, etc. "...

EMP survival: 4 Ways to protect your home from an EMP attack


Have a non-electric backup plan You need to have a non-electric backup plan for your essential needs to minimize the effects of an EMP attack. ... As such, stock up on batteries so you have plenty of backup electricity to power your devices once an EMP has subsided. "...

LIGHTS OUT: 20 Things you need to do during a power outage


Stock up on candles Flashlights and portable lanterns are handy, but you should also have candles, matches or lighters for backup. ... Have other backup power sources One power bank won’t be enough to charge your devices if a blackout lasts for several days. "...

Survival essentials: How to prepare for medical equipment dependencies when SHTF


If the equipment needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet, you need to find a battery-powered device that can serve as a backup. ... If you fail to find a battery-powered backup device, you can explore alternatives that do not require electricity. "...

Survival basics: Alternative ways to cook without electricity


Still, it’s a good idea for preppers to have a backup plan. Grill This may be one of the most common solutions to cooking without electricity. ... The one key thing you need to remember with survival cooking is that you need a backup plan for how you currently cook your meals. "...

Do you have a water contingency plan? What happens when your city runs out of water...


Do you have a water contingency plan? What happens when your city runs out of water… Wednesday, February 14, 2018 by: Frances Bloomfield backup plan , bugout , city life , Collapse , emergency preparedness , emergency water prep , preparedness , preparedness and survival , survival , water , water supply - (Natural News ) Water is a necessity, plain and simple. ... Sources include: ApartmentPrepper.com BePrepared.com HappyPreppers.com AskAPrepper.com Previous :How to determine ...

U.S. regulators are considering allowing a self-driving car with no pedals or steering wheel on public roads as early as next year


And when it goes on the road, it won’t have a human backup driver sitting inside it to make sure that it doesn’t cause any unexpected accidents. ... The U.S. regulators might have already given them permission already, if not for the simple fact that human backup drivers won’t be onboard to make sure everything goes according to plan — in person. "...

What to do when SHTF: Are you prepared to deal with a grid-down scenario?


Backup power One of the very first things to consider when planning for a grid-down scenario is backup power. ... Lighting If you don’t have backup power, lighting is one of the more pressing things to prepare for. "...

An emergency supply checklist for beginner preppers


Get a backup power source like generator or solar power unit so you can run radios and small appliances when the power is out. ... You need a first aid kit at home and in your car, especially if you plan on bugging out or evacuating if SHTF. "...

Big tech launch digital 'war on terror' against 74 million Trump supporters


. > We have received numerous complaints regarding objectionable content in your Parler service, accusations that the Parler app was used to plan, coordinate, and facilitate the illegal activities” at the US Capitol on 6 January, Apple wrote in an email to Parler executives. “The app also appears to continue to be used to plan and facilitate yet further illegal and dangerous activities.” "...

How to prepare a retreat for long-term survival


Reasons to have a backup retreat location available There are many system failures that could warrant the need for having a backup retreat to turn to. ... Proximity: How close will your backup location be to your current living quarters? "...

British government attempts to bypass Parliament to fast-track coronavirus vaccine passport approval


Some believed that the plan, which was criticized by the public and some Members of Parliament would be introduced by the end of September. ... However, it’s being kept as a backup option. Javid also denied that the U.K. government was backtracking on the policy after criticism from its own backbenchers. "...

Review of Sony DVDirect: A standalone DVD burner and video capture device that works flawlessly


Questions about piracy and copying movies Now let's talk about the big question: Can you use it to make backup copies of movies? ... For these reasons, my use of the Sony DVDirect is now limited solely to making backup copies of video I've filmed on my Sony MiniDV camera. "...

5.1 earthquake rocks Southern California: Here are 10 urgent preparedness tips for surviving a damaged city


You may also want to have backup chargers for your mobile phone and possibly even a small solar charger so you can recharge during the day. 8) Emergency light . ... Make sure you always carry a backup flashlight, even if it's just a tiny light on your keychain. "...

Do you know what to do during a power outage? Here are 5 essential things you need


.) - A plan: Having a plan is probably the most important thing you need during a power outage. ... You have to determine whether you need a backup power, such as a gas generator or battery system, immediately. "...

Long-term blackouts are a harsh reality: 7 scary challenges you probably aren’t prepared for


If things don’t get resolved, you will need a bug-out plan (and a backup plan) so you can escape the crowd. Practice this plan with your whole family so you’re always ready if and when the time comes. "...