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Hurricane Harvey prepper update: Sh#t just hit the fan in South Texas... non-preppers hurting badly as food, water, power and emergency services FAIL


This tractor-generator setup is virtually EMP-proof as long as you’re using an older tractor, like the one shown below. I call it the “ultimate backup generator” arrangement, and it’s mobile by design (photo courtesy of Steambrite.com ) Quick list of services that have been cut off or FAILED This is in no way a criticism of emergency response services in Texas, by the way. "...

Massive power outages rock Louisiana, will take 30 days to restore... are you prepared for a grid down scenario?


What about a backup generator? The Health Ranger will help you navigate all that so you will not get caught off guard in a worst-case scenario. ... “Get a natural gas / propane powered generator,” wrote another as additional option. "...

Emergency preparedness: 10 Ways to heat your home after SHTF


Before you lose electricity, consider investing in an alternative power source like a backup generator and stock up on extra fuel. "...

7 Reasons to own a bugout bag


If you don’t have a backup generator, you’re better off leaving the blackout zone until the power can be restored. ... Ukrainian man describes “hellish” 20-hour walk to Poland amid onslaught of Russian troops How to survive a cyber attack TAKEDOWN of America SatPhoneWebinar.com – register now to attend Feb. 3rd educational webinar on how to use satellite phones, how they work and why they are such essential backup communications devices for emergencies and natural disasters ...

Prepper essentials: 50 Emergency items to stock up on before disaster strikes


Generator An emergency backup generator can help keep the lights on at home during a power outage. "...

Emergency preparedness: How to charge your smartphone during a power outage


This emphasizes the need to have a backup power source like solar energy or a generator so you can power small appliances and charge important devices like your smartphone. ... Hand crank charger A charger with a backup hand crank power generator is a great option for charging your phone when SHTF. "...

Global power grid failures being used to push smart grids


Such a system would be more reliable, quieter and produce less CO2 emissions than using a backup generator. "...

10 things the recent D.C. power outage taught us about a real, large-scale collapse


They know about backup water supplies, and they can figure things out for themselves. ... This means repairs will take significantly longer, and according to some experts like David Chalk and James Wesley Rawles, a national grid down scenario has the potential of being unable to be repaired at all, resulting in years of no power grid which would obviously cause a mass die-off across the U.S. population. #9) Modern cities are built on systems that have little redundancy When the power goes ...

Off-grid essentials: 7 Ways to access well water without electricity


Generator A backup generator is a great option for a reliable power source when SHTF and you’re facing grid problems or extreme weather conditions. ... When using a deep well pump, get a diesel generator that’s both portable and powerful enough to produce the pump’s required 220v. "...

Reality check: When the power grid goes down, all grid-tie solar systems will go down with it


These systems, which do not tie into the power grid, run on a combination of solar panels, batteries and often a backup generator running on gasoline, diesel or propane. ... Batteries can be eliminated in such a system by having a standby generator. The solution I personally recommend, as I have researched this in considerable detail, is to purchase a 20kw Generac generator and acquire a 1,000-gallon propane tank to power it. "...

SHTF essentials: 7 Alternate power sources for emergencies


Gasoline/diesel generator A backup liquid-fueled generator that runs on gasoline or diesel is one of the most important appliances that you can get for your homestead. ... If you’re worried about freezing conditions, get a backup like a generator for your hydroelectric power system. "...

Survival 101: What to do when your water supply is disrupted


Before SHTF, invest in a pump so you don’t have to get a generator and store extra fuel to be able to use your pump during a power outage. If you have extra money, you can also get a generator so you have a backup in case you are unable to use your solar-powered well pump. "...

How to prepare for an EMP strike


Save up for a generator It’s best to buy a generator before you need one. A generator will be crucial for those who live in frigid areas of the country in winter so you can stay warm. ... You need a backup plan since your fuel supply will eventually run out or expire. "...

LIGHTS OUT: 20 Things you need to do during a power outage


Have enough fuel for your generator If you own a generator, stock up one enough fuel so you can use it when SHTF. ... Make sure you have a backup power source like a solar-powered generator . Do a perimeter check After the lights go out, check the area around your property to see if anyone’s trying to cause any trouble. "...

12 Things you need to survive a power grid collapse


Backup power Having a generator is important, especially if you have the funds. ... If you are using natural gas, you might consider using a natural gas generator. "...

Emergency preparedness: How to survive a power outage


If you lose power, report it to your local utility company so they can easily track and fix the problem. - If you have a generator for backup power, learn how to use it properly. Don’t run a generator indoors or in an enclosed space, like your garage. Keep the generator away from any open windows or doors, especially during long-term power outages. - Avoid using items that produce carbon monoxide like camp stoves, grills, or other outdoor cooking devices inside ...

Technology that can propel future flying cars is already here


These patents included technologies such as a “high temperature superconductor,” a “high frequency gravitational wave generator,” a force field-like “electromagnetic field generator,” a “plasma compression fusion device” and a hybrid aerospace/underwater craft featuring an “inertial mass reduction device.” ... He said it is a that can fly more under a computer controlled state, but with manual backup. to know more about hover car technology. "...

Alternative energy sources to consider when SHTF


(h/t to BioPrepper.com) Bicycle generator As the name suggests, a bicycle generator is an energy source that will run on old-fashioned “pedal power.” ... Wood gasifier/wood gas generator A wood gasifier or a wood gas generator includes a container for a heat source (e.g., fire) that heats another container filled with wood pieces. "...

Rolling blackouts to leave tens of millions without power as fuel prices hit record highs making gas-powered generators unaffordable or prolonged outages


That does not mean solar doesn’t have its place though, as a supplement, as a backup emergency survival resource, or even as a last resort. ... At the rate prices are rising here in the U.S., a solar generator may just pay for itself in energy savings within just a few months. "...

Learn how to build an off-grid generating system to produce electricity in any situation


A gas- or diesel-powered generator is ideal for this purpose, and there's also the option of making a bicycle-powered generator system when all else fails. ... You need a battery bank, and you should have a back up generator available, too. 2. "...