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Noise pollution is bad for your health: Tips for how you can mitigate background noise to protect your neurology


Noise pollution is bad for your health: Tips for how you can mitigate background noise to protect your neurology Wednesday, March 07, 2018 by: Zoey Sky background noise , badhealth , badpollution , cardiovascular disease , chronic diseases , disrupted sleep , green living , hearing loss , heart failure , heart health , high blood pressure , noise , noise pollution , pollution , sleep , stroke - (Natural News ) According to a recent study, ...

Even background television exposure will 'zombify' your children, study finds


Background television noise disrupts proper childhood development, creates 'zombie' children So why is background television exposure, which accounts for about 80 percent of overall exposure, such a big deal? According to the research, the background noise emitted from a television set can thwart the proper development of children's brains, and distract them to the point that they are unable to focus during conversations, or properly interact with other ...

Noise pollution is bad for your heart: Living near constant noise increases incidence of cardiovascular disease


Noise pollution is bad for your heart: Living near constant noise increases incidence of cardiovascular disease Sunday, October 14, 2018 by: Jhoanna Robinson badhealth , badpollution , cardiovascular health , environ , heart disease , heart health , noise pollution , research , road traffic , transportation , transportation noise - (Natural News ) A new study that has been published in an issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology has found out ...

Man-made noise is drowning out birdsong and potentially hurting the robin population


They played birdsong to 15 robins to observe how they would respond if the song was played over background noise. ... When there was no background noise being played over the song, the robins would simply respond with a rapid and more complex song, signaling their intent to defend their land. "...

Our Noise could be Killing Our Marine Life


Noise on the oceans has increased considerably since the 1960s. ... Parks` study determined that an increase in background ocean noise due to commercial shipping has produced a corresponding increase in whale upcalls. "...

Researchers create a device that cancels out noise pollution by half


Researchers create a device that cancels out noise pollution by half Monday, June 11, 2018 by: Zoey Sky ambient sound , anti-noise , anti-noise soundwaves , discoveries , hearing protection , inventions , moise pollution , noice-canceling technology , noise , noise canceling , noise cancellation , noise pollution , noise reduction , pollution , pollution reduction - (Natural News ) While trains in Singapore are a convenient ...

Noise pollution linked to increased heart rate and heart attack risk


When it comes to optimal health, eating fresh, organic foods and staying mentally and physically active is essential. ... The findings revealed that too much noise, caused by dense populations, excessive background sounds and even things like needlessly loud vehicles or a snoring bed partner, is linked to an increase in blood pressure, which has the potential to lead to fatal heart attacks. "...

BOMBSHELL: HHS documents admit the CDC has never isolated any "covid-19 virus" ... all PCR tests nothing but instrument NOISE ... the global HOAX is rapidly unraveling


That’s largely “backgroundnoise across all the masses. Then notice the very tall orange peak which rises above the background. ... Yet PCR instruments are taking background noise and amplifying it until they get a “positive” hit. "...

Do you know why you order what you do when you're in a restaurant? Study shows that background music influences your meal choices


Study shows that background music influences your meal choices Thursday, July 19, 2018 by: Edsel Cook buying habits , decision making , food choice , Influence , loud noise , mind body science , music , music and the brain , song , stress and decision making , unhealthy foods - (Natural News ) Ever wondered why you entered a restaurant in the hopes of eating a healthy salad, only to find yourself chowing down on a greasy burger? ... “Ambient music and background noise ...

White noise found to be just as effective against ADHD as dangerous psychiatric drugs


Some had white noise in the background, while others didn’t. The results of the test revealed that children who had attention problems did better when white noise was present. ... The white noise may affect the brain in the same way, maximizing students’ attention and allowing them to focus. "...

Google patent application admits existence of spy technology that listens to your ambient noise to target ads


Despite being labeled as conspiracy nuts, the prediction from a few voices in the wilderness that Google was planning to use the ambient background noise of a person's environment to direct targeted advertising to them through technology has come to pass. "...

Can listening to music help you concentrate better? Experts say NO


The researchers explained that this could be because library noise is a steady-state of environment, which is not as disruptive. ... It also did not matter whether the participants usually studied with music in the background. "...

Do you know why our eyesight is sharpest at dawn and dusk?


Study author Christian Kell explained that our brain is always hard at work in the background. ... Thanks to this reduction in signal-to-background noise ratio, the human visual cortex is able to focus on perceiving poorly-lit surroundings and objects. "...

"Sounds" like home: Baby coral choose their home using acoustics and low-frequency sound


The right kind of background noise gets coral to settle down on a healthy reef The researchers evaluated the number of coral larvae in each container that settled down on the substrate. ... These low but constant background sounds are likely to attract coral larvae to settle down. "...

Music benefits the brain, research reveals


Their brains also appear to be primed to comprehend speech in a noisy background. ... And children with learning disabilities, who often have a hard time focusing when there's a lot of background noise, may be especially helped by music lessons. "...

Silent spy: Amazon's Alexa can listen for more than just its name even while in Sleep mode


At the moment, they’ve also developed a method to spot any small anomalies in ambient noise, and they are licensing their software products to various consumer electronics companies. ... As one example, Alexa could listen in for certain types of background noise unhindered, even while it sleeps. "...

Seven fast, drug-free methods for lifting any emotional burden


Tuning in to White Noise Tuning into white noise may be the most soothing thing you can do. 1. ... Listen intently to white noise, such as the sound of a fan, the hum of the refrigerator, sound of rain, radio static or any mundane and consistent background noise. "...

Study: Drinking too much coffee can spur drug-like hallucinations


Researchers subjected participants to several minutes of the famous song White Christmas by Bing Crosby, followed by several minutes of random white noise and static. Participants were instructed to push a buzzer every time they thought they heard bits or pieces of White Christmas playing in the background of the noise and static, even though it never actually was. "...

Create a Happy and Healthy Indoor Environment With Plants


The Acoustic Benefits of Plants Trees and shrubs have been used extensively to reduce noise from traffic on busy roads. New research shows that plants can also help to reduce background noise levels inside of buildings, particularly those in which hard, reflective surfaces dominate. "...

EXCLUSIVE: Why SB 277 will totally backfire on the vaccine industry and uncover the truth about vaccine science fraud


I wrote all the code for the engine behind science.naturalnews.com using statistical correlation analysis of text, finding "signals" in the background noise of over 10 million published science documents retrieved from PubMed. You might recall that when I first announced science.naturalnews.com, I hinted that this same technology could be used to scour the internet and pull signals out of the background noise of web page content. "...