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California government to start paying off past-due RENT for state-wide residents using federal taxpayer money


California government to start paying off past-due RENT for state-wide residents using federal taxpayer money Thursday, June 24, 2021 by: Ethan Huff budget surplus , California , coronavirus , COVID , newsom , relief , rent Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/530127.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Under the governorship of Gavin Newsom, the state of California is planning to use federal “covid relief” funds to help state residents back ...

Air Force veteran left HOMELESS after tenants refuse to pay rent because of government "protections" for squatters


McArthur applied for rent relief in New York and her application has been approved. ... It is estimated that all the tenants in New York owe more than $2.2 billion in back-rent. "...

California just declared war on property owners by banning evictions, allowing people who don't pay rent to occupy homes they don't own


Further, all back rent owed by tenants from this past March 1 up until Aug. 31 will be converted to consumer debt, meaning it cannot be used as grounds for later eviction. ... Meanwhile, tenants like Pea Nunez, a freelance videographer who lives in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles, she and her roommates will owe more than $19,000 in back rent by February. "...

A wave of evictions is set to sweep across the country as COVID-19 reprieve expires


A wave of evictions is set to sweep across the country as COVID-19 reprieve expires Friday, October 23, 2020 by: JD Heyes back rent , CDC , chaos , Collapse , Congress , coronavirus , covid-19 , democrats , evictions , homeless , homelessness , rent , reprieve , Restrictions , spread , Trump administration , tsunami Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/464975.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) As the coronavirus pandemic swept across the ...

Natural ways to relieve back pain


Below are seven such remedies for back pain . - Change your sleep position. If you have trouble sleeping because of back pain, try different sleep positions. ... Can hobbies ease back pain? Relief from back pain can also come in the form of your favorite hobbies . "...

CDC contributing to housing market collapse by bankrupting property owners


In New York, for instance, the $2.4 billion that was allocated there will only cover less than 80 percent of back rent, utilities and late fees owed as of March. ... In Vermont, meanwhile, where there are very few renters, the $350 million allocated by Hunter’s dad to cover back rent, utilities and late fees is more than nine times what the state actually needs. "...

Most New York City restaurants won’t be able to pay their July rent, survey finds


Most New York City restaurants won’t be able to pay their July rent, survey finds Tuesday, August 11, 2020 by: Cassie B. ... Among the restaurant owners who said they would only be able to pay some of the rent, 53 percent said they expected to cover half. "...

#GotGoldorRubles? Russia just broke the back of the West


Instead of using physical men to subjugate the locals through superior weaponry and bribes to get them to extract the mineral wealth which the colonialists take back home, today we use the post-WWII institutions to run that same system through debt issuance for capex and the interest payments (in this case pure economic rent – unearned wealth). ... Russia just broke the back of the West Reprinting this article: Non-commercial use OK, cite NaturalNews.com with clickable ...

Massive wave of business defaults coming as some 47,000 retailers across country close and stop paying rent


Already cognizant of the fact that business is tanking and not set to ramp back up possibly even in the short term, chains are, one way or the other, going to either call for rent reductions or are preparing to renegotiate their leases, with changes expected to be put in place as early as next month. ... Landlords can’t afford to stop collecting rent for long, with many property owners sitting on loads of debt. "...

Left-wing media unhappy that woman-abusing illegal alien "dreamer" gets deported back to Mexico


Though he hasn’t lived in Mexico since he first entered the United States illegally with his father at the young age of seven, Ugalde-Pacheco was not long ago delivered by Border Patrol back to where he belongs: south of the border. ... Among these legal residents are the women whom Ugalde-Pacheco assaulted and threatened, who will no longer have to worry about their lives now that Ugalde-Pacheco is back in Mexico where he rightfully belongs. "...

Young dad could face life in prison after robbing bank to pay for daughter's exorbitant cancer treatment


To be fair, most of the money was recovered and Randolph did use some of the cash to catch up on the back rent for the family's home. ... A minimum wage job in many cities is not enough to cover the cost of rent and food, which means there is no way to pay for emergencies. "...

'We are heading back to the days of beans & rice quickly' says grocery store manager as we see the 'ultimate gauge of inflation' and food shortages


His comment to me was “We are heading back to the days of Beans & Rice quickly“…. > > You guys have my permission to use this…. ... Whether it is because the foods being hunted are not on the shelves with no idea when or if they will be restocked, or because the prices are becoming so high for certain foods that some families simply cannot afford those foods on top of their living expenses, utilities, rent, etc… Of course the standard media “advice” is don’t stock up too much because ...

Biden sentences struggling Americans to even worse economic hardships


One of the only exceptions to this rule is when the government institutes rent or price controls. ... By placing the moratorium on rent, Biden made an existing housing crisis far worse. "...

Businesses lobbying for new round of federal aid as pandemic wanes


While more restaurants have increased hiring, capacity limits in some areas still hindered efforts to bounce back. Furthermore, advocates for the industry said many restaurant owners are in debt and will soon owe back rent. "...

30-year fixed mortgages surge above 6% for the first time since 2008 as market reacts to Fed rate hikes


More related articles: Average rent prices in the US surpass $2,000 amid inflation and rising mortgage interest rates . ... Average monthly apartment rent surges to all-time high $2,000, real estate firm reveals . "...

Thousands living in "kingdom" of HOMELESSNESS near Disney World in Florida


“During the pandemic, when there was the rent freeze, people just stopped paying their rents and it ruined their credit. ... You have to make three times the income of your rent. You have to go through criminal background [checks]. "...

FBI seizes hundreds of safe deposit boxes without producing evidence of criminal wrongdoing


Back in March, the FBI raided the safe deposit boxes of over 800 people that they rented from U.S. ... Ruiz went to court to get his money back, and a judge ordered the FBI to tell Ruiz why the agency was trying to confiscate his money. "...

LAWSUIT: Student kills himself after relentless bullying for being 'unvaccinated'


LAWSUIT: Student kills himself after relentless bullying for being ‘unvaccinated’ Friday, April 29, 2022 by: Ethan Huff Branch Covidians , bullying , CBS Chicago , COVID , Crybullies , Latin School of Chicago , medical fascism , medical violence , Nancy Reagan , Nate Bronstein , obey , Plandemic , SnapChat , suicide , unvaccinated , Vaccine deaths , vaccine wars , vaccines This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens....

Unemployment now at Great Depression levels, food inflation soaring


Food prices are rising at the same time that many people are unable to find work, or are simply not allowed to go back to work. ... Consequently, tens of millions of Americans are unable to pay their mortgages or rent payments. "...