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The Dr. Ardis Show: Baby Cyrus' grandfather accuses CPS of kidnapping his grandson – Brighteon.TV


Three months ago, baby Cyrus was just being introduced to solid foods. Only around seven months old at the time, solid foods didn’t agree with baby Cyrus and he started throwing up. ... But baby Cyrus’ parents were not raised to go to hospitals on a whim, and with baby Cyrus not being vaccinated, the parents did not want to risk getting him even sicker. "...

Baby kidnapped by authorities over missed medical appointment


Marissa was asked to enter the ambulance with baby Cyrus and was promised that she would not be separated from her baby, the grandfather said. ... Bundy’s arrest became national news and so did the baby Cyrus story, Rodriguez said. "...

State-mandated kidnapping: Idaho CPS takes baby away from parents over missed medical appointment


Diego Rodriguez shared the story of how his grandson, baby Cyrus, was taken by CPS from his parents. ... Ardis Show: Baby Cyrus’ grandfather accuses CPS of kidnapping his grandson – Brighteon.TV. "...

His Glory broadcast: Child Protective Services is the largest child trafficking ring in history – Brighteon.TV


Parents get baby Cyrus back after public outcry Rodriguez said his grandchild is currently in the custody of his parents and that they were able to get baby Cyrus back because of the public outcry. ... Ardis Show: Baby Cyrus’ grandfather accuses CPS of kidnapping his grandson – Brighteon.TV . "...

Simply EVIL: States are taking away children from parents to collect money


The Baby Cyrus welfare case One of the cases that Olson talked about is with Idaho’s ten-month-old baby Cyrus, who was taken away from his parents by the state due to severe malnourishment but has been returned to them after week-long protests by activists. ... Sources include: Brighteon.com IdahoPress.com Previous :CDC pushed fraudulent information about COVID treatments and vaccines to scare the public Next : Maryland and Georgia suspend gas taxes, other states ...

Critical Disclosure with Jim White: Authorities do not like being pressured by the masses, says journalist Casey Whalen – Brighteon.TV


Back in March, the Meridian Police took a then 10-month-old Baby Cyrus away from his parents, who refused to show up for their child’s follow-up appointment at a hospital. Authorities brought the baby to St. Luke’s for treatment. This is when independent gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy and followers staged a protest outside of the hospital, proclaiming that the couple’s parental rights were being violated and that Baby Cyrus should be returned. "...

'#CancelNetflix': New calls for boycott after 'Cuties' "CHILD PORN" scene sexualizing 11-yr-old girls goes viral


Ardis Show: Baby Cyrus’ grandfather accuses CPS of kidnapping his grandson – Brighteon.TV Simply EVIL: States are taking away children from parents to collect money ‘#CancelNetflix’: New calls for boycott after ‘Cuties’ “CHILD PORN” scene sexualizing 11-yr-old girls goes viral More proof that Democrat law enforcement leaders are deliberately releasing child RAPISTS onto the streets to carry out violent crimes against children Boy Scouts of America accused of rampant sexual abuse ...

Big Pharma facing class-action lawsuit over allegedly cancer-causing heartburn drug Zantac


Ardis Show: Baby Cyrus’ grandfather accuses CPS of kidnapping his grandson – Brighteon.TV Next : FDA announces fifth COVID-19 dose may be necessary by Fall, just hours after authorizing fourth shot - More news on badcancer Scientists call for moratorium on 5G after study shows regulators ignoring health risks of radiation Belgian immunologist Dr. "...

Unheard of side effect: WHO hides hearing loss as an adverse effect of COVID-19 vaccines


Ardis Show: Baby Cyrus’ grandfather accuses CPS of kidnapping his grandson – Brighteon.TV - More news on badhealth NIH confirms Boston lab that created deadly new 80% death rate covid strain did NOT receive agency research approval EU’s Ursula von der Leyen needs to resign IMMEDIATELY over covid “vaccine” scam, says Romanian MEP Boston Children’s Hospital doctor says gender confusion among children has “skyrocketed,” puberty blockers handed out “like candy” Dr. "...

Vitamin D in pregnancy may help prevent childhood obesity


Reference Sarah R Crozier, Nicholas C Harvey, Hazel M Inskip, Keith M Godfrey, Cyrus Cooper, Sian M Robinson, and the SWS Study Group. ... He is a licensed acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese medicine, author of The Holistic Baby Guide, Child Health Guide and The Vaccine Guide. "...

High vitamin D levels in pregnant women lead to stronger babies


"This study forms part of a larger programme of research at the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit and University of Southampton in which we are seeking to understand how factors such as diet and lifestyle in the mother during pregnancy influence a child's body composition and bone development," researcher Cyrus Cooper said. ... Vitamin D critical for mother and baby Suboptimal vitamin D levels are widespread among pregnant women in the United Kingdom, the United States and many other ...

32 Celebrities who have gone vegan


Comparatively, just 21 percent of baby boomers were willing to spend more money on healthy foods. ... Some popular stars that you may or may not know as vegans include actors and musicians such as Ellen DeGeneres, Ariana Grande, Ellen Page, Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Joan Jett, Stevie Wonder, Pamela Anderson and Travis Barker. "...