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In a pickle about industrial wastes dumped in the water supply? Nature provides an unexpected way to help clean up


It turns out, the isolated species of Lactobacillus bacteria was specifically reacting with tartrazine, an azo dye. ... In a statement to the media, Perez-Diaz noted that considerable effort has been made to identify microorganisms capable of degrading azo dyes in wastewater. "...

Outlawed bread chemicals in Europe are somehow considered perfectly safe by FDA in the USA


Azodicarbonamide (ACA or “AZO”), the chemical compound used to make those bubbles in plastic and foam, is also used to bleach bread white. ... Then, the FDA always lies and says there’s not enough BHA, or BHT, or bleach, or canola acid (rape seed oil), or AZO to make you sick or give you cancer. "...

Beware of artificial food coloring chemicals in pickles - it's what makes them appear more yellow


The ingredient responsible for the yellow color in many commercial pickles is the azo dye tartrazine, made from coal-tar derivatives. Many azo dyes are known to be mutagenic, meaning they cause mutations (changes in cell DNA). "...

Beware the dangerous ingredients in pickles and pickle juice


Yellow #5: Yellow #5 is a food coloring agent which is also known as "Tartrazine" which belongs to the large class of food dyes known as "azo" dyes. Yellow 5 causes the most allergic reactions of all of the azo dyes on the market. "...

Tartrazine is not just a food colourant


It is one of a group of dyes known as azo dyes. It is in fact an artificial colouring that is used to make foods and other products more visually appealing or appetizing. "...

Candy bars recalled after tests reveal lead contamination


With the ingredients (sugar, glucose syrup, malic acid (E296 - not recommended for children), citric acid (E330), dextrose, flavourings, maltodextrin and colors E104 (quinoline yellow - coal tar derivative), E129 (Allura red - red, synthetic azo dye), E132 (Indigotine/ Indigo Carmine - blue synthetic coal tar dye), and E133 (Brilliant Blue - another blue, synthetic coal tar dye) listed on the packaging of this candy, it could actually be deemed as toxic to the body, even without the inclusion ...

STUDY: Long term mask use breeds microbes that infiltrate the lungs and contribute to advanced stage lung cancer


Sources include: AzoLifeSciences.com NaturalNews.com HopkinsMedicine.org Previous :Cuomo launches mass vaccine experiment on 1.4 million elders over the age of 75 Next : Clinical insanity: Dems now claim that when Trump calls for PEACE, he secretly means VIOLENCE - More news on acidity STUDY: Long term mask use breeds microbes that infiltrate the lungs and contribute to advanced stage lung cancer Sour-lemon face: Why does your face wrinkle up when you eat lemons and other sour foods? "...

Bioethanol waste shows potential as natural alternative for conventional fertilizer


Sources include: Science.news AzoCleanTech.com TheSciPub.com[PDF] Previous :Natural fertilizers are better than chemical ones at preventing crop disease Next : Organic fertilizers made with moringa promote the healthier growth of wheat - More news on agriculture The language of Nature: Plants communicate with each other to send alerts about incoming pests Food prices soar as countries rush to hoard food amid worsening pandemic Two pesticides approved for agricultural use in the US can harm ...

Engineers have developed a sensor that can be "printed" onto plant leaves to indicate when they need water


Sources include: ScienceDaily.com AzoSensors.com Previous :Geoengineering proponents attempt to alleviate concerns of the public by changing their focus to just “limit warming” Next : Underage sexting has doubled in two years: Authorities concerned about the mental and emotional impact on children - More news on agriculture The language of Nature: Plants communicate with each other to send alerts about incoming pests Food prices soar as countries rush to hoard food amid worsening pandemic ...

Scientists close to achieving over 20% efficiency for dye-sensitized solar cells


Sources include: MSUToday.MSU.edu SolarPowerAuthority.com AzoNano.com Previous :The best way to gain all the health benefits of turnip greens is to steam them Next : Recipe: How to make a natural, allergy-busting smoothie - More news on breakthrough Scientists reveal secret behind the diabolical ironclad beetle’s uncrushable armor Scientists develop white paint that keeps surfaces up to 18 degrees cooler Researchers develop incredible new material from silver tungstate that has antifungal ...

Vitamineral Green superfood from Healthforce Nutritionals packs high-density nutrition that goes beyond organic


Here's what's in it: Vitamineral Green ingredients Version 4.8: 100% Superfoods - 100% TruGanic From the Land • Nettle Leaf • Shavegrass (Horsetail) • Alfalfa Leaf Juice • Dandelion Leaf Juice • Barley Grass Juice • Oat Grass Juice • Barley Grass • Wheat Grass • American Basil • Holy Basil/Tulsi • Moringa Leaf • Yacon Leaf • Nopal Cactus • Chickweed • Ginger Root • Broccoli Juice • Kale Juice • Spinach Juice • Parsley Juice • Carob Pod • Amla Berry From the Waters • Spirulina • Chlorella From the ...

Why cosmetics ingredients matter: Skin is your largest organ; what you put on it gets absorbed into your bloodstream


An example is Azo dyes, which are “a risk to asthmatics, eczema sufferers, and people sensitive to aspirin.” "...

Supercharge your body with fulvic acid


Madison, \\WI: Soil Science Society of America Absorption by cells - Azo, S. & Sakai, I (19630. studies on the physiological effects of humic acid. "...