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Scientists warn the rotation of the Earth is SLOWING... will they call this "climate change," too?


Every day, the Earth’s complete rotation on its axis fluctuates by about a millionth of a second. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk NaturalNews.com Previous :EU government opposes proposed law that would stop pedophilia Next : This uncanny AI can guess what you look like by analyzing voice recordings - More news on axis rotation Scientists warn the rotation of the Earth is SLOWING… will they call this “climate change,” too? "...

More efficient vertical wind turbines could be the future of wind farms


Vertical turbines spin around a vertical axis to the ground compared to propeller turbines that spin around a horizontal axis. ... They looked at array angle, the direction of rotation, rotor number and turbine spacing in the course of their research. "...

Earth's magnetic field over the South Atlantic is WEAKENING and scientists aren't entirely certain why


The Earth’s magnetic field is generated by the flowing of liquid metal in the outer core, which creates electric currents, and the rotation of the Earth on its axis, which causes these electric currents to form a complex and dynamic magnetic field around the planet. ... Usually, when scientists want to visualize the Earth’s magnetic field, they draw it as a powerful dipolar bar magnet tilted at around 11 degrees to the axis of the Earth’s rotation. "...

SCIENTISTS CRINGE as Hillary claims hurricanes are caused by PEOPLE... complains that Donald Trump can't stop hurricanes BUT SHE CAN!


They occur because of solar radiation (yeah, the SUN), the movement of water vapor, air and wind, and the rotation of the planet on its axis. (I'm not even confident any living democrat running for office can explain what an "axis" is, come to think of it...) "...

New "smart blade" technology will make wind turbines even more efficient


“The demonstrator BTC blade developed as part of this project is swept back whilst the blade tip is offset slightly to the rear in the direction of rotation. The 20-meter-long rotor blade is therefore able to rotate slightly around its own axis should strong gusts occur in order to mitigate the wind pressure to a certain degree,” explained Dr. "...

By studying ancient evidence, researchers discover that climate change ebbs and flows over time


They found that the Earth went through a period of glacial and interglacial cycles that was caused by changes in the Earth’s orbital rotation and the tilt of its axis in relation to solar radiation distribution. "...

CT Scans Raise Cancer Risk


To accomplish this, CT scanning involves taking a large series of two-dimensional X-ray images around a single axis of rotation. "...

CT Scans Raise Cancer Risk


To accomplish this, CT scanning involves taking a large series of two-dimensional X-ray images around a single axis of rotation. "...

The plot thickens: Use these 4 strategies to help keep your soil rich and healthy


Next : Understanding the “gut-brain axis” – Can people with anxiety benefit from probiotic foods and supplements? - More news on compost Study: Biodynamic preparations could have a positive effect on the chemical compounds of mulberry leaves The plot thickens: Use these 4 strategies to help keep your soil rich and healthy Build your own sustainable gardens: A no-nonsense guide Irish researchers detail a potential solution for tackling plastic waste Organic fertilizer can be used to increase ...

Scientists find surface-exposed water ice on the moon


The first one is the true polar wander, a solid-body rotation of a celestial object with respect to its spin axis. "...

Peak libtard? Delusional NY Governor Andrew Cuomo claims "We didn't have hurricanes" before climate change, denying centuries of recorded history


Every planet that rotates around its axis and has an atmosphere experiences hurricanes. ... The simple answer is that hurricanes are caused by the spinning of the Earth around its axis. "...