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Functional foods are healthy, but why?


They focused particularly on how these mechanisms are related to autophagy, as dysfunctional autophagy has been linked to the onset of many chronic or age-related diseases. Autophagy and chronic diseases Metabolism is a crucial part of autophagy and serves as a regulatory factor for three vital sources of energy for cells, namely glucose , fats and protein. "...

A breakthrough in understanding how inflammation in the colon works could lead to cancer prevention


Nevertheless, autophagy can be managed through good nutrition. Natural compounds in fruits and vegetables activates autophagy and helps prevent inflammation and alleviate the symptoms of gut diseases. ... Help autophagy help you Generally, autophagy is boosted by intermittent fasting and caloric restriction. "...

The role of functional foods in treating chronic diseases


They believe this review could serve as a reference or provide novel ideas for the development of functional foods capable of modulating autophagy for the treatment of chronic diseases. ... AUTOPHAGY-ASSOCIATED SIGNAL PATHWAYS OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS FOR CHRONIC DISEASES. Food Science and Human Wellness. "...

Functional foods help fight disease on a cellular level, thanks to bioactive ingredients


What is autophagy? Autophagy is the body’s way of cleansing itself. It is an evolutionary conserved cellular process of removing aberrant components in eukaryotic cells. ... A problem in the process of autophagy means problems for the whole body. Conversely, an enhanced status of autophagy can be beneficial for treating chronic diseases . "...

Surprising new study may help scientists stop cancer from occurring in the first place


A new study revealed that autophagy could stop the formation of “undying” cancer cells . ... Damaged or missing telomeres trigger autophagy in pre-cancerous cells Karlseder and Nassour went on to test the consequences of stopping autophagy during crisis. "...

Simple strategies that activate your body's natural detoxification process


Autophagy, the body’s natural detoxification process , literally means “self-eating” in Greek. ... Other ways to induce autophagy Autophagy can also be activated through the intake of certain foods, herbs, and supplements . "...

Researchers identify betulinic acid as a promising new agent for treating hepatic fibrosis


Autophagy is a cell-regulated process of clearing out unnecessary or damaged cellular components . ... LC3 plays a central role in autophagy. Meanwhile in vitro, betulinic acid also increased the expression of the autophagy marker, LC3II, but decreased the expression of alpha muscle actin in hepatic stellate cells. "...

Nutrition is the key to keeping your cells young: When cells don't get enough energy they breakdown, creating conditions for many age-related diseases


The experts also note that autophagy takes place when energy gets depleted or during hunger. ... Autophagy declines over time, animal study finds An animal study published in the eLife journal has revealed that autophagy may show a significant decline as the body ages. "...

Plants starved for energy found to resort to “self-cannibalism” by breaking down and consuming cells from their own leaves for survival


Plants starved for energy found to resort to “self-cannibalism” by breaking down and consuming cells from their own leaves for survival Monday, May 14, 2018 by: Ralph Flores amino acid metabolism , Amino Acids , autophagy , autophagy mechanism , BCAA , Branched-chain amino acids , cell development , chloroplast-targeted autophagy , Ecology , energy source , energy-starved plants , hunger stress , low-energy stress conditions , photosynthesis , plant chloroplasts , plant ...

Scutellaria Radix found to be a promising anti-cancer agent against non-small cell lung cancer


The researchers reported that SR treatment caused an increase in the ratio of autophagy-related proteins LC3-II and LC3-I in NSCLC cells, which suggested that SR treatment induces autophagy. In contrast, co-treatment with 3-methyladenine (3-MA), an inhibitor of autophagy, led to the loss of autophagy and the suppression of apoptosis. "...

Boost cellular health with the immortality herb


This flavonoid helps cells get rid of damaged components by supporting a natural cleaning process known as autophagy. ... The researchers also reported that DMC can simultaneously induce cell autophagy. "...

Dietary restrictions may help you live longer, according to a new study


The process of autophagy, also known as cellular recycling, plays a crucial role in lifespan expansion. ... Furthermore, turning off autophagy caused the worms to move around less. The researchers believe this to be an indication of autophagy’s impact on other organs in the worms’ body. "...

Investigating the apoptopic and autophagic effects of Scutellaria Radix in non-small cell lung cancer


This suggested that SR treatment induces autophagy in NSCLC cells. - In contrast, co-treatment with 3-Methyladenine (3-MA) led to the loss of autophagy and the suppression of apoptosis. ... SCUTELLARIA RADIX PROMOTES APOPTOSIS IN NON-SMALL CELL LUNG CANCER CELLS VIA INDUCTION OF AMPK-DEPENDENT AUTOPHAGY. "...

Betulinic acid found to demonstrate anti-hepatic fibrosis activity


Based on their findings, the researchers concluded that the anti-hepatic fibrosis activity of betulinic acid is due to its ability to induce autophagy, which makes it a promising new agent for treating liver fibrosis . ... BETULINIC ACID ATTENUATES LIVER FIBROSIS BY INDUCING AUTOPHAGY VIA THE MITOGEN-ACTIVATED PROTEIN KINASE/EXTRACELLULAR SIGNAL-REGULATED KINASE PATHWAY. "...

Intermittent fasting 101: How many hours do you have to fast to reap its benefits?


Another thing that you should know is that entering ketosis or triggering autophagy may also take some time. ... If you want to experiment with longer autophagy-inducing fasts, it is best to strategically space them out. "...

Resveratrol can help treat alcoholic fatty liver disease


Autophagy is a vital physiological process in cellular catabolism that involves the regulation of lipid droplets. ... It also increased the number of autophagosomes and promoted the formation of autophagy, as well as the levels of protein light chain3- II (LC3-II) and Beclin1 – both of which play a role in the regulation of autophagy. "...

Strict eating and fasting schedule cleans the blood: Study finds it could clear out proteins that cause Huntington’s disease


The fasting triggered a process called autophagy, in which the cells clean themselves, removing damaged and unnecessary components. ... The exact location of the cleavage site would seem to be key to the autophagy process. "...

Scientists closer to unraveling the mystery of how omega-3 fatty acids halt inflammation and prevent disease throughout the body


The NTNU team focused on the effects omega-3 had on autophagy. This is the process in which cells degrade to their base proteins and organelles. ... The team saw that omega-3 fatty acids boosted that rate of autophagy in macrophages. "...

Boost cellular health and prevent aging with this Japanese plant


Ashitaba contains a compound which can prevent destructive aging in cells Scientists found that ashitaba contains 4,4′-dimethoxychalcone (DMC), a compound that enhances a cellular mechanism known as autophagy. ... It is believed that intermittent fasting and exercise can cause autophagy. However, in order to find more ways to induce autophagy, Madeo and his team turned their attention to plants. "...

Chinese skullcap herb found to kill ovarian cancer cells


Beclin 1 plays an important role in autophagy ; the decrease in BA’s activity in the absence of Beclin 1 suggests that the mechanism of action of BA is Beclin 1-related. ... On the other hand, ERK siRNA blocked BA-induced autophagy. Based on these results, the researchers concluded that BA can induce Beclin 1- and ERK-dependent autophagy in ovarian cancer cells, proving its potential as natural anti-cancer medicine . "...