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Auto dealers drive up vehicle prices in the wake of inventory shortages


In a letter to its dealers last month, General Motors said it would act against “a small minority of bad actors” who were selling or leasing vehicles at rates “far in excess” of sticker prices set by the auto company. ... Sources include: WesternJournal.com NYPost.com WSJ.com DailyMail.co.uk Previous :Clay Clark warns public of possible weaponization of US monetary system Next : Jan. 6 Capitol incident: Security footage suggests strong possibility of an inside job - More news on ...

Chip shortage cripples car production amid high demand


At the same time, car dealers posted one of their best two-month stretches in March and April as Americans bought new cars in near-record numbers. ... In all, dealers had fewer than two million vehicles on the ground or en route to stores at the end of last month. "...

Used car prices are finally starting to drop, but many consumers still can’t afford payments


From August of 2019, well before the pandemic lockdowns started, to August of 2022, new car prices increased by almost 29 percent, and three-year-old used car prices increased by 52 percent.” ... Used car dealers’ earnings dropping The nation’s biggest used car dealer, CarMax, recently reported that its earnings had dropped 54% as its car sales during the quarter dropped 6.4% compared to one year ago. "...

ZAP leaps into the electric car market with plug-in sports car


Electric motorcycle and scooter manufacturer ZAP hopes to introduce an electric sports car by the end of next year, the company has announced. ... The ZAP-X will be displayed at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention beginning February 3. "...

Visionary Vehicles races big three auto makers to market with a hybrid plug-in electric car


After Chery signed with Chrysler, one of the dealers dropped out, but Bricklin still has 28 of them on board to market his hybrid when it comes out and is still in talks with Chery and 14 other Chinese car manufacturers. He says he intends to raise the $200 million needed to launch the project from dealers and private investors. "...

Ford recalls electric version of iconic Mustang muscle car, citing manufacturing defect


As part of the recall, dealers will examine the Mach-E and replace the right-rear half shafts as required. ... The company cautioned owners not to drive the car because the wheels may suddenly fall off. "...

If the auto industry operated like Big Pharma: fifteen things you might notice


Car crash dummy tests that produced fatalities and other disturbing data would be censored by the auto industry, never to see the light of day. ... Car dealers would be visited by hoards of automobile sales reps promising bribes, first-class vacations, free food and free cars as long as those car dealers would push the right products onto consumers. "...

David Stockman on America's debt palooza… From $1 trillion to $30 trillion in a heartbeat


Likewise, for every food stamp advocacy lobby, there was a car dealers association demanding less federal borrowing and lower interest rates for the floor plan financing costs of their members. ... Thus, in January 1981 the yield on the 10-year US Treasury bond stood at 15.6%, which meant that there were a hell of a lot of car dealers, farmers, homebuilders, retailers, etc., who had to pay 20% or more and just couldn’t and didn’t. "...

California bans gas-powered water heaters and furnaces to push "green" agenda


Electric vehicles in California only make up 15 percent of new car sales based on data from the California New Car Dealers Association. Going from 15 to 100 percent in 11 years would be challenging for a car industry that is already struggling to find enough raw materials for the millions of cars that companies have committed to manufacture. "...

How low can you go?


The car dealers have no new cars on their lots, and pretty soon they’ll run out of decent used cars — which, these days, are often priced higher than the non-existent new cars. ... Plus, the financially beaten-up middle-class can’t afford cars in either case, and increasingly can’t qualify for car loans. "...

Japan's radioactive cars selling at auctions without notice


However, many dealers are still selling suspicious cars at dump prices to the domestic used car market. ... Also, the origin of these cars is getting tougher to trace since many dealers are re-registering them with their local registrations. "...

RED ALERT: America's military being GUTTED in preparation for Chinese military INVASION of the West Coast... USA has just 300 land missiles in its entire arsenal


To learn more about all this (and many other topics), listen to today’s Situation Update podcast via Brighteon.com: – USA is down to just 300 land missiles in the entire military inventory – Why the US military will stand down and refuse to defend America when China attacks – Heritage Foundation report finds US military now rated “weak” – US military can’t even handle a single regional conflict now – China and Russia will likely COORDINATE their attacks on the USA and NATO – Texas AG says we must ...

Supply chain crunch still affecting automobile industry as Ford's trademark blue oval badges, nameplates run out


The car manufacturer first reported the issue on September 23. The incident marked the latest in the myriad of supply chain issues that Ford and other auto manufacturers worldwide have experienced since the onset of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. ... The dealers will inspect the Mach-E models that were produced between July 18 and July 29 at the Cuautitlan assembly plant in Mexico. "...

Inflation pushing many Americans to pay at least $1K monthly on vehicle loans


While the record highs were from new car purchases, the used car market was not spared either. ... Power, remarked that smaller discounts from auto dealers, rising prices for cars and interest rate hikes for loans are to blame for the $700 monthly payments. "...

Toyota offers to buy back electric SUVs from customers following major glitch


Those who choose this option will receive $5,000 as either a partial refund or as a car payment. ... Fuel reimbursement will also be given to dealers who loaned out cars while customers’ defective units were sent for repairs. "...

New vehicle retail sales for July expected to DROP by 10.8% year-over-year


Without adjusting for selling days, year-over-year car sales would drop by 14.1 percent . ... “The industry sales pace is simply a function of the number of vehicles being delivered to dealers each month, with a large portion of those vehicles being sold before they arrive at the dealership,” wrote King. "...

Nolte: An affluent, White liberal case study in how anti-police panic can't last


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No charge, no jury, no trial: Feds seize 100+ websites they claim to be selling pirated goods


Treating website owners like drug dealers Fortunately, at least a few congressional leaders have openly questioned the constitutional due process rights of website owners whose sites have been taken over. ... Currently, as the law is written, federal agents have the right to treat website owners like drug dealers. "...

A combination of fuel cells and high-tech batteries could replace the combustion engine in automobiles


The Prius is popular, too: Toyota dealers in the U.S. can't seem to keep them in stock, and manufacturing runs keep getting extended. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Fuel cells at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on fuel cells Scientists discover way to recharge laptops and cell phones with soda pop and vegetable oil Human pee may power future robots Chocolate-based fuel and plant fiber car - A new wave of eco-friendly innovation ...