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Expert tips for beating colds and flu include natural remedies that are safer AND more effective than any vaccine


Chlorella , cold prevention , Flu , flu prevention , Fresh , fruit and veggies , garlic , goodhealth , influenza , natural remedies , prevent disease , prevention , supplements , turmeric , vitamin C , vitamin D , zinc This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author - (Natural News ) As Britain deals with the effects of the “Aussie flu,” several medical experts were asked for their best tips for dealing with cold and flu ...

Desperate globalists stirring up fear about "tripledemic" of covid, flu and RSV


Both the flu vaccine and the COVID shots are proven ineffective, yet the recommendation to get them continues. ... Aussie scientist promotes ASSISTED SUICIDE in Scotland using DIY death pods Flea and tick collars contain a TOXIC chemical that can damage kids’ brains Pharmaceutical waste: Over 25% of rivers worldwide contaminated with potentially toxic levels of prescription drugs - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to ...

The post-vaccine WIPEOUT of children's immune systems has arrived


Philip Britton from the Children’s Hospital at Westmead says that an analysis of intensive care unit (ICU) admissions across Australia show that babies with RSV are testing positive for both influenza and covid, all at the same time. ... “Some of the ‘pandemic babies’ are presenting with inflammation of the chest, brain and heart caused by influenza, Covid, and RSV.” "...

COVID cases overwhelming New Zealand and Singapore despite strict mask mandates


For now, Aussies, including Aussie students, still have the option to not wear a mask in the classroom if they so choose. ... For seven days, an Aussie must remain tucked away from society while the positive test result wanes, making the country an anomaly as most of the rest of the world is done with quarantine. "...

Quarantine: Experts warn the live flu virus is infectious in the air around sick people – it can spread through breathing (no sneezing required)


The years 2012 to 2013 and 2014 to 2015 saw higher rates of child hospitalization in January, according to MentalFloss.com . - There are several influenza strains going around the United States, the most dangerous of which is the H3N2 flu or the Aussie flu. ... Apart from the Aussie flu, other strains include the H1N1 flu or swine flu, the B/Yamagata flu or Japanese flu, and the B/Victoria flu. - Though ...

THE GREAT ESCAPE from Australia's COVID concentration death camps


Even though the teens have NOT yet tested positive for China Flu, the SS police claimed they might have come close to someone who did. Most PCR tests read false-positives for just about anything from a common head cold to seasonal influenza, or even bacterial infections of the mouth from wearing a Covid mask, but that doesn’t stop the authorities from making wild assumptions (not science backed at all) and imprisoning anyone they don’t like. "...

Health officials ADMIT: The flu jab does NOT work; vaccine in circulation targets wrong strain (as is usually the case)


The Mail reported that Public Health England (PHE) has officially announced that the trivalent vaccine, which is supposed to prevent one “B” strain and two “A” strains of the flu, is ineffective against this year’s two most prevalent and virulent strains: The B/Yamagata type, and H3N2, a particularly aggressive strain known as “Aussie flu.” ... Sources for this article include: DailyMail.co.uk NaturalNews.com NYTimes.com QZ.com Previous :Why the flu vaccine will ...

The flu has seen the light! Special UV lamps can kill deadly germs in public places, without harming humans


But they also stressed that far-UVC light could be used to kill the new H3N2 strain – nicknamed “Aussie flu” – in theory, and possibly end the widespread fears that it could wreak much more havoc than it already has. ... Read more about flu outbreaks and how they are being treated at Influenza.news . "...



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