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Man saved by vitamin C to lead protest at corrupt Auckland Hospital


A New Zealand dairy farmer who overcame life-threatening pneumonia using intravenous vitamin C injections is staging a protest at the hospital that wanted to kill him rather than administer the unconventional treatment. "...

Hanging on by a thread: "Dead" tree stump keeps itself alive by latching onto the roots of neighboring trees


The tree stump’s roots have connected to other trees Sebastian Leuzinger, an associate professor at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT), and his colleague Martin Bader, a senior lecturer at AUT, came upon the tree stump of a kauri tree (Agathis australis) while they were hiking in the western portions of Auckland, New Zealand. ... Leuzinger hopes to do more research in the western Auckland region, hoping to find more tree stumps being kept alive by its neighbors ...

Vitamin D can play role in lung health (press release)


"Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer," said lead author Peter Black, MB, ChB, Department of Medicine, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand. ... Researchers from the University of Auckland examined the relationship between vitamin D and lung function using participants from the United States National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III) carried out during 1988 to 1994. "...

Crows are more capable of learning than human 6-year-olds, study finds


Crows may understand cause and effect better than human six-year-olds, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of California-Santa Barbara and the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and published in the journal PLOS ONE on July 21. ... "The sky's the limit" The research was conducted on the wild New Caledonian crows captured in New Zealand and transported to aviaries run at the University of Auckland. "...

Living on processed foods and junk nutrition, American girls are now the fattest in the world, study finds


Living on processed foods and junk nutrition, American girls are now the fattest in the world, study finds Wednesday, July 26, 2017 by: Jhoanna Robinson America , body fat , Britain , epidemic , obesity , overfat , overweight - (Natural News ) A study that was led by the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand found that schoolgirls in the United States and the United Kingdom are the worst in the world for having stomach fat , with half of American and British girls in both countries’ ...

Parents blame their daughter's mysterious death on Gardasil vaccine, send in brain tissue for evaluation


The parents of a New Zealand teenager say a drug aimed at preventing cervical cancer was instead responsible for her death, a claim that is being "rejected as convoluted pseudoscience" by a researcher at the University of Auckland. ... But Helen Petousis-Harris, of University of Auckland Immunization Advisory Center, countered that the arguments put forth by the two doctors were not scientifically based. "...

Encourage breastfeeding with baby-parent bed sharing


Fukai S and Hiroshi F. 1999 Annual Report, Japan SIDS Family Association," Sixth SIDS International Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, 2000. ... Program and Abstracts, Sixth SIDS International Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, February 8-11, 2000. "...

Over 100 cities worldwide are now using at least 70% renewable energy


The list includes populous cities such as: - Auckland, New Zealand - Nairobi, Kenya - Oslo, Norway - Seattle, USA - Vancouver, Canada There’s even more good news: out of the 100 cities, 43 cities, such as Burlington, Vermont; Reykjavik, Iceland; and Basel, Switzerland, rely on renewable energy 100 percent. ... Below is a partial list of the 100 cities that are now using 70 percent renewable energy around the world: - Akureyri, Iceland - Aracaju, Brazil - Aspen, USA - Asunción, Paraguay - ...



这项发表在《智能》(Intelligence) 杂志上的研究是由纽西兰奥克兰大学 (Auckland University) 的研究人员所进行。 研究目的在于观察 1990 年代中期出生的孩童的饮食习惯及智能表现。 "...

NaturalNews 養生保健網 - 健康, 自然, 快樂的綠生活


這項發表在《智能》(Intelligence) 雜誌上的研究是由紐西蘭奧克蘭大學 (Auckland University) 的研究人員所進行。 繼續閱讀 → - 研究發現鎂可增強學習能力及記憶力 發表時間:4/18/2009 專題作家 雪莉貝克 美國的保健網站 NaturalNews 多年來一直都在報導鎂是一種有益健康的必需營養素。"...



這項發表在《智能》(Intelligence) 雜誌上的研究是由紐西蘭奧克蘭大學 (Auckland University) 的研究人員所進行。 研究目的在於觀察 1990 年代中期出生的孩童的飲食習慣及智能表現。 "...

NaturalNews 养生保健网 – 健康, 自然, 快乐的绿生活


这项发表在《智能》(Intelligence) 杂志上的研究是由纽西兰奥克兰大学 (Auckland University) 的研究人员所进行。 继续阅读 → - 怀孕期间服用抗忧郁药物,恐提高新生儿心脏缺陷的风险 发布时间:4/18/2009 专题作家 戴维古雷兹 根据刊载在《英国医学杂志》(BMJ),由丹麦阿胡斯大学 (Aarhaus University) 的研究人员所进行的一项研究指出,孕妇服用某些抗忧郁症药物,可能会提高新生儿先天心脏缺陷的风险达两倍之多。 "...

Copper intra-uterine contraception devices being reviewed in New Zealand


contraception , health news , Natural News - https://www.naturalnews.com/012070_copper_contraception_review.html Tweet View this article in a printer friendly layout - The copper intra-uterine contraception device (IUD), introduced 25 years ago, has produced varying levels of success, so Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand is reviewing the effectiveness of the device to determine pregnancy rates and possible side-effects such as ectopic pregnancies (when the embryo implants outside ...

Light to moderate alcohol consumption not beneficial to health (press release)


However, Rod Jackson (University of Auckland, New Zealand) and colleagues state that the studies were non-randomised and any positive association could easily be due to confounding factors that were not considered. "...

Casino workers wear flea collars and spray themselves with insecticides


Workers at the Sky City Casio in Auckland, New Zealand have been wearing flea collars around their ankles and spraying themselves with insecticides to ward off bites from swarms of pesky bloodsuckers. "...

Surprising new research shows that fish actually talk to each other under water


Much like land animals, fish also use sounds to communicate with each other and even with predators, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and presented at a conference of the New Zealand Marine Sciences Society. "...

Margarine Consumption Linked to Lower IQ of Children


The study was conducted by researchers from Auckland University in New Zealand and published in the journal Intelligence. "...

High-Fat Prenatal Diet Leads to Early Puberty and Obesity in Offspring


Children whose mothers ate a high-fat diet while pregnant with them and while breastfeeding are more likely to hit puberty early and to become obese as adults, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Liggins Institute of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and presented at the 90th annual meeting of the Endocrine Society, in San Francisco. "...

HRT drugs medically useless in older women


Helen Roberts of the University of Auckland in Australia, the current study does not challenge the standard medical advice for postmenopausal women. "...

Scientists discover the brain has ability to repair itself


Neuroscientists at Auckland (N.Z.) "...