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GiveSendGo hack against Freedom Convoy tied to RCMP, FBI


Aubrey Cottle, who is said to have a history of “pro-nazi and antisemitic remarks on social media,” claims that she was also one of the early founders of the hacking collective Anonymous. ... Sources for this article include: ForwardObserver.com NaturalNews.com TheGrayZone.com Previous :Discovery of covid-related genetic material confirms lab origins of SARS-CoV-2 Next : Australia’s Daniel Andrews accused of YEARS of bullying, threatening women - More news on Aubrey Cottle ...

Canadian cyberterrorist takes credit for hacking GiveSendGo and doxxing thousands of Freedom Convoy donors


Aubrey Cottle, known online by his alias Kirtaner, is a hacker from Canada. He has recently admitted to illegally hacking GiveSendGo. ... Watch this clip of Aubrey Cottle apparently having a mental breakdown during a live stream as he takes credit for hacking GiveSendGo and doxxing thousands of donors to the Freedom Convoys. "...

People wonder if alleged GiveSendGo hacker is demonic after disturbing video where he squirms like a snake


(Article by Samantha Chang republished from WesternJournal.com ) The satanic speculation arose after Canadian hacker Aubrey Cottle — who’s also known by the nickname “kirtaner” — posted a bizarre rant on TikTok on Wednesday in which he claimed responsibility for hacking GiveSendGo . ... WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive. > This is Aubrey Cottle. "...

JOURNO-TERRORISM: Washington Post and CBC tag-team with criminal cyber hackers to dox and intimidate freedom convoy donors


The identity of the hacker who took credit for leaking the protesters’ private information to the media was also revealed as Aubrey Cottle, who claims he has worked with many different government agencies over the years including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), French “authorities,” and even INTERPOL. ... Another expressed sorrow over Cottle for being “indoctrinated with propaganda” and “false garbage” that apparently ...

Libs of TikTok doxing uncovers secret hacker-government mercenary alliance behind regime's war on MAGA Americans


. > > READ THE REST The actual hacker who claims credit for hacking GiveSendGo is Aubrey Cottle, who is the co-founder of the old “Anonymous” hacking collective. > 1/ Aubrey Cottle, who hacked GiveSendGo is crowing about getting thousands of people fired from their jobs for donating to the Freedom Convoy. > > BUT THAT’S NOT THE STORY. pic.twitter.com/dYuFJRmyz6 > > — Gigi Sims (@GigiSims10) February 16, 2022 In late February, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ...

Donald Trump launches new social media platform to fight back against Big Tech – Brighteon.TV


Aubrey Cottle, a founding member of the organization, shared a link to the backdoor he and his accomplices were able to create to enter a beta version of TRUTH Social. ... “But other than that, this was just a whole bunch of fun and chaos,” said Cottle. "...