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Settlement talks have begun in opioid lawsuits against Big Pharma – over 250 cases have been brought against multiple companies


An article in LifeZette reported that settlement talks have begun between state attorney generals and the legal representatives of pharmaceutical companies and distributors. ... Also present were attorney generals from Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and Virginia, which are some of the states hardest hit by the opioid crisis. "...

MINISTRY OF TRUTH: 12 state attorneys general demand Big Tech platforms eliminate all speech from people injured by vaccines


The law enforcement official is joined by attorney generals from Delaware, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia. ... Facebook has already blocked URL links of specific news sites such as Vaccines.News and blacklisted alternative streaming channels such as Brighteon, but now the attorney generals are demanding that Facebook prevent users altogether from using video streaming tools like ...

Watch out for sneaky online shopping scams


After over a decade of complaints to Better Business Bureaus and state Attorney Generals (AGs), a Senate Commerce Committee finished a full scale investigation of "questionable business practices" in e-commerce this past November. "...

Flashback: Vermont legislators craft and pass bill to protect consumers from dangerous chemicals


But Vermont attorney general Bill Sorrell and eight other state attorneys from across the nation smelled a couple of rats in the text. ... The nine attorney generals protested in a letter to Chairwoman Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and members of the committee: "The Chemical Safety Improvement Act ... would amend the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) in a manner that we believe could, in its current form, seriously jeopardize public health and safety by preventing states ...

FBI agents now impersonating Associated Press reporters


The AP requested in a letter to the Justice Department in early November that the attorney generals promise that the department would never repeat the tactic of misrepresenting the AP, asking as well for policies to make sure that the DOJ no longer claims in investigations to represent media organizations. ... "The failure to comply with the FBI and Attorney General's own requirements regarding news media impersonation is inexcusable," stated the letter, which was co-signed ...

BLM leader accused of STEALING $10M worth of funds from donors


Walter Mosley, an attorney handling the case, said Bowers engaged in self-dealing by giving grants to his own consulting firm and charging exorbitant fees – in some instances reaching eight figures. ... However, his actions prompted various state attorney generals to lead “multiple investigations” into BLM’s financial accounts, “blazing a path of irreparable harm” to the movement in less than 18 months. "...

HEY, SESSIONS: Any attack on medical marijuana and CBD is an attack on humanity


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'Disinformation Dozen' responds after documents show widespread Biden administration censorship effort


Schmitt and Landry, both Republican attorney generals, brought a suit against the administration for alleged violations of the First Amendment in pressuring social media companies to censor users. "...

GOP attorneys general looking into potential fraudulent activity by GoFundMe over Canadian trucker convoy debacle


“Several Republican Attorney Generals from across the U.S. have already publicly announced that their offices will be looking into whether GoFundMe violated any state laws in response to the fundraising website canceling a fundraiser for Canadian truckers and initially stating that they would send the funds to other charities,” The Daily Wire reported . ... You can file a complaint here: https://t.co/4Y1H52rPis > > Freedom Convoy: GoFundMe seizes funds of Canada ‘occupation’ – BBC ...

Yes, Twitter is a "public square" according to CEO Jack Dorsey, meaning political speech CANNOT be selectively banned


As allegations of a conservative bias continue – even President Trump has accused Google of silencing conservative voices – Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he planned to meet with a number of state attorney generals to address whether such firms are stifling free speech intentionally. "...

Justice Department announces massive criminal crackdown on opioid prescription fraud: 76 doctors, 23 pharmacists, 19 nurses charged


In a statement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions took a dim view toward those abusing their patients, saying: “Some of our most trusted medical professionals look at their patients — vulnerable people suffering from addiction — and they see dollar signs.” ... Attorney generals from six different states filed a lawsuit against OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma in May, accusing them of failing to disclose the risks of opioid addiction and saying that phrasing on the drug’s label ...

New health threat from tobacco: Researchers plan to grow it for producing vaccines and new pharma drugs


Common sense would not indicate that Big Tobacco generally is trying to diversify beyond cigarettes, given all that has occurred over the years on the legal and regulatory front, such as the $246 billion Master Settlement Agreement in 1998 between the four largest tobacco companies and the attorney generals of 46 states. "...

What has America become? (opinion)


We have candidates running for office wooing us with promises and platitudes for our votes and when elected become "hookers" for the corporations and caring little for those that elected them; we have Governors, Dept of Agriculture heads, Attorney Generals and Legislators that eagerly accept campaign contributions from food polluting companies that think nothing of threatening lawsuits to states that want to pass bills giving the people the opportunity of knowing what they eat. ...

Government agencies coordinate to raid clinics and threaten doctors who help patients stay healthy during coronavirus pandemic


Behind closed doors, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and some state attorney generals are going after medical doctors and other healthcare providers who help patients overcome covid-19 without a vaccine. "...

China facing increasing number of lawsuits around the globe over coronavirus-related damages


In addition to these suits, the attorney generals of Missouri and Mississippi have also filed separate lawsuits against Beijing on behalf of their states. "...

Whole Foods employees protest workplace conditions and pay during coronavirus crisis


Several state attorney generals sent a letter in March to the CEOs of Amazon and Whole Foods, Jeff Bezos and John Mackey, demanding they expand paid sick leave policies to those who have symptoms of COVID-19 but can’t get tested and those caring for people who have been diagnosed with it. "...

Hawaii files suit against new Trump travel ban but legal experts say the state has no case


Driven by political ideology, a few state attorney generals were successful in stopping the president’s travel ban to the U.S. from seven terrorism-infested countries, in an unprecedented case that challenges the conventional acceptance of the Executive Branch’s role in ensuring the safety of the country. ... The biggest issue here is that another liberal ideologue pretending to be an attorney general doesn’t like Trump and he doesn’t like the fact that Trump is in the ...

DOJ targets Big Tech censorship, election meddling and racketeering


Attorney generals from every state are on the front line of this issue and the President is listening to all perspectives regarding the matter at hand. "...

Coronavirus infections in Amazon warehouses may increase "exponentially," warns new report


Attorney generals in 14 states, as well as Senators Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders and Sherrod Brown, have all echoed these recommendations . "...

Police crime labs ROUTINELY produce fake science, fake "positives" to convict innocent people


Penate has also named the former state attorney generals in the case, along with the bureaucrats who dragged this on by trying to cover up or downplay the lab technician’s drug abuse. "...