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Exposing the toxicity of the common weedkiller, Atrazine


Exposing the toxicity of the common weedkiller, Atrazine Wednesday, February 01, 2017 by: Vicki Batts Atrazine , endocrine disrupters , herbicides , pesticides , toxic chemicals - (Natural News ) Atrazine is a weedkiller that is quickly becoming one of the most widely used pesticides in the United States. ... Why is atrazine still in use? There is an abundance of evidence from a variety of researchers that indicates atrazine is harmful to wildlife, and ...

Atrazine pesticide causes birth defects


This year's annual meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) will include research showing a link between the agricultural chemical atrazine and the birth defect gastroschisis. ... Steve Goldsmith, spokesman for Syngenta, the company that manufactures atrazine, denied the claim that atrazine causes gastroschisis. "...

Atrazine's adverse health effects continue to be ignored by government


Atrazine's adverse health effects continue to be ignored by government Monday, April 07, 2014 by: J. ... Atrazine is the second-most common herbicide used in the U.S.; sales are estimated at about $300 million annually. "...

Serious birth defects linked to the agricultural chemical atrazine


Serious birth defects linked to the agricultural chemical atrazine Monday, February 22, 2010 by: S. ... The problem with atrazine According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), atrazine is applied to crops (especially corn, sorghum, and sugarcane) before and after planting to control broadleaf and grassy weeds. "...

Atrazine herbicide linked to prostate inflammation, reproductive issues and more


And the vast majority of known cases of this condition occur in areas where atrazine exposure is the most pronounced, with virtually no incidences in areas where atrazine is not present. ... "It's been shown that [atrazine] increases production of (the stress hormone) cortisol. "...

Common crop herbicide Atrazine linked to reproductive mutations in amphibians


Common crop herbicide Atrazine linked to reproductive mutations in amphibians Monday, August 27, 2007 by: Christian Evans Atrazine , pesticides , amphibians - https://www.naturalnews.com/021995_Atrazine_pesticides.html Tweet View this article in a printer friendly layout - Pollutants such as pesticides and toxins damage the ecosystem and cause a variety of damaging ailments in humans. ... "The use of Atrazine in the environment is basically an uncontrolled experiment ...

Cancer-causing atrazine is world's No. 1 drinking water contaminant


For more than a half-century, North American farmers have been spraying atrazine, an herbicide, on their crops - most notably corn - in the millions of pounds per year. "...

EPA settlement forces agency to assess dangers of glyphosate, atrazine and related pesticides


EPA settlement forces agency to assess dangers of glyphosate, atrazine and related pesticides Sunday, July 12, 2015 by: L.J. ... The dangers of atrazine don't begin and end in amphibians. Studies show that atrazine exposure causes increased risks of thyroid cancer, reproductive harm and birth defects in people. "...

Dangerous herbicide Atrazine makes frogs transgender - Buzz.NaturalNews.com


Dangerous herbicide Atrazine makes frogs transgender Posted: May 1, 2012 | Comments Tweet Follow @HealthRanger Renowned researcher and professor Tyrone Hayes has been studying the effects of the common herbicide atrazine for more than a decade. ... Much of his research has focused on how atrazine affects amphibians, especially their processes of metamorphosis and sex differentiation. "...

Gender bender chemical atrazine widely contaminates U.S. public water supply


Emerging research increasingly indicates that the U.S. water supply is widely contaminated with the endocrine disrupting chemical atrazine, but that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking almost no action on the threat. ... In nine Midwestern communities, atrazine levels averaged higher than 3 ppb for the full year. "...

Atrazine alters gender in cricket frogs, new study confirms; transgenderism caused by chemical exposure


Atrazine present in dangerous levels in water supplies, especially throughout the “Farm Belt” One of the major reasons why atrazine is such a threat is its persistent nature. ... In one instance in the city of Flora, Illinois, atrazine was detected at levels as high as 30 ppb. "...

Recent analysis finds that atrazine is contaminating the drinking water in corn-growing areas of the Midwest and beyond


Atrazine’s health dangers Just what is it that people in these areas are drinking? ... Read Atrazine.news for more breaking news about the science of this toxic herbicide. "...

Atrazine, a widely used herbicide in the U.S., has led to a shocking increase in birth defects


Now, new research has shown that atrazine is causing an uptick in birth defects. ... Past research has linked atrazine to an array of problems , including cancer and fertility issues. "...

Scientific American confirms: Atrazine herbicide is a "sex-changing weed killer" that turns male frogs GAY


Of the 40 frogs that were included as part of the experiment, 30 could no longer reproduce after 36 months of exposure to atrazine. ... Geological Survey, are now contaminated with atrazine. This is why the European Union banned the use of atrazine back in 2003, citing “ubiquitous and unpreventable” water contamination from its continued use on food crops. "...

More than 10 million Texans are drinking water contaminated with atrazine, a toxic herbicide with gender bender effects


The prevalence of atrazine in drinking water has been documented for years. A 2007 report from the City of Austin’s Watershed Protection and Development Review Department said atrazine was “definitely a problem.” ... During the last atrazine review, the EPA reportedly disregarded 10 human epidemiological studies which showed evidence of harm caused by atrazine in drinking water. "...

Alex Jones is right: Atrazine herbicide proven to be a "powerful chemical castrator" that turns male frogs into homosexuals... see the science


Alex Jones is right: Atrazine herbicide proven to be a “powerful chemical castrator” that turns male frogs into homosexuals… see the science Monday, January 16, 2017 by: Mike Adams agricultural chemicals , Alex Jones , Atrazine , breast cancer , EPA , feminization , gay frogs , herbicides , metrosexuals , science - (Natural News ) The “fake science” bullies of the pesticide / herbicide industry are now attacking Alex Jones, claiming he’s lying about atrazine causing the ...

SELECTIVE SCIENCE: Same progressives who believe glyphosate causes cancer refuse to believe that atrazine causes changes in gender expression


As Natural News has often reported , atrazine is also known to cause birth defects . ... (RELATED: We have launched two news websites covering all this: Atrazine.news and Pesticide.news . "...

Science.NaturalNews.com - Conduct powerful scientific research in mere seconds for your book, blog, website article or news report.


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Gun control fascist youth front man David Hogg sides with MONSANTO, falsely claims atrazine herbicide doesn't interfere with hormones


Atrazine, one of the most widely used herbicides, can alter sex hormone levels in exposed animals. ... Only six of the treated frogs resisted atrazine or at least showed normal sexual behavior. "...

Researchers struggle to find effective way to mitigate damage done by atrazine, a common weedkiller known to harm human health, wildlife, aquatic life


Reptiles, fish and mammals – even humans – have all suffered ill effects from atrazine . ... It’s time to join the EU in banning atrazine Getting rid of atrazine is clearly a very complicated process that scientists are struggling to master. "...