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Athletics news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Subscribe to the Health Ranger's FREE email newsletter Follow @HealthRanger Concepts related to Athletics athletics on NaturalPedia™ Today's Top Stories on NaturalNews Today | Week | Month | Year - FOUR TIMES more vaxxed people are dying than unvaxxed… depopulation effects are kicking in and the bodies are piling up - NaturalNews.com - TICK TOCK, DOC: Vaccine-pushing doctors “dropping like flies” after getting covid ...

Viktoras Kulvinskas Part II: Effects of Enzymes, Cancer, Athletics and Raw Food Healing


In this excerpt, Viktoras Kulvinskas shares on research on the effects of enzymes from cancer to athletics and the healing power of raw food living. ... Or, a specific disease, how it is related or related to athletics? Like they've done studies with football players, as an example. "...

Transgender 'inclusiveness' reaches new level of insanity, as male athlete steals awards from women in track and field event


Controversy heated up in Anchorage, Alaska, recently when Haines High School senior sprinter Nattaphon Wangyot made history at the state track and field event as the first transgender to compete individually for a high school state championship. ... Sorry, social justice warriors: Political correctness has peaked Political correctness goes beyond insane at this public school that just BANNED applause... teachers to direct parents when to engage in 'silent cheer' Political correctness is really just ...

Corrupt Congress pushes "Equality Act" to force schools to allow male athletes on female sports teams


“Opponents of equality in athletics for transgender athletes have argued that girls who are transgender have unfair physiological advantages over cisgender girls and as a result, will dominate women’s competitive sports,” Warbelow wrote in a rebuttal to Beck’s assertion, declaring that it’s not “rooted in fact.” ... “It gave equal access to athletics for female sports, because men dominated high school and college athletics. "...

'Millions of Americans could be threatened by lawsuits': Senate committee ponders far-left 'Equality Act'


Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony Wednesday on the so-called “Equality Act,” leading to dueling narratives on the LGBT legislation’s ramifications for religious liberty, women’s athletics, privacy rights, and more. ... “For some girls, athletics is the only chance they’ll have to shine for the entire course of their lives,” she said. "...

MSNBC's Jackson: Talk of protecting minors, women's sports is 'anti-trans rhetoric'


At least 24 states are considering bills to stop certain transgender students from being a part of their high school and college athletics programs.” ... Resisting the imposition of trans-women athletes in women’s sports is described as rejecting them from athletics altogether. "...

Guamanian rugby coach sounds alarm as 3 female players injured by biologically male transgender athlete in a match


Guamanian rugby coach sounds alarm as 3 female players injured by biologically male transgender athlete in a match Sunday, April 17, 2022 by: Arsenio Toledo Athletes , athletics , culture wars , gender , gender confused , gender issues , Guam , left cult , LGBT , rugby , sports , Trans , transgender , transgender athletes , violence , wokies , women This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/611224....

'What planet are you from?' - Rand Paul denounces Biden transgender sports policy


And that includes activities that they may engage in in high school or athletics.” ... Paul challenged him: > Does it bother you that like the top 20 percent of boys running in track meets beat all of the girls in the state, that … it would … completely destroy girls’ athletics, that girls are being pushed out?."...

Adidas ad celebrates & promotes biological men playing in women's sports


(JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images) It also remains to be seen how Adidas reconciles its support of male athletes competing in and dominating women’s sports with the company’s supposed support of women’s rights and women’s athletics. "...

The Olympics just abandoned all science, drops gender testing to allow MEN to compete as WOMEN in all events


The Olympics just abandoned all science, drops gender testing to allow MEN to compete as WOMEN in all events Wednesday, July 19, 2017 by: Robert Jonathan Court of Arbitration for Sport , Gender identity , hyperandrogenism , International Association of Athletics Federations , intersex , Olympic Games , Olympics , Testosterone , transgenderism - (Natural News ) The International Olympic Committee has suspended gender testing for the 2018 Olympic Games and perhaps permanently. ... In July ...

HS soccer player wakes up from concussion speaking fluent Spanish instead of English


That’s likely for the best, considering the fact that traumatic brain injuries are extremely serious, despite the fact that the American public does their best to pass them off as an unavoidable side effect of athletics. ... It’s time to think logically about how we approach athletics. Sources: FoxNews.com LatinTimes.com Metro.co.uk Previous :Football alters young kids brains – even before concussions Next : Oil may hit ‘peak demand’ within 15 years - More news on brain health Food ...

The feminization of America accelerates as universities shame men for being men


A review of Katz's book says: "Katz explores those aspects of American culture that promote violence against women, focusing separate chapters on pornography, prostitution, and other sex-related businesses as well as sexual violence in the military, the music industry, and athletics." ... "In addition to the Margaret Cuninggim Women's Center, 'Healthy Masculinities Week' is also sponsored by a host of other departments at Vanderbilt, including Vanderbilt Athletics, Dean of Students ...

IT TAKES BALLS: Male-to-female transgender weightlifter to compete in Tokyo Olympics in the women's category


IT TAKES BALLS: Male-to-female transgender weightlifter to compete in Tokyo Olympics in the women’s category Wednesday, June 23, 2021 by: Arsenio Toledo athletics , biological lunacy , biological men , Cheating , competitive sports , fairness , gender , gender confused , gender issues , insanity , Laurel Hubbard , left cult , lunatics , New Zealand , Olympics , sports , Trans , transgender , transgenderism , unfair , weightlifting , wokies , women Bypass censorship by sharing this link: ...

Now SAT testing is "racist" because being intelligent is discriminatory, but being STUPID is perfectly fine with the crybullies


University of South Carolina coach Frank Martin and Harvard University coach Tommy Amaker, both of whom chair the NABC’s committee, claim that SATs and ACTs “no longer have a place in intercollegiate athletics or education at large.” ... “We feel it is prudent for college athletics to address a standardized test structure that has long had disproportionately negative impacts on low-income and minority students.” "...

Soon, there will be no girls competing at all in girls' sports: Trans boys will displace all biological females while libtards CHEER


Soon, there will be no girls competing at all in girls’ sports: Trans boys will displace all biological females while libtards CHEER Sunday, June 24, 2018 by: Ethan Huff athletics , campus insanity , female athletes , female sports , fitness , gender confusion , Gender Dysphoria , girls sports , insanity , left cult , LGBT , LGBT mafia , outrage , sports , Trans , trans athletes , transgender - (Natural News ) With unlimited genders to choose from these days, the institutions that form ...

More proof that the LGBT mafia is destroying women's sports in the name of "tolerance:" another biological man competes in female competition to ensure an easy "victory"


More proof that the LGBT mafia is destroying women’s sports in the name of “tolerance:” another biological man competes in female competition to ensure an easy “victory” Monday, September 16, 2019 by: Ethan Huff athletics , biology , campus insanity , compete , fitness , LGBT , LGBT mafia , transgender , unfair , Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/376917.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Since virtually everything in today’s America now caters and gives ...

Sports doping lab tests are a total joke... they FAIL to detect drug abuse nearly all the time


The newest study, “Doping in Two Elite Athletics Competitions Assesses by Randomized-Response Surveys” asked 2,167 athletes whether they had engaged in doping to enhance their performance. The athletes came from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) 2011 World Championships of South Korea and the 2011 Pan-Arab Games of Qatar. "...

Iowa bans MTF athletes from competing in female sports events in schools


The bill also encompasses colleges and universities affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). "...

Transgender swimmer dominating women's circuit after competing on men's team for years


. > Will “Lia” Thomas pic.twitter.com/eiTTHuQ6IX > > — Large Marge (@largemarge777) November 30, 2021 Such lofty status was not what Thomas achieved when swimming with the other guys, according to the Penn Athletics website, although he had his share of successes. "...

Diet pills consumed in large quantities by teen girls seeking athletic look


Doing so would radically alter the shape of their bodies, even if they didn't engage in hard-core athletics. "...