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Mainstream media decides to cover Ashley Biden's diary and shocking things she wrote about dad now that FBI is involved


Both of these truths were in evidence this week as we saw media outlets finally ‘step up’ and start covering some of the eye-opening things presidential daughter Ashley Biden wrote in her diary after the FBI started investigating. ... The diary’s explosive contents include Ashley’s speculation that showering with her father, then-Senator Joe Biden, as a young girl may have contributed to her sex addiction. "...

Corrupt Biden Justice Department, FBI raid homes of Project Veritas journalists for the "crime" of doing their jobs and exposing malfeasance


And yes, Ashley Biden is President Joe Biden’s daughter. “The tipsters indicated that the diary had been abandoned in a room in which Ms. ... After investigating the situation, O’Keefe said neither he nor his team could verify that the diary was real or that it came from Ashley Biden so Project Veritas passed on obtaining it and publishing its contents. "...

Crackhead MILF and incest porn: Hunter Biden's disgusting search history revealed, including Pornhub link sent to "dad"


Among the pornography searches is a record of him visiting a 2009 New York Post article regarding his sister, Ashley Biden , and her history of arrests, partying and claimed use of cannabis while she was attending college in New Orleans. ... Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk ZeroHedge.com Previous :Media now admits Dominion voting systems have “software vulnerabilities” which could allow them to be tampered with Next : New book exposes dark Nazi history behind Germany’s richest dynasties ...

The Biden Five: Profiling one of America’s most politically corrupt families


Breitbart notes : The Biden Five is composed of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden; his younger brothers Frank Biden and James Biden, his sister Valerie Biden, and his daughter Ashley Biden. ... Ashley Biden Joe gave assistance to his daughter by helping out her hubby, Howard Krein, with the launch of a healthcare company in 2011. "...

The Biden five': The definitive breakdown of one of America's most corrupt families


(Article by Robert Kraychik republished from Breitbart.com ) The Biden Five is composed of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden; his younger brothers Frank Biden and James Biden, his sister Valerie Biden, and his daughter Ashley Biden. ... As a result, millions of dollars flow to Valerie Biden.” “It speaks to the pattern [of] the Bidens looking at opportunities to take money, whether it’s taxpayer money, political money, or ...

FBI tactics against Project Veritas cause concerns about freedom of the press


The whole incident was sparked by the alleged theft of a diary which belonged to Ashley Biden, the daughter of President Joe Biden, according to Politico . ... Read more at: ThePostMillenial.com Previous :Everything happening now is tied to ‘population reduction by whatever means necessary’ as even medical doctors and ‘big pharma’ executives warn ‘the vax’ is a ‘depopulation weapon’ Next : ‘I got over 1,000 soldiers ready to go, locked and loaded’: Black militant threatens ...

Revealed: Whistleblower document shows how corrupt FBI has been 'monitoring' certain news media


The press release notes further: The document, which lacks certain information due to the restricted classification of the file, also shows the investigation was launched the same day Ashley Biden’s Attorney, Roberta Kaplan, said, “This is insane. We should send to SDNY,” in response to a request for comment on the contents of Ashley Biden’s diary. "...

Justice Dept. faces allegations of First Amendment free speech, press violations in Project Veritas case


“The FBI raid is in connection to the publication of a diary thought to belong to Ashley Biden, in which the President’s daughter describes her resentment of Hunter and Joe. ... There is, however, one allegedly stolen item that did bring a full-scale FBI investigation: the missing diary of Ashley Biden, daughter of President Joe Biden. "...

James O'Keefe and his Project Veritas now "de-personified" from Instagram; platform warns users those names cannot be used in posts


The Instagram action comes on the heels of O’Keefe and two Project Veritas associates being rousted by the Justice Department’s Gestapo, also known as the FBI, in connection with an allegedly “stolen” diary belonging to President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden. ... He noted further: Late last year, we were approached by tipsters claiming they had a copy of Ashley Biden’s diary. "...

Owen Shroyer accuses mainstream media of spreading deepfakes


Hunter Biden’s laptop, Ashley Biden’s diary The truth is, Shroyer feels they (MSNBC or Democrats) may have made the clearly faked video themselves, perhaps to divert attention from two damning issues against President Joe Biden that have resurfaced and turned out to be true. ... The second was the Ashley Biden diary that contained handwritten notes of the presidential daughter alleging her father was doing inappropriate things when they were in ...

James O'Keefe reveals details of military-style FBI raid on his home


Ashley Biden reportedly told the FBI that the diary had been stolen before the 2020 presidential election, and the FBI targeting of Veritas and O’Keefe all but confirms the document’s authenticity. Journalists are as liable for theft as anyone else, but the reporters involved in the diary story all deny any direct role in what Ashley Biden claims to be a theft, instead maintaining that the diary was merely found at a place where Ashley Biden was ...

FBI has become the "American Gestapo": Agency working in collusion with mainstream outlets like the NY Times to frame, smear political opponents


Last week, the American Gestapo was sent to roust two of his journalists before they raided his apartment near New York City ‘investigating’ the alleged theft of a diary belonging to one presidential daughter, Ashley Biden. ... He noted: Late last year, we were approached by tipsters claiming they had a copy of Ashley Biden’s diary. "...

National File founder: Majority of media companies in America only exist to CONTROL and CENSOR news


The mentioned that the outlet broke the story about Ashley Biden’s diary and driving the news on a number of fronts in both the mainstream and conservative press. ... Peter Breggin: Censorship is key to control public opinion and people – Brighteon.TV Union millwright Jerry Wayne tells Chad Caton: To make a change, invest in the change – Brighteon.TV Poll: The Biden economy is terrible, according to 70 percent of Americans Survey finds that more than one-third of Americans ...

Top immigration official admits Biden administration is only removing a fraction of illegals


Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody pointed to the recent testimony of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations Executive Director Corey Price as evidence that the Biden administration is intentionally under-enforcing federal immigration law in a way that has never been seen. ... Sources include: Hosbeg.com CommonwealthPolicyCenter.org WesternJournal.com FoxNews.com Brighteon.com Previous :Babies, toddlers suffer “systemic reaction” after being ...

Column: Suddenly, Hunter Biden scandals are real


When Hunter came up, like during the impeachment in early 2020, “news” anchors like CNN’s John Berman gushed to Jill Biden: “You have called Hunter the heart and soul of the Biden family.” ... Schreckinger’s book promises to offer more reporting on the Biden family – on Joe’s sister Valerie; on his brothers Jim and Frank; and we can guess his daughter Ashley and her husband, Howard Krein. "...

Kamala Harris put in charge of "Ministry of Gender Truth" to harass anyone who doesn't bow down to LGBT insanity


Biden’s handlers have declared such criticism to be illegal “harassment” and “abuse” and that means such criticism will be considered legally actionable. ... Biden is riddled with dementia, Harris is just incompetent, and our country is purposely being destroyed by Obama people behind the scenes. "...

"Fact-checkers" give high rankings to fake news outlets that covered for Hunter Biden


Strings were pulled and ballots were changed, however, and we ended up with Biden anyway. ... “Many believe the throttling of the politically damning story, which suggests that Hunter Biden leveraged his father’s political influence for profit, unfairly tilted the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden.” "...

Biden's federal mask mandate will not be "national," says constitutional law experts


Biden breaks his own mask mandate immediately after signing it While Biden was signing his mask mandate, he was wearing a face mask. ... According to Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Epstein, Biden’s daughter Ashley joined several of his grandchildren as they took off their masks for a short photoshoot at the Lincoln Memorial. "...

'My shelves are bare': Biden's failure to control inflation is wrecking America's food banks


Oregon Food Bank spokesperson Ashley Mumm said shortages in labor and production have caused the food bank to face higher prices for particular items. ... Each of them is just another product of Biden’s America. Read more at: WesternJournal.com Previous :Despite vaccine passport schemes, COVID cases surging across Europe Next : The ruling class has no intention to cease terrorizing the populace - More news on big government EU’s Ursula von der Leyen needs to resign IMMEDIATELY over ...

All criticism of government and establishment media types now called "cyberbullying" as Orwellian censorship efforts rapidly expand


Case in point: The recent demise of Joe Biden’s ‘disinformation czarina,’ Nina Jankowicz. ... Sources include: HeadlineUSA.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Biden threatens oil companies to produce more even as they are already at full capacity amid skyrocketing gas, diesel prices Next : Mainstream media decides to cover Ashley Biden’s diary and shocking things she wrote about dad now that FBI is involved - More news on 1984 All criticism of government and establishment ...