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Ashish Jha, Biden's new COVID-19 Coordinator, wants everyone to have "vaccine passports"


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Fauci, Jha urge Americans to get their bivalent COVID-19 vaccine booster shots


Ashish Jha – with the new bivalent booster designed to target the omicron strain of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). ... Jha is so hostile to differing scientific opinions about boosters in kids, for which we have zero clinical data. "...

Here we go again: Another new covid "vaccine" to arrive next year, says Biden covid czar


(Related: This is the same Ashish Jha who all Americans to have to show “vaccine passports” in order to live.) > “We’re probably gonna need to update our vaccine again next year and have Americans get vaccinated again next year.” > > — Townhall.com (@townhallcom) Not only that, but Jha wants all Americans to make much ado about nothing at the Thanksgiving table this year by fearmongering about the alleged “risk” of catching the Fauci Flu if one is not “vaccinated” against ...

Biden COVID Czar: "I really believe this is why god gave us two arms – One for the flu shot and the other one for the COVID shot!"


Ashish Jha pushed for two annual shots during a briefing on Tuesday – one for Covid and one for the flu. ... Jha said on Tuesday. VIDEO: > Biden COVID advisor Ashish Jha: > > “I really believe this is why God gave us two arms — one for the flu shot and the other one for the COVID shot!” "...

Biden administration warns Americans: Another pandemic is coming around the midterm election


Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health and the White House Coronavirus Response coordinator, predicted a rise in COVID-19 cases for the coming fall and winter during his recent appearance on ABC‘s “This Week.” (Related: Ashish Jha, Biden’s new COVID-19 Coordinator, wants everyone to have “vaccine passports” ) Jha told host Martha Raddatz that they are planning for a variety of scenarios, including a wave of infection this fall ...

Biden's coronavirus adviser says the reason why God created humans with two arms is to receive a flu shot in one and a covid jab in the other


(Related: Jha is the same guy who pushed for Fauci Flu shot “vaccine passports” to be forced on all Americans.) > NOW – Biden COVID advisor Ashish Jha believes “God gave us two arms — one for the flu shot and the other one for the COVID shot.”pic.twitter.com/Wpcxyo1nfM > > — Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) September 6, 2022 Fauci chimes in: Americans should get used to annual covid shots in addition to annual flu shots Jha’s statements were supported by outgoing National ...

CDC now pushing FOURTH covid shot, with no end in sight... because "follow the science" means MINDLESSLY OBEY


What are Jha, Fauci and Walensky up to – or rather, what do they know that they are not disclosing? ... Another pointed out that there are still many people out there, sadly, who will listen to Jha, Fauci and Walensky, no matter the evidence they are shown to the contrary. "...

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In a pre-Thanksgiving announcement, White House covid “czar” Ashish Jha revealed that the plan in 2023 is to unleash another Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” that Americans will be expected to take for “protection” against the Chinese Flu. As many expected would be the case, Jha indicated that covid injections are to become an […] in: , - November 28, 2022 - Posted by (Natural News) First it was abortion. "...

Harvard doctor wants US to enforce national mask mandate; Surgeon General says order may lead to REBELLION


According to Ashish Jha, director of Harvard’s Global Health Institute, forcing over 300 million Americans to wear face coverings every time they leave their homes – whether or not they socially distance or have a medical condition – isn’t only doable, but it’s also necessary to slow down the country’s infection rate. ... Jha is worried that hospitals in many of these states, such as California, Florida and Texas, might get overwhelmed if their respective state governments ...

Small clusters of Ebola would completely overwhelm US hospitals - AP investigation


Ashish Jha from Harvard University suggests are the least equipped to deal with an Ebola outbreak. ... Jha's concerns are valid in the sense that smaller hospitals may not always receive the most up-to-date information about how to deal with an uncommon disease outbreak. "...

CBS hypes 4th COVID shot, whines Americans care more about inflation


Ashish Jha from CBS Mornings: > The question now has come up in the last couple of weeks, what about that second booster? ... Agreeing with Jha, Oliver announced: “especially since some studies say B.A.2 is more contagious than Omicron.” "...

Berkeley orders all students who refuse to get vaccinated for the FLU to wear a mask


Ashish Jha, the Biden regime’s Fauci Flu czar, announced that the untested injection will offer magical protection during the upcoming cold and flu season. Jha hopes that the shot will become an annual affair – meaning cha-ching! for his pocketbook. "...

"Delta variant" fear mongering ramps up: Tyrants say "get the shot"


Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, told TODAY on Wednesday . ... “The good news is our vaccines seem to be holding up pretty well,” said Jha. “The data that’s emerging suggests if you have been vaccinated you’re going to be fine. "...

Vaccinated people can still catch COVID-19, MSM admits


Ashish Jha “to discuss ongoing efforts to mobilize pharmacies to reach more Americans and encourage them to receive their updated COVID-19 vaccine.” "...

Glenn Beck: COVID-19 pandemic is over, inflation has hardly risen – in Biden's mind


Ashish Jha, the White House’s top COVID-19 official, told reporters on Sept. 6 that the pandemic isn’t over and that people need to remain vigilant. “Of course, we continue to look for and prepare for unforeseen twists and turns,” Jha said. "...

Left-wing media that pushes BLM protests and massive black crowds preparing to blame TRUMP rallies for "second wave" of infections


Ashish Jha, director of Harvard University ‘s Global Health Institute, represent “an extraordinarily dangerous move for the people participating and the people who may know them and love them and see them afterward.” ... Jha nor NBC News nor any of the other left-wing hacks decrying Trump rallies has said a word about Antifa and BLM terrorists gathering together side by side and shoulder to shoulder to do whatever it is they are doing every day in the streets of America....

After enforcing the world's most severe lockdown, is India ready to come out of it?


Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, told the New York Times. ... Jha said. “I don’t know if India could realistically get to 26 days, or 50 days.” "...

US reports first case of COVID-19 reinfection


Ashish Jha, the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute. Jha, who wasn’t part of the case study, also noted that researchers like him are also looking for cases of people that have been reinfected by the coronavirus. ... “You’d expect the second time around people to have much milder or ideally no symptoms,” said Jha. "...

AstraZeneca, FDA under fire for lack of transparency over US clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine


For Ashish Jha, the dean of Brown University ‘s School of Public Health, clinical trials for the COVID-19 vaccine demand utmost transparency, despite drugmaker’s practice to avoid giving out information in the middle of a trial. ... Jha has expressed concern that public confidence in getting immunized may wane with the trial’s continued stay. "...

Fauci's colleague suggests secretly deleting an incriminating COVID paper during "extremely contentious" Zoom call


Bryan Ardis: Fauci knows remdesivir is KILLING PEOPLE Ashish Jha, Biden’s new COVID-19 Coordinator, wants everyone to have “vaccine passports” No surprise here: Fauci now insists FOURTH Covid vaccine doses are very LIKELY to be needed Del Bigtree tells Mike Adams: Fourth COVID shot is unnecessary, according to science – Brighteon.TV - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com2022-04-05-fauci-colleague-suggests-deleting-incriminating-covid-paper....