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The Nazis were huge supporters of abortion, calling it a


While the Nazis would not permit abortions by healthy "Aryan" German women, they demanded and even forced abortion on non-Aryans considered inferior to the race such as Jewish women, gypsies, Slavic women and so forth. This also included Aryan women thought to be "feeble-minded" and those who had hereditary diseases. [1] In fact, the Nazis did everything they could to increase the number of Aryan types. "...

Kamala Harris' ancestors owned slaves


Kamala Harris’ ancestors owned slaves Monday, August 31, 2020 by: Ethan Huff Aryan , black slaves , deception , Fact Check , Hamilton Brown , Jamaica , Joe Biden , Kamala , Kamala Harris , left cult , real investigations , slavery , slaves , white ancestors Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.clearnewswire.com/453777.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Though the “fact-checkers” are already decrying it as “fake news,” evidence continues to pour in showing that vice presidential ...

Another reason why we need guns for self defense: Mexican drug gangs begin assassinating prosecutors in Texas


But Breitbart examined that angle in more depth during an interview with Mike McClelland about two weeks before his alleged murder: When Breitbart News interviewed McClelland two weeks before he was apparently murdered, he said he could not comment on whether "low-level Mexican cartels have had involvement with the Aryan Brotherhood in Texas regarding methamphetamine trafficking," or if it was "possible the Aryan Brotherhood is either acting as hitmen or paying prosecutors back....

Genetic engineering technology now spearheading the return of eugenics and the push for a 'master' superior race of men


Hitler, of course, took this notion to the extreme, murdering millions he deemed inferior to the "Master Aryan Race" as an insurance policy against creating citizens who were mentally or physically defective, as they were once thought to be. "...

British man with first reported case of coronavirus in U.K. refused drugs, says he beat infection with "hot whisky and honey"


Eurasian (Aryan) and African (Negro) at 0.47%,” wrote one commenter at Information Liberation in response to this news. "...

If the citizens of 1930s Germany could not see the evil government growing around them... what makes you think modern Americans can see it now?


The logic behind his opposition was quite simple: don't support evil, especially the evil that the Nazis under Hitler's direction displayed to the Jews and anyone else who was "non-Aryan." "...

New York State Barr Association proposes mandatory COVID-19 vaccine, in violation of Nuremburg code, medical ethics, informed consent


They wanted to create an Aryan “master race” while exterminating anyone who did not fit their criteria. "...

German government accused of spreading propaganda brochure that trained children to spy on their parents


At the forefront of the Nazi syllabus was racial education, ‘enlightening’ children about Aryan supremacy and the despicable traits of untermensch (sub-human people and races). "...

Black Lives Matter is spreading: Number of protests in rural America growing


The organizers have been conducting marches across the city and “sit-ins for peace” in a town which, just two decades ago, had to deal with parades from the Aryan Nations, a White supremacist organization. "...

Obamacare computer code riddled with typos, Latin filler text, desperate programmer comments and disastrous architecture


According to an online encyclopedia, "Gujarati is an Indo-Aryan language, native to Gujarat, Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli in India. "...

The top 10 Trump myths


I think their obsession with Nazis has been going on for so long, they’ve brainwashed themselves into being petrified of anyone who seems Aryan and alpha, even when the guy is on their side. "...