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FDA supports diet soda: They declined to ban misleading advertising for artificially sweetened drinks


FDA supports diet soda: They declined to ban misleading advertising for artificially sweetened drinks Tuesday, December 19, 2017 by: Ralph Flores chemical sweeteners , diet soda , false label , false labeling , FDA , health claims , ingredients , Marketing , misleading - (Natural News ) It’s hard to ignore the writings on the wall when it comes to diet soda. ... Artificial sweeteners linked to unwanted weight gain Artificial sweeteners linked to metabolic syndrome; increases ...

Not so sweet: Sports drinks, juice, energy drinks, soda and even sweetened coffee can harm your heart


However, as reported by Healthline , many people are unaware that sugar-free, artificially sweetened drinks are just as dangerous as the sugary ones, or that it isn’t just sugary soda that we need to be concerned about. ... However, if a woman drinks four or more artificially-sweetened drinks per day, she has a higher risk of death. "...

Drinking sugary drinks increases cancer risk NO MATTER what you weigh


Drinking sugary drinks increases cancer risk NO MATTER what you weigh Tuesday, September 25, 2018 by: Rhonda Johansson artificially-sweetened soft drinks , badfood , badhealth , cancer , cancer causes , cancer risk , obesity , slender , sugar-sweetened soft drinks , sugary drinks , sweetneners , toxic ingredients - (Natural News ) Stop drinking sugary drinks. ... Strangely, this risk was not shared by those who drank artificially-sweetened ...

Drinking just two diet drinks a day doubles the risk of diabetes


Research continues to find evidence that these artificially sweetened drinks are no better than their sugar-containing counterparts. ... Even more shocking, however, was the finding that those consuming five or more artificially sweetened drinks each day were 4.5 times more likely to develop diabetes. "...

10 reasons to ditch the diet soda and artificially sweetened gum


10 reasons to ditch the diet soda and artificially sweetened gum Thursday, January 15, 2015 by: S. ... Artificial sweeteners alter gut bacteria and cause metabolic dysfunction leading to obesity and diabetes Diet soda harms your body, does far more harm than good Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/048296_artificial_sweeteners_diet_soda_cancer.html Embed article link: (copy HTML ...

Study confirms long-term consumption of sugary drinks cause liver damage


Consuming diet sodas and artificially-sweetened drinks increase your risk of diseases As it turns out, diet sodas and drinks containing artificial sweeteners can harm you in many ways . ... For 12 years, the researchers looked at the health and lifestyles of more than 80,000 women and found that women who consumed two or more artificially-sweetened drinks every day were 31 percent more likely to experience a stroke , 29 percent more likely ...

Combining sugary drinks with protein found to accelerate the body's storage of fat


Shanon Casperson, wrote on Science Daily, “We were surprised by the impact that the sugar-sweetened drinks had on metabolism when they were paired with higher-protein meals. ... If the sugar-drink was served at breakfast, the participant had the artificially sweetened beverage at lunch and vice versa. "...

Shocking: Drinking soda daily may make you more susceptible to stroke or dementia


To the surprise of the researchers, sugar-sweetened beverages did not pose the same risk as drinks that had been artificially sweetened. ... “Both sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened soft drinks may be hard on the brain,” Dr. "...

Diet Soda Found to Cause Premature Birth, Study Says


The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.1 The researchers found that one serving per day of artificially sweetened, carbonated drinks were 38% more likely to give birth before 37 weeks of gestation (1.38 AOR). ... Therefore, artificially sweetened soft drinks are often promoted as an alternative. "...

Reducing Teens’ Intake of Sugary Drinks: Intervention Leads to Weight Loss (press release)


Half the teens, picked at random, received weekly deliveries of noncaloric beverages of their own choosing – bottled waters and artificially-sweetened drinks. They were instructed to avoid sugar-sweetened beverages and advised on how to choose noncaloric drinks outside the home. "...

Diet soda consumption during pregnancy leads to OBESE children


Diet soda consumption during pregnancy leads to OBESE children Friday, June 09, 2017 by: Russel Davis childhood obesity , pregnancy , soda , soda intake , sugary drinks - (Natural News ) Consuming artificially-sweetened beverages such as diet soda during pregnancy may raise the odds of subsequent obesity in children, a recent study in the International Journal of Epidemiologyrevealed. ... In addition, the research team found that daily consumption of artificially-sweetened ...

Sugary drink producers drop prices around the world to keep people addicted to their deadly drinks


“Sugary drinks became even more affordable in developing countries, where 2016’s income could buy 89 percent more sugar-sweetened beverages than in 1990. ... A study published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke , which examined data collected from 2,888 people older than 45, and 1,484 over the age of 60, found that participants who drank an average of just one artificially sweetened drink a day, trebled their chances of suffering a stroke and developing ...

Why pregnant women should avoid diet sodas


"Certainly, until more experimental work is done, this study suggests that pregnant women should steer clear of artificially sweetened drinks." ... A similar, albeit smaller risk was seen for non-carbonated, artificially sweetened drinks. "...

Ladies, drop the diet soda: It increases the risk of stroke and heart disease


For those who drink artificially sweetened beverages, however, it was a far different story. Although the researchers had been focusing on strokes and dementia, they discovered that the prevalence of diabetes and cardiovascular disease increased with higher consumption of artificially sweetened soft drinks. "...

Ditch the soda to avoid an early demise, researchers warn


The group also reported that subjects who drank at least two glasses of total soft drinks, sugar -sweetened soft drinks or artificially sweetened soft drinks per day had a higher risk of all-cause mortality compared to those who drank less than one glass of these drinks per day. ... Taken together, these findings indicate that the consumption of sodas and sweetened drinks is positively linked to all-cause mortality. ...

"Diet" products are full of aspartame that cause various health problems


Even drinking just one diet beverage could lead to increased diabetes risk. - Greater chance of developing heart problems – Artificially-sweetened drinks have also been associated with cardiovascular disease. Those who consume more than two artificially-sweetened drinks each day have higher odds of developing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular events. "...

Sugar-sweetened drinks cause higher blood pressure


Sugar-sweetened drinks cause higher blood pressure Tuesday, March 08, 2011 by: S. ... INTERMAP investigators looked at the consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks, sugars and diet beverages in 2,696 participants between the ages of 40 and 59 who lived in two areas of the United Kingdom and eight regions of the U.S. "...

6 Common artificial sweeteners found to be toxic to gut bacteria


An increased risk of Type 2 diabetes associated with drinking artificially-sweetened beverages was also seen even in people at a normal weight. - Hypertension and cardiovascular disease: Women who drank more than two artificially-sweetened beverages per day or more than two sugar-sweetened beverages per day were at a greater risk for coronary heart disease than those who don’t drink these beverages, according to a study. Several studies have also shown ...

Toxic foods that may be triggering early puberty in girls


Commonly consumed toxic foods that can cause early puberty include caffeinated drinks, artificially-sweetened and sugar-sweetened beverages, and high-sodium foods. ... Researchers observed 1,988 American girls for 10 years and looked at prospective associations between early menstruation and the consumption of artificially-sweetened soft drinks, caffeinated sugar , and non-caffeinated sugar. "...

Sugar sticker shock in Seattle: New tax on sweetened beverages more than DOUBLES the price on some items


Philadelphia’s tax covers artificially sweetened beverages as well, such as diet soda. ... Some cite the example of Mexico, where a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks was put in place in 2014. "...