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New artificial "robot nose" could soon replace dogs for sniffing out narcotics and explosives


New artificial “robot nose” could soon replace dogs for sniffing out narcotics and explosives Monday, February 18, 2019 by: Edsel Cook artificial nose , biotech , Chemistry , discoveries , dog noses , e-noses , electronic nose , goodscience , inventions , k9 , physics , real science , scent sensor - (Natural News ) That well-trained and fluffy K9 dog deployed by your local police or military unit might one day be replaced by an “electronic nose....

Avoid artificial fragrances


This is because these often contain chemicals that cause irritation to the nose, eyes and throat. ... Common symptoms of exposure include ear, nose and throat irritation, nausea and headaches. "...

Many citrus-flavored food products get their taste from artificial chemicals derived from turpentine


Turpentine, an important industrial chemical extracted from the resin of pine trees, is so toxic if inhaled that it will not only irritate the skin and eyes but also damage the respiratory and central nervous systems. ... Because terpene aromas are so easily detected by the human nose, it is also relatively easy to artificially synthesize new flavoring molecules in chemicals from that family. "...

Researchers working to develop electronic nose device to instantly detect the release of harmful toxins into the environment


Supramolecular chemistry researchers from the Estonian university’s School of Science have been working on a new group of molecules that can serve as artificial equivalents of the receptors in the noses of animals. ... By the time INITIO ends in 2021, the project will hopefully complete its electronic nose. "...

New graphene gas sensor inspired by dog noses


New graphene gas sensor inspired by dog noses Saturday, March 31, 2018 by: Edsel Cook artificial nose , biomimetic , canine sense of smell , chemical sensors , dog nose , dogs , e-noses , electronic nose , future science , future tech , Graphene , graphene nanoscrolls , graphene sensors , lab tests , nasal capillaries , science , sensors - (Natural News ) Man’s best friend enjoys one of the best noses on the planet. ... Invention makes self-powered devices possible, ...

Humans' sense of smell is actually just as strong as dogs, but people dull their senses with carcinogenic artificial fragrance


There are striking differences between natural scents and artificial fragrances. ... Artificial fragrances, on the other hand, are made from petroleum and coal tar. "...

AI companies just used the coronavirus to roll out facial recognition software that identifies you even with your mask on


While most facial recognition software relies on key points around the eyes, nose and lips, the system developed by Singh and his team recognized people just by using key points from the eyes and nose. ... SenseTime, in comparison, uses 240 key points around the eyes, mouth and nose, and can even make a match using only visible features. "...

Our sense of smell is influenced by the emotions of others


However, aside from smelling the roses, the nose has other equally important functions : - Breathing — The nose is primarily responsible for air flowing in and out of the body. ... This is then removed from the body by sneezing and blowing the nose. Learn more about the nose and its many functions at Health.news . "...

Cancer breath test coming soon: Your halitosis may actually be cancer tumor offgassing


The study showed that a device called Nano Artificial Nose (or shortened to Na-Nose) is able to detect metabolic byproducts in the breath of patients with head and neck cancer. ... The promising technology of Na-Nose is based on its ability to detect different chemical compounds in the breath . "...

Face masks are laced with cancer-causing toxic chemicals


“What we are breathing through our mouth and nose is actually hazardous waste,” Braungart bared. ... “PFC on your face, on your nose, on the mucus membranes or on the eyes is not good,” he said. "...

Researchers built a virtual landscape for studying how our sense of smell influences behavior, ability to navigate


Zero artificial sweeteners, colors or alcohol. Learn more at the Health Ranger Store and help support this news site. ... Try the tips below to improve your sense of smell : - Blow your nose then use some saline spray – Simply blowing out your nose and using a saline spray can help clear a blocked nose and blocked nerve receptors. - Go running or brisk walking for 10 minutes – Our sense of smell is higher post-exercise. "...

Why is sleep the best medicine? It reduces inflammation and prevents cardiovascular disease, according to study


This short duration sleep cycle is often disrupted by artificial lights, noises, smart phones, text messages, Netflix movies, and other digital disturbances. ... People with sensitive sinus cavities and an overproduction of mucous may have trouble breathing through their nose during sleep. "...

Wet-dog smell, tobacco smoke and skunk spray: Various factors affect how long an unpleasant scent lingers, explain researchers


Wet-dog smell, tobacco smoke and skunk spray: Various factors affect how long an unpleasant scent lingers, explain researchers Thursday, February 13, 2020 by: Arsenio Toledo Chemistry , cigarette smoke , discoveries , foul odors , goodhealth , goodscience , nose , olfactory receptors , olfactory senses , research , Scents , sense of smell , skunk , skunk spray , tobacco smoke , weird science , wet dog smell - (Natural News ) The human nose can distinguish at least one trillion ...

Scientists say eating your own boogers boosts immune function


Zero artificial sweeteners, colors or alcohol. Learn more at the Health Ranger Store and help support this news site. ... At any rate, whether you end up eating your snot or not, clearing your nose of nasal mucus build-up can be a healthy habit. "...

Know what's In your food (opinion)


Annatto has an incredible distinction - it is the only natural color known to cause as many adverse effects as artificial colors and is used because Annatto sounds better that Artificial. ... Diacetyl is also hidden in ice cream, candy and baked goods as "artificial flavor". "...

Can honey products be used to remedy allergic rhinitis symptoms?


Its release is controlled by the allergy-sensitive gene, histamine H1 receptor (H1R), in the mucous membrane of the nose. ... The researchers kept track of the number of sneezes and the level of runny nose for each animal over 10 minutes. "...

Did you know that indoor air pollution can be extremely dangerous to your health?


Breathing fresh air through the nose is important because the nose acts as a first line of defense, filtering out undesirables from the outside world. ... It's important to replace chemical-based cleaning products, artificial fragrances and perfumes with natural, essential oil-based products. "...

Getting rid of allergies naturally: A look at alternative options for treatment


For instance, you could eat more of spicy foods like cayenne peppers and hot ginger to unclog your nose and clear up your nasal passages. ... Zero artificial sweeteners, colors or alcohol. Learn more at the Health Ranger Store and help support this news site. "...

Allergy alert: How to naturally treat the spring sniffles


The symptoms include watery and itchy eyes, a runny nose, sore throat, coughing, headaches, and trouble breathing. ... Saline Nasal Rinse Mold and pollen can collect in your nose and sinus cavity. Another way to relieve allergy symptoms is physically rinsing out of your nose with a nasal spray or solution. "...

Not so sweet? Sucralose is polluting North Carolina waterways


Sucralose, like other artificial sweeteners have shown a surge in popularity due to the "calorie-free" marketing ploy. ... Like other artificial sweeteners, sucralose has its own list of side effects. Many people who begin using sucralose eventually develop a sucralose allergy. "...