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What color is your cancer sweetener packet: pink, yellow or blue?


Most popular protein powders loaded with artificial sweeteners, modified (GMO) corn starch and toxic dyes SCAM: Artificial sweeteners and their artificial 'science data' exposed Artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers are dangerous Health Basics: How do MSG, artificial sweeteners and gluten cause fast weight gain? Artificial sweeteners alter gut bacteria and cause metabolic dysfunction leading to obesity and diabetes Women who consume diet ...

The dangers of artificial food colors


History paints an ugly food color portrait Until the twentieth century, food coloring could only be obtained from what people found in nature. ... "And, if that really is the case, then food coloring should be removed." Consumers can avoid synthetic food colorings by checking labels in grocery stores or by shopping at chains like Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe's, which refuse to sell foods with artificial coloring. "...

Natural pigments are a safer alternative to harmful artificial food colorings (AFCs)


Natural pigments are a safer alternative to harmful artificial food colorings (AFCs) Friday, April 05, 2019 by: Michelle Simmons curcumin , dried tofu , food coloring , food dye , food science , functional food , gardenia , goodfood , goodscience , Herbs , natural ingredients , Plants , red radish , research - (Natural News ) A study published in the journal Food Science and Human Wellness found that natural pigments from yellow gardenia, curcumin, and red radish could be used ...

Xanax made with GMOs, allergens and artificial coloring chemicals


Just like nearly every other drug, the anti-anxiety drug Xanax contains fillers and additives that are listed as "inactive" ingredients, but which actually can pose significant health risks. ... Three Philadelphia doctors caught in drug-dealing ring, accused of selling $5 MILLION in prescription drugs Nearly every mass shooting in the last 20 years shares one surprising thing… and it's not guns Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this ...

Astounding new material changes color and patterns like a chameleon


New material is almost as complex as the color-changing skin of frogs The researchers came up with the color-changing material after studying several species of frogs . ... “This is an exciting stage in this field of study, as we are increasingly able to adapt the color-changing mechanisms that some animals use to artificial devices,” said researcher Miki Sakai, the first author of the study. "...

Maryland May Ban Artificial Food Colors


The state of Maryland is considering two bills that would impose a ban on a number of food colorings that have been linked to hyperactivity in children. ... Under the other, all products containing any of those ingredients would be required to bear a label reading, "Warning: The color additives in this food may cause hyperactivity and behavior problems in some children." "...

Why are vaccines laced with artificial coloring chemicals made with aluminum, a toxic metal that damages the brain?


Why are vaccines laced with artificial coloring chemicals made with aluminum, a toxic metal that damages the brain? ... Naturally, the FDA has touted the safety of these artificial color additives in vaccines despite the mounting evidence of adverse health effects, especially among children. "...

Artificial food colors cause hyperactivity in children


Evidence continues to emerge that artificial colors cause hyperactivity in children, but the FDA remains resistant to taking action. ... Artificial colors are largely used to restore color to foods rendered pale and unappealing-looking by industrial processing, or to make them brighter or give them specific colors for marketing purposes. "...

How food companies fool consumers with food coloring ingredients made from petrochemicals


It's really no surprise they mostly all contain an artificial color of one kind or another. ... They have to trick you with artificial colors. Do you know what liquid they're using to hold the color? "...

Color Psychology - How colors affect our moods and emotions


Green, ironically the color of money, is said to be a color that sells. The color blue is known for eliciting trust. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Color at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on color Depopulation: Global elite, climate change activists call for tax on newborns The dangers of artificial food colors Color therapy: Balancing your energies through color visualization ...

Top 3 foods you'll be surprised to find out are infused with ARTIFICIAL COLORS to boost sales


Wells artificial coloring , bad fish , badfood , badhealth , deception , fake color , fake food color , food coloring , food industry , food safety , food toxins , ingredients , junk food , petrochemicals , petroleum , processed food , toxic food color , toxic ingredients , toxic pickles - (Natural News ) Natural food colors are super important to consumers when shopping for fresh food and quality food, so the richest companies and corporations ...

Purple Carrots in High Demand as Natural Food Coloring


Producers of purple carrots are anticipating a massive surge in demand as consumers and governments become increasingly wary of artificial food colorings. ... "We eat with our eyes, and the first thing you evaluate is color," said Stephen Lauro of natural colors manufacturer ColorMaker. "...

Combined natural colorants can replace harmful artificial food colorings (AFCs), reveals study


The Taiwanese researchers found that food coloring by combined natural colorants produced the same appealing effect in dried tofu as artificial food colorants. ... How to make your own food coloring Instead of using artificial food dyes, you can make your own using natural ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, such as fruits, vegetables, and spices. "...

Artificial light is toxic to human biology and mental states


Various forms of artificial lighting that we depend on contain larger amounts of the blue spectrum than does natural sunlight, which contains the full color spectrum of light. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Artificial light at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on artificial light Artificial light exposure, lack of sunlight tied to cancer, diabetes and depression, evidence shows Warning: Cell phone ...

Choose organics to avoid artificial dyes, pesticides linked to ADHD


Choose organics to avoid artificial dyes, pesticides linked to ADHD Thursday, April 14, 2011 by: Ethan A. ... Scientific research group claims food dye may be carcinogenic and promote allergies Artificial food colors cause hyperactivity in children Kraft recalls petroleum-derived macaroni and cheese contaminated with shards of metal Beware of artificial food coloring chemicals in pickles - it's what makes them appear more yellow Disqus Take Action: Support Natural ...

AI is the "enabling technology" for the coming global surveillance state... you will be watched by artificial intelligence


AI is the “enabling technology” for the coming global surveillance state… you will be watched by artificial intelligence Monday, April 09, 2018 by: Lance D Johnson abuse of power , artificial intelligence , authoritarianism , authoritarians , badscience , Censorship , color of law abuse , Facial recognition , Glitch , Orwellian , personality mapping , privacy , privacy fears , spying , surveillance , surveillance state , thought control , tracking , Tyranny - (Natural ...

Blindness reversed in mice with artificial photoreceptors made of gold and titanium


(Related: Is this artificial retina implant going to restore vision for millions of people? ... In other words, the artificial “bridge” between the eyes and the brain they developed worked just as planned. "...

Modern science validates light and color therapies in promoting full-spectrum health


Due to these findings, color is used as a treatment for a wide-range of illness and disease. ... When a person who suffers from this malady is exposed to full-spectrum light, either through the sun or an artificial light box, SAD symptoms disappear. "...

Unraveling food industry lies - Your salmon and meat are artificially dyed to look more appealing


But if it were not for the artificial color additives chosen from the SalmoFan, farmed salmon would likely not even be pink at all, but rather a disgusting gray color that nobody would dare purchase. ... This is why it is important that you know where your meat comes from, and whether or not the animal feed used to produce it contained artificial additives or coloring chemicals. "...