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Are Cavendish bananas in danger of going extinct?


Are Cavendish bananas in danger of going extinct? Friday, March 13, 2020 by: Ralph Flores badfood , bananas , Cavendish bananas , extinction , food supply , Fresh , fruits , Fusarium wilt , harvest , monoculture , organics , Panama disease , Plants Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/407485.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) There’s a reason why people “go bananas” and not any other fruit. ... Because bananas are a fruit ...

Bananas news, articles and information:


Bananas driven to extinction? Deadly soil fungus spreading globally 12/9/2015 - Could bananas soon become a thing of the past? ... The GM bananas, which never underwent... Untested GMO bananas to move directly to human experimentation 8/7/2014 2:37:31 PM - Human trials with a new genetically modified (GM) banana with artificial levels of the vitamin A precursor beta-carotene are set to begin this fall without prior animal testing. "...

Japanese farmers create edible and fully digestible banana skin


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Untested GMO bananas to move directly to human experimentation


Human trials with a new genetically modified (GM) banana with artificial levels of the vitamin A precursor beta-carotene are set to begin this fall without prior animal testing. ... Natural bananas with high amounts of beta-carotene already exist When confronted with the fact that beta-carotene-rich bananas already exist in nature, scientists backing the GM banana project humorously tried to claim that people living in East Africa probably wouldn't eat them because, get ...

Artificial humans could make animal testing nearly obsolete


Artificial humans could make animal testing nearly obsolete Tuesday, September 09, 2014 by: L.J. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Artificial humans at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on artificial humans Top cosmetic companies give in to greed and resume cruel animal testing, blame China New Chapter's new owner (P&G) steeped in animal testing and led by directors with ties to weapons contractors, Big Pharma, Monsanto, ...

Make your own maple-pecan vegan 'ice cream'


HEALTH BENEFITS OF THIS RECIPE Bananas - Bananas are loaded with potassium, which increases energy and protects against high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and stroke. ... Many pancake syrups are actually made from high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and artificial colors. "...

Corporate foodopoly is heading us toward farmageddon


Okay, this may not be the way to get bananas in Chicago or cherries in the winter. But at the rate the food cartel octopus is destroying the food chain, there may be a point where bananas and cherries are no longer available anywhere anytime. "...

9 Foods you thought were bad for you, but actually aren't


Here are nine foods that are most commonly perceived as unhealthy , but are actually good for you. - Bananas: Bananas are carbohydrate- and sugar-rich. ... However, chocolate made with cacao with no artificial ingredients or dairy is actually healthy. "...

Monster Pops recipe - Even picky eaters will enjoy this raw, green treat


Fresh pineapple, bananas and freshly-squeezed orange juice complete the ingredients list of this recipe, and they cleverly disguise the taste of the spinach while adding even more potassium, vitamin C and calcium to these treats. ... Sweetness will also vary depending upon the ripeness of the fruit, so use the ripest pineapple and bananas available.) "...

Upset stomach? Here's what to eat, and what not to eat


Bananas, rice, and applesauce help bind loose and runny stools to make them firmer. ... In addition, some artificial sweeteners have a laxative effect, which is not helpful when you’re trying to stop diarrhea. - Foods rich in fiber: Fiber is good for the digestive system because it helps stools move faster through the gut. "...



For a lot of athletes, bananas are a convenient and tasty source of energy and electrolytes. ... Simply put, bananas are not just a nice sweet treat, they also […] in: Clean foods & organics , Food , functional food , Health , Nutrition , Superfoods & healing foods - Avocado seed: a superfood for your health September 1, 2016 - Posted by D. "...

Healthy habits for a healthier body: 13 Reasons to choose nutrient-rich whole foods over processed junk foods


However, snacks made with artificial ingredients and various chemicals are bad for your health. ... Consuming more whole foods, which don’t contain added sugars and artificial flavors, can help keep your appetite in check. "...

Exposure to outdoor light at night can increase breast cancer risk, claim researchers


“In our modern industrialized society, artificial lighting is nearly ubiquitous. ... Even artificial light can cause melatonin levels to dip. Age is another factor that affects the production of this vital hormone. "...

Each day, are you shortening or extending your life?


Many mouthwashes contain sorbitol, sucralose, aspartame or any combination of toxic artificial sweeteners, not to mention artificial coloring and artificial flavors made from chemicals. ... Have a cup of coffee and if you add refined sugar, artificial sweetener or conventional creamer you are most likely consuming pesticides, GMO lab-made sugar substitutes which actually make you gain weight, and junk-science artificial flavorings added to most synthetic ...

Part II: Heal Chemical Sensitivities


Artificial colors and preservatives are never an acceptable option. Chemicals are often hidden behind abbreviations. ... Artificial sweeteners have been linked to many adverse effects on humans and can create uncontrollable behaviors. "...

Cure hangovers naturally


Bananas Eating a banana will replenish lost potassium and other minerals after drinking too much alcohol. Bananas are soothing to the digestive tract for most people and provide something solid in the stomach. "...

CIA-run Wikipedia used as the "truth engine" to train the censorship AI that will rule the Meta-verse 


Artificial intelligence is actively scrubbing and censoring all information that reveals the gene-mutating spike protein injections are the worst thing you can do for your health and safety during the scamdemic. ... In the sphere of fake news and misinformation, Wikipedia will now have shill editing in the form of artificial intelligence. "...

Eating sugar substantially increases your risk of osteoporosis


Instead, try adding fresh fruits like bananas and cherries or dried fruits like raisins and cranberries to your cereal or oatmeal. - Avoid canned fruits: Canned fruits contain high amounts of syrup. ... (Related: Buyer beware: Products claiming “no added sugar” are not necessarily healthier or lower in calories .) - Avoid artificial sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners have been linked to various health problems like cancer and increased triglyceride levels. "...

Consider Healthy Snack Ideas and Finger Foods for Your Toddler


These contain transfats, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and additives. ... Some parents keep a bowl of sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes and of sliced fruit such as bananas within reach, so the child can grab a handful every time he/she comes past. "...

90 percent of Americans are nutrient deficient, but processed milk is not the answer


And while this fact definitely translates into a serious health crisis, finding these nutrients in pasteurized, homogenized milk products that come from feedlot cows treated with artificial growth hormones like rBGH, is not the solution. ... There are also better sources of potassium and calcium than processed milk, including bananas, nuts, beans and spinach, to name a few. "...