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Blood of COVID-vaccinated people found to contain strange artifacts (graphene oxide?)


Steve Kirsch is calling these artifacts “land masses” because of how they appear on slides. ... The duo is unsure what these artifacts truly are, though there is speculation that they might be graphene oxide particles. "...

17 out-of-place artifacts that suggest high-tech civilizations existed thousands — or millions — of years ago


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Discovered artifacts suggest humans first arrived in America a MILLENNIUM earlier than researchers previously thought


Davis, in a statement, also noted that the oldest artifacts uncovered at Cooper’s Ferry are very similar in form to older artifacts found in Japan, as well as other sites in northeastern Asia. ... “We have 10 years’ worth of excavated artifacts and samples to analyze,” Davis said. "...

Researchers discover ruins of lost colonial tavern in North Carolina: Cache of artifacts is a "time capsule" of history


Several other artifacts found made Ewen and his team consider that the tavern may have also doubled as a brothel: fasteners, thimbles and straight pins. ... This evidence is not enough for Ewen to solidly conclude that the building was also a brothel, as the artifacts could also have been the property of a woman living in the tavern, or the property of a man. "...

Archaeologists unearth 2 trophy SKULLS in Belize jungles: Macabre artifacts will be used to study the collapse of the Maya civilization


According to the researchers, who published their findings in the journal Latin American Antiquity, the two macabre artifacts could offer some interesting insights into the events that may have led to the Maya civilization’s demise. ... Learn about other amazing discoveries that slowly brings the ancient world closer to the future at Artifacts.news . "...

Steve Quayle tells Mike Adams: Truth about ancient aliens will remain hidden from humanity


He added that what they unearthed were artifacts that go back 6,000 years. Quayle related that the astonishing artifacts and relics were identified as Egyptian and they turned up everything from pyramids and serpent staffs with human DNA on them. ... Watch the video below to know more about the artifacts and relics discovered by the team of Steve Quayle. "...

Steve Quayle: The truth about aliens and the destruction of human race will be revealed


Quayle said their webinar is going to be the greatest revelation in history, establishing Egyptian alien artifacts in the Americas. He also stated that these artifacts have been tested with carbon 14 and a process called thermoluminescence. "...

Ancient preppers: Researchers discover 2,000-year-old Jewish settlement in Israel where rebels used hidden tunnels to store supplies underground


Its artifacts and structures suggest that its occupants stayed faithful to the Jewish religion even though they were on the very limit of the kingdom. ... In addition to the Jewish artifacts , it also contained Nabatean pottery from Arabia and other regions in the Mediterranean, including Greek islands. "...

Prehistoric site described as "real-life Atlantis" – experts in a race against time to retrieve treasures before it disappears again


Other artifacts found in the graves include more silks, mirrors and coins. A large number of the artifacts retrieved from the area were made during the Han dynasty in China, which reigned between 206 and 220 AD. ... Many of these artifacts are also encrusted with other semiprecious stones like jade, coral and carnelian. "...

Looking at the lunar surface: Harvard scientist believes the moon holds clues about extraterrestrial life


This guarantees that any interstellar objects or artifacts that hit the moon would reach its surface without burning up . ... Alien artifacts on the moon According to Loeb, while most of the potential artifacts on the lunar surface are likely to be objects from within our solar system, the recent emergence of “interstellar interlopers,” such as the missile-shaped Oumuamua and the comet 2l/Borisov, offer the possibility that at least a portion of the potential artifacts ...

Buried treasure: Gold and precious gems uncovered from a 5th century burial site in Czech Republic


Precious artifacts in a Bohemian grave Researchers identified a headdress decorated with golden disks, as well as silver buckles, glass beads, a bone comb, a ceramic pot and an iron knife. ... This makes the treasure a rare find, according to the museum, because artifacts of this kind are uncommon after the standoff. "...

Fresh finds from a cave in Mexico suggest humans populated North America earlier than currently known, rewriting the prehistoric first settlers


(Related: Researchers discover ruins of lost colonial tavern in North Carolina: Cache of artifacts is a “time capsule” of history .) ... Some experts question whether the excavated tools were actual human artifacts or merely shaped into sharp-looking objects by natural processes. "...

Experts unearth unique leather scale armor at 2,500-year-old Chinese burial site


Visit Artifacts.news to read more articles about fascinating archaeological finds. Watch the video below to learn about Indian artifacts from Saginaw . This video is from the channel Dennis Morrison Channel on Brighteon.com . "...

Researchers discover what may be the largest land drawings ever made


Carlo and Yohann Oetheimer, a father-and-son independent research duo from France, discovered the artifacts after examining Google Earth images of the desert. ... Called the Nazca lines, these drawings number up to 300 and, together, cover an area bigger than that occupied by the Indian artifacts. "...

Old-school adhesives: Archeologists discover some of the earliest known examples of adhesive use in Italian cave


From these two sites alone, archaeologists were able to discover over a thousand different stone tool artifacts . ... To figure out what it was, lead author Ilaria Degano of the University of Pisa conducted a chemical analysis on several of the artifacts using a process known as gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. "...

UK police officers recover incredible Viking coin hoard: Finding could change British history, notes historian


UK police officers recover incredible Viking coin hoard: Finding could change British history, notes historian Saturday, February 01, 2020 by: Arsenio Toledo Alfred the Great , ancient coins , artifacts , coins , culture , English history , history , real history , Viking , Vikings Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/401715.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Police investigating the illegal trade of historical artifacts were able to find a hoard ...

Researchers find “underwater Stonehenge” beneath Lake Michigan


An area that is the size of a football field was found 120 feet below the surface with 9,00o-year-old artifacts and human-constructed stone structures in what is considered the most complex prehistoric hunting structure to ever be found underneath the Great Lakes. ... The artifacts are situated so deep that they have not been impacted by ice, waves, sand or algae. "...

Professor unearths sample of human brains that turned to GLASS after Vesuvius eruption


Read more about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and other newly discovered facts from ancient civilizations at Artifacts.news . ... Scott Lively reveals the truth about the Satanic Temple and abortions – Brighteon.TV Next : Ancient and green: Study suggests billion-year-old green algae is the ancestor of all plants on the planet - More news on artifacts Ruins of ancient Roman camp resurface in Spain as Europe drought dries up river Steve Quayle: The truth about aliens and the destruction ...

Man in Illinois discovers ancient tunnel beneath his house


(Related: Researchers discover ruins of lost colonial tavern in North Carolina: Cache of artifacts is a “time capsule” of history .) ... However, the 19th-century artifacts had been preserved and terrestrial scans showed evidence of trenches and ammunition magazines beneath Alcatraz. "...

Archaeologists uncover bizarre Germanic lord's tomb circled with the graves of women who may be his concubines


Upon initial analysis, these sartorial artifacts indicated that the people buried at the site could be Saxons, Thuringians and some members of the Alemanni group of tribes on the Rhine , according to the Times. ... Researchers are very much interested in the artifacts as they might reveal crucial insights into life during the Great Migration, which started as early as A.D. 300 but lasted until around A.D. 568. "...