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NYU "ethicist" wants all unvaccinated to be penalized by insurance companies even though the fully vaccinated are the ones flooding hospitals with illness


Arthur Caplan, an “ethicist” at New York University (NYU), says that anyone who refuses to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) should be punished by insurance companies with higher premiums. ... On top of having to pay more for insurance, the unvaccinated should also be ostracized and mistreated by the rest of society, in Caplan’s view. "...

Mainstream media unleashes bizarre fear mongering over meningitis, calling seven students an 'outbreak'


Arthur Caplan, PhD, writes this for NBC News: Emergency doses of a vaccine are on the way to Princeton University to halt a meningitis outbreak there that has already sickened seven students. ... Time for Uncle Sam to get out of the way, at least Caplan does make a good point for medical freedom, however. "...

Scientists seek to collect a 'blood database' of all U.S. newborns for 'research' purposes


"There are few other ways to get a reasonable snapshot genetic change," Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at New York University School of Medicine's Division of Medical Ethics, referring to the genetic information that would come from examining years' worth of samples, told Fox News. ... Caplan and others say policies should be developed at the state and federal level that would allow scientists and researchers access to the samples but in a way that washes the identity of ...

Frankenstein experiment: Surgeon connects animal heads during 'practice' for first human head transplant


“This work would put them about three or four years from repairing a spinal cord in humans,” said Arthur Caplan, a medical ethicist at New York University, in an interview with New Scientist. "...

Scientists will likely be able to create a baby from human skin cells in a decade or two, says report


New York University Bioethicist Arthur Caplan said there is a “yuck factor” to the situation, although he pointed out that people once felt that way about blood transfusions, too. "...

Fraud becoming rampant in scientific research papers, study shows


"Bigger money makes for bigger reasons for fraud," said New York University bioethicist Arthur Caplan, according to the AP. "...

Democrats pushing to deliberately infect Americans with coronavirus to speed medical experiments for vaccines


In an article published in the journal Vaccine, Plotkin, along with bioethicist Arthur Caplan, attempted to make the argument that it takes too darn long to develop a vaccine the normal way, and that regulators need to speed up the process so Big Pharma can rake in the cash more quickly. "...

Mother speaks out over daughter forced by state to undergo chemo treatments


The numbers are between 85 and 90 percent success rates," added Arthur Caplan, who heads up the medical ethics division at NYU Langone Medical Center. "...

Biden Cancer Initiative paid execs generously while spending little on cancer


New York University Bioethics Professor Arthur Caplan said that the charity’s reliance on partners in the health care industry could have seen the foundation’s supporters getting favorable treatment in the case of Biden being elected president. "...

How doctors got rich pushing Big Pharma's addictive opioids


The situation is so dire that New York University Bioethics Head Arthur Caplan said: “There’s enough money going around that if you saw this in the abstract, you’d think there was a drug cartel happening.” "...

Freedom of choice: New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu won't mandate coronavirus vaccine


Arthur Caplan, a professor of bioethics at the New York University Grossman School of Medicine , explained that people may be required to get vaccinated to access certain places like schools, colleges or workplaces. "...

MIT, Harvard scientists are injecting themselves with a DIY coronavirus vaccine despite not knowing if it's effective or legal


Meanwhile, New York University Langone Medical Center bioethicist Arthur Caplan called the idea “off-the-charts loony.” "...

No longer science fiction: Aborted human fetuses harvested to grow kidney organs in rats for transplantation into human patients


As reported on the website: Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at NYU Langone Medical Center, said the study itself did not concern him. However, "there is no way we're ever going to use fetal human kidneys or any other solid organs for transplant," Caplan said. "...

Doctors are prescribing DEADLY fentanyl for cash and lavish dinners, reveals report


Arthur Caplan, head of the Division of Bioethics at New York University has been quoted as saying, “There’s enough money going around that if you saw this in the abstract, you’d think there was a drug cartel happening.” "...

Medical atrocities routinely committed against chimpanzees in the name of science


For the recently-published McClatchy Newspapers Special Report "Chimps: Life in the Lab," Arthur Caplan, a University of Pennsylvania ethicist who chaired a government panel in the 1980's that set guidelines for animal research stated that, "the burden of justifying the research is on the researcher, and it's very high. "...

Hospitals discriminating against unvaccinated organ transplant candidates


Arthur Caplan of New York University Grossman School of Medicine . According to the school’s medical ethics head, transplant patients are “at particular risk” due to their compromised immune systems. "...

Tennessee doctor could lose license after announcing office will no longer vaccinate due to autism concerns


A 2015 article in the Washington Post by medical ethics expert Arthur L. Caplan is even less kind. "...