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Research shows that mites and ticks are related, but how do you get rid of them at home?


The Acari family Arthropods constitute the biggest group in animal biodiversity . ... Fossils show that arthropods have existed since ancient times, dating back more than 500 million years. "...

Researchers discover "beautiful nightmare" crab with giant eyes and the shell of a lobster


The chimera crab mashed together body parts found on later arthropods, suggesting that its descendants re-evolved these parts later on. ... Luque theorized that the chimera crab used its huge eyes to actively find comma shrimp (order Cumacea) and other small marine arthropods. "...

Answering a scientific puzzle: Do animals living in extreme cold grow to giant sizes because of their slow metabolism?


They flipped the arthropods upside-down and waited for the animals to recover their proper stance. ... The natural process of diffusion transfers oxygen from the surrounding water into the body of the arthropods. "...

New packaging material made from crab shells and tree fibers


New packaging material made from crab shells and tree fibers Wednesday, October 10, 2018 by: Ellaine Castillo arthropods , bad plastic , biopolymer , cellulose , Chemistry , chitin , crabs , discoveries , eco-friendly , environment , food packaging , Food Preservation , goodpollution , goodscience , green solutions , inventions , natural remedies , packaging , Plastic , plastic pollution , pollution , research , trees , weird science - (Natural News ) To even think about saving the environment, ...

How to Avoid Health Harming Parasites


However for the purposes of health, when talking about parasites we are referring to protozoa (single celled organisms), arthropods (insects) and worms that invade and feed off the host organism, often causing them harm. ... The most common arthropods, apart from head lice are mites, ticks and fleas. These can carry other smaller cell wall-free bacteria like Borrelia burgdferi, responsible for Lyme`s disease. "...

All the vaccines in the world can't stop the Los Angeles TYPHUS epidemic that's exploding due to third-world socialist conditions


Fleas, mites, lice, and ticks are types of invertebrate animals known as arthropods. When arthropods carrying around rickettsial bacteria bite someone, they transmit the bacteria that causes typhus. "...

Conserving biodiversity in active pastures: The ecosystem can be preserved with scattered trees, according to research


The research team looked into a total of 62 studies that contained suitable data for the quantitative analyses and found that the local abundance of animal species such as arthropods and vertebrates, as well as woody plants was 60 percent to 430 percent greater and overall species density was 50 percent to 100 percent higher in areas with scattered trees than in nearby open areas. "...

Plants can see, hear, smell, and respond to threats


The researchers note that arthropods are well known to use various forms of sound for communication, and that the chewing sounds of different insects are so distinctive that they are used by predators to locate their prey. "...

Don't let the bedbugs bite! How to find bedbugs and remove them from your home


These ancient arthropods (small exoskeleton invertebrate critters) have survived for centuries, like cockroaches. "...

The culprit behind coastal sea turtle die-offs in Australia finally identified: Heavy metals


In terms of barnacle growth, a turtle was considered to have high levels if it bore 16 or more of the arthropods on its body. "...

Creepy crawlies love veggies, too: Video shows a microscopic hive of activity in the vegetables you buy


He likened the instances to cemeteries for the arthropods. One showed mold growing on the corpses of the insects. "...

Feeling sick? The average American home collects 40 pounds of toxic dust per year


The microscopic arthropods were also shown to prefer humidity levels of up to 70 to 80 percent. "...

Vaccines kill more people than sharks, alligators, bears, snakes and spiders combined


Take a look at the following data presented by The Washington Post about animal-caused fatalities: Sharks: 1 person per year Alligators: 1 person per year Bears: 1 person per year Venomous snakes and lizards: 6 people per year Spiders: 7 people per year Non-venomous arthropods: 9 people per year Cows: 20 people per year Dogs: 28 people per year Other mammals: 52 people per year Bees, wasps and hornets: 58 people per year If you add all this up, you're left with a grand total of 183 animal-related ...

Are you ready for the "insect apocalypse"? Five things you need to know


Yet arthropods (insects, spiders, crustaceans) account for about half of the world’s animal biomass — 17 times more than humans. "...

Oxygen loss in ancient oceans led to mass extinctions – will history repeat itself?


It also decimated half of the existing of trilobites at the time, although the ancient marine arthropods would bounce back from this. "...

Cordyceps mushrooms found to protect from allergens


Cordyceps mushrooms found to protect from allergens Tuesday, August 27, 2019 by: Evangelyn Rodriguez aging , allergies , allergy , alternative medicine , Amino Acids , anti-aging , anti-inflammatory , antibacterial , antioxidant , antitumor , antiviral , bug-killing mushrooms , Cordyceps , Cordyceps militaris , degranulation , disease treatments , food cures , food is medicine , functional food , goodfood , goodhealth , goodmedicine , heart health , herbal medicine , Herbs , IgE , immune system ...

The Biotech industry is taking over the regulation of GMOs from the inside.


References Romeis, Jörg; Bartsch, Detlef; Bigler, Franz; Candolfi, Marco P; Gielkens, Marco M C; et al. (2008) Assessment of risk of insect-resistant transgenic crops to nontarget arthropods . "...

Morgellons: Terrifying New Disease Reaching Pandemic Status


By common usage, vectors are considered to be invertebrate animals, usually arthropods. "...

Morgellons: Terrifying New Disease Reaching Pandemic Status


By common usage, vectors are considered to be invertebrate animals, usually arthropods. "...