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How lead and arsenic came to be sprayed all over America


As we continue to uncover the deep, dark history of chemical use in the United States as part of a series on arsenate pesticides, the issue comes up as to how heavy metals like lead and arsenic ever came to be accepted as beneficial for spraying all over our growing soils in the first place. ... "Lead arsenate (PbHAsO4) was first used as an insecticidal spray in 1892 against the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar (Linnaeus), in Massachusetts," explains the study. "...

Arsenic is toxic to humans, but these microbes live and breathe it


When microbes present in aresenate-contaminated environments run out of oxygen, they activate a mechanism that turns them into arsenate-respiring organisms. This anaerobic mode of respiration allows them to convert arsenate into arsenite, a more toxic and water-soluble form of inorganic arsenic . "...

EXCLUSIVE: Natural News releases lab test results of Tractor Supply "Producer's Pride" chicken feed (and five other chicken feed products)


Mostly from industrial pollution that has settled on crop lands over the last two centuries or so, combined with some of the lead-based pesticides that were routinely sprayed on crops until they were banned (such as lead arsenate). "...

Manufactured epidemics: Big Pharma's denial of truth behind Polio puts human species at risk


Olmstead and Blaxill suggest that the overlooked factor is the adoption of a new insecticide, lead arsenate. ... Indeed, contemporary scientists even suggested lead arsenate as the cause of the paralytic outbreaks. "...

Why doesn't USDA's seal of 'certified organic' check for heavy metals?


Some ways that people come into contact with arsenate include: gardening, digging, children playing, eating without washing hands and face, and eating unwashed vegetables grown in these soils. Arsenate also contaminates groundwater, so anyone living near these polluted areas should test their private well water or municipal water for lead and arsenic. "...

Is this Chinese fern the key to preventing arsenic poisoning?


These are: - PvGAPC1, which has a high affinity with arsenate ion - PvGSTF1, which helps break down arsenic - PvOCt4, which controls the transfer of compounds These three compounds are necessary for the brake fern to properly process arsenic. ... Once inside these vesicles, the arsenic breaks down to release arsenate, which PvGSTF1 further reduces to arsenite and stores the fern’s vacuoles. "...

GMOs will unleash global killer 'ecocide' across the planet, warns prominent scientist


For over a hundred years, the heavy metals pesticide lead arsenate was "presumed safe." ... Lead arsenate - just like GMOs - was "presumed safe" because it didn't cause immediate death to anyone. "...

Medical bombshell: Lead exposure kills 412,000 Americans a year... here's how exposure happens


Lead arsenate, as you might have guessed, is made from two toxic heavy metals: Lead and arsenic. Soils across America are still contaminated with lead from lead arsenate, since lead never disappears. "...

Health Ranger releases stunning infographic showing how heavy metals end up in the food supply due to industrial pollution


The truth is that high levels of toxic heavy metals show up in foods, superfoods and supplements due to industrial pollution... including decades of spraying lead arsenate on croplands. "...

Inventing diagnoses to cover up vaccine injury — a con as old as vaccination itself


There is, and always was, ample evidence to suggest that poisoning — whether by lead arsenate , DDT , or later, the toxic ingredients in polio vaccines themselves — is the most credible explanation for the paralytic symptoms and deaths that were labeled as “polio.” "...

French town bans pesticides on vineyards located near homes due to rise in child cancers


Now a French criminal court is investigating whether pesticide producers are guilty of manslaughter in the death of a Bordeaux wine grower, James-Bernard Murat, following 40 years of exposure to pesticides containing sodium arsenate, which was known to be hazardous as far back as 1955. "...

Zeolite truths, myths, benefits and exaggerations... explosive interview with zeolite expert blows the lid on what's REAL vs. BOGUS


. • The history of massive lead contamination of agricultural soils through the heavy use of lead arsenate as a pesticide. • How even organic crops can be contaminated with lead or other toxic elements. • The BOGUS claims surrounding powdered zeolites being sold as a daily dietary supplement for oral ingestion. • Why ingesting powdered rocks doesn't magically transform it into a water soluble substance. • FACTS vs. "...

An Asian grass can be the key to removing lead from contaminated soil


Agricultural soil, on the other hand, had been primarily contaminated with lead arsenate, a pesticide that is no longer in use. "...

POLIO is a man-made disease caused by heavy metals exposure, not a virus... the entire history of polio and vaccines was fabricated


Then in the 1890s, the first outbreaks of polio suddenly emerged right around the time that a new arsenate-based pesticide was introduced. "...

Why Dr. Oz was right to warn consumers about lead in Shakeology Greenberry protein powder


Beachbody is essentially trying to deny that lead arsenate was used as an agricultural insecticide for over a century, where it heavily contaminated agricultural lands with both lead and arsenic. "...

Everyday heavy metal toxicity


NOW, WHERE AND HOW LEAD Auto exhaust; Industrial smelters and paint factories; Lead water pipes; Industrial pollution in the water; Pesticide runoff; Acid rain be it industrial or volcanic; Roof paint through the catchment system; Lead paint on children's cribs which they eat because it tastes sweet; Cigarettes due to lead arsenate as an insecticide; Insecticides/fungicides; Burning newspapers due to the lead in the ink; Soldered items; Gardens near a main road; Children playing near main ...

Dangerous levels of lead found in many garden hoses


The reasons for these hazardous levels of soil contamination are many, from lead paint, leaded gasoline, lead arsenate pesticides, lead plumbing, lead batteries and automotive parts, roadways, and so on. "...

Could You Be Poisoning Your Family?


Arsenic In Our Fruit and Vegetable Supply In the past, arsenic has been used as a pesticide on fruit and vegetable crops across the world in the form of arsenate. "...