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HILARIOUS: Arrogant celebrities threaten "total Hollywood strike" until every last person in America gets "vaccinated" and "boosted" for covid


Others in Hollywood want a strike that lasts much longer than just one month. Until every last American has rolled up his or her sleeve for shot after shot and booster after booster, these folks plan to never again appear on the little or big screens. ... Aniston is particularly upset at anti-vaxxers, so much so that she has actually threatened her own unvaccinated friends that she will never again speak to them unless they get fully jabbed and boosted just like she is. "...

Arrogant GMO promoter Professor Bruce Chassy embarasses himself at major Food Scientist's Institute


GMO critics seem to have a very noble, compassionate viewpoint with much higher standards for food, environment and health. ... Emeritus Professor Bruce Chassy is just one example of an arrogant GMO sellout, having no tolerance for anyone who provides factual evidence about his GMO cash cow. "...

The fake news media has begun banning content that questions the global warming hoax... because DEBATE cannot be tolerated by the arrogant Left


Even though there is a mountain of evidence which shows that much of the science behind “climate change” has been faked or is fraudulent, mainstream news outlets like The Los Angeles Times and BBC have all but silenced any sort of discussion on the matter. ... Recall that Gore has been a leading voice in the “war” on “climate change,” and then consider how much . "...

The WEF's stakeholder capitalism is just global fascism by another name


Adolph Hitler was also a socialist and admirer of Karl Marx, much like Mussolini. ... This has already happened in many respects with much chaos created, but open corporate governance is the end game and it is anything but objective or benevolent. "...

The monopolist Big Tech cartel is killing us


Today, even though the digital advertising pie is much, much larger, even eclipsing television, companies like and Google dominate in revenues – so much so the U.S. government needs to go after them on anti-trust actions. ... They’ve become arrogant monopolies. They’ve become the tail that wags the dog. They’ve become dangerous for the health of the free press and the role it plays in the future of America. "...

Opposing the murder of children now gets you terrorized, arrested by totalitarian FBI


“No, we are not,” one of the arrogant agents responded. Another agent was then heard stating, “I tried,” to which Vaughn’s wife then shot back: “No, you didn’t! ... Even so, Vaughn and the others could now face as much as $250,000 in fines and up to 11 years in prison for their participation in the rescue. "...

LOBOTOMIZING CHILDREN: Another pharma shill paid big bucks to push experimental "anti-psychotics" drugs on children as young as two years old


Biederman , with deep (filled) pockets and extensive ties to J&J, is a consultant who may be guilty of pushing psychotropic drugs that are prescribed for toddlers who go from crying to happy, and back to crying, too much. ... It’s a huge experiment with neurons and synapses that the arrogant psychiatric industry thinks they’ve conquered. "...

Bill Maher perfectly demonstrates the deep-rooted BIGOTRY of the intolerant Left, says Middle Americans are stupid redneck liberal wannabes


It’s all Trump hate all the time or poor little Bill doesn’t have much to talk about. ... New Jersey is in much the same shape as Illinois, and New York is broke as well. "...

SUICIDE SCIENCE: Boston University creates new chimeric COVID bioweapon with 80% KILL RATE... has humanity learned NOTHING?


Now, thanks to the lying corporate media and the arrogant, insane practices of virology “science,” they are practically begging for another pandemic to further destroy human civilization. ... Previous :Russia 2nd wave attack on Ukraine now appears imminent; Biden wages ECONOMIC war against China’s semiconductor industry Next : Eight critical PREDICTIONS that will reshape the rest of 2022 and all of 2023: Food, finance, war, layoffs, pandemic bioweapons and more - More news on badhealth CDC ...

The day that EUROPE DIED - BASF announces "permanent" output reductions that will set off catastrophic supply chain collapse for the western world


You can hear that full conversation (about one hour) here: – Dire implications of BASF shuttering operations in Europe – The coming MASS STARVATION and FREEZING of Europe – Why War, Pandemics and Famine always go together – Germans are clear-cutting old growth forests for firewood – Deindustrialization is here – steel plants shut down – “Crystal clear” that FAMINE will sweep across Europe – Mass human migration will be unleashed globally – Why “greenies” are a SUICIDE cult – Transportation infrastructure ...

$47 Colombian whore exposes sexual perversion and runaway arrogance of U.S. government officials


It's all just sickening, arrogant and is yet another sign of the total, runaway arrogance of federal employees who have turned into a band of criminal tyrants. ... But make no mistake: Unless arrogant government reverses its course, a revolution is inevitable. "...

Infographic: Vaccine industry science lies are nothing more than recycled Big Tobacco science lies


Throughout much of the 20th century, it turns out, these same sort of arrogant scientists claimed smoking was awesome for your health, too. ... "It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines," writes the former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, Marcia Angell. "...

Coca Cola says: Be less White


Do you walk around town or the office with too much confidence, singing “born white, born proud?” ... If you are completely sure that you have a good future and you’re positive you’re doing your job well, then you are an arrogant racist and you need training to become less certain and less oppressive. "...

Media head fake: Western press virtually silent about fact that Ukraine's President Zelenskyy was offered peace deal but refused


The WSJ noted that a major reason why Putin invaded in the first place had much to do with the U.S. and West failing to pay Russia much mind when Moscow voiced security concerns over the past several years: For nearly two decades, the U.S. and the European Union vacillated over how to deal with the Russian leader as he resorted to increasingly aggressive steps to reassert Moscow’s dominion over Ukraine and other former Soviet republics. ... Rather, an arrogant U.S. and ...

If feds slaughter patriot occupiers in Oregon, it will unleash an armed revolution across America... Civil War may be near


If the arrogant, tone deaf federal government attempts an aggressive assault on the compound that results in bloodshed, it might very easily spark a nationwide armed revolt against government tyranny in response. ... For an increasing number of America, they are at their wit's end with little much else to lose. "...

EPA drones spying on the livestock activity of Midwest farmers


EPA - a history of arrogant dismissive tendencies As expected, the delegation got an arrogant, self-serving response: Yes, the agency is using drones because doing so is cost-effective and legal. ... Still, much of the surveillance has focused on Nebraska and Iowa because of the high concentration of livestock feeding operations in a watershed area with a history of contamination. "...

ETHNIC CLEANSING: Vaccine-pushing tyrant Fauci takes aim at Republican men, conservatives and Red states


The serial perjurer, disgraced bioweapon developer, and coercive vaccine pusher has been extraordinarily arrogant as of recent, calling for local vaccine passports and door-to-door vaccine compliance initiatives that target the unvaccinated and lie about vaccine safety. ... A CNN analyst went public, demanding that the COVID-19 vaccine be mandated, while calling for life to be much ‘harder’ for unvaccinated Americans . "...

Survey Results Reveal the Most Trusted Health News Websites and Personalities


I don't find him arrogant at all. Is he stubborn? Absolutely. But shouldn't he be? ... But I can't say much about whether he's humble or arrogant in my own opinion, as I just haven't spent sufficient time around him to make such a judgment. "...

New Yorkers gathering in large groups outdoors as state's coronavirus numbers continue to skyrocket


In a press conference, Cuomo called out what he termed “arrogant” New Yorkers for flouting the social distancing guidelines as the state’s number of confirmed coronavirus cases continued to climb. ... Our best hope of getting this pandemic even remotely under control is doing everything in our power to stop its spread, no matter how much we’d all like to take a walk in the park. "...

No masks, no distancing, no vaccines required: Obama's birthday bash a grotesque parade of hypocrisy and elitism


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