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National security experts call for peace and end of arms shipments to Ukraine


experts call for peace and end of arms shipments to Ukraine Tuesday, May 23, 2023"...

Russia vows to block transfer of S-300 missile defense system to Ukraine, threatens to target arms shipments


system to Ukraine, threatens to target arms shipments Monday, March 21, 2022 by: "...

US, NATO using discredited domino theory to justify sending even more taxpayer-funded arms shipments to Ukraine


and arms. For more news about Ukraine and the arrival of new arms shipments, visit"...

UK to send nearly $1.2 billion more in military aid to Ukraine


London providing Kyiv with billions in arms Since the war between Russia and Ukraine"...

US military stockpiles at "dangerously low levels" not seen in decades due to military aid shipments to Ukraine


launchers and small arms - Over 60 million rounds of small arms ammunition The military"...

UN secretary-general warns: World is heading toward "wider war" due to escalating conflict in Ukraine


prevention at the heart.” Western arms shipments responsible for escalating conflict"...

Former Russian President Medvedev: Russia will hit Ukraine with preemptive NUCLEAR STRIKE if West tries to send nukes


F-16. Unless the West stops, these arms shipments will only progress further and further"...

foreign aid


Treaty Organization’s (NATO) regular shipments of arms and ammunition to Ukraine have left"...

United Kingdom confirms depleted uranium tank ammunition already in Ukraine


to prevent nations from providing arms shipments to Ukraine – especially for toxic"...

NATO members are running out of weapons that they can send to Ukraine


Treaty Organization’s (NATO) regular shipments of arms and ammunition to Ukraine . NATO"...

To stave off a potential Russian invasion, the UK would need "10 years warning," admits top general


have been massively depleted due to arms shipments to Ukraine. “It probably suggests"...

Russia clarifies what its 'red line' is with the U.S., NATO, Europe, as world inches closer to war


morality,” he told reporters, but arms shipments “can be immoral if done with intentions"...

Russia's destruction of the Ukraine military


been providing arms to Ukraine for years, and those arms shipments were expanded and"...

Ukraine aid scam: Only 30% of weapons shipped to besieged country have made it to the front lines


official told CNN back in April that the arms shipments were dropping “into a big black hole”"...

Biden's Pentagon just gave Ukraine the green light to launch drone strikes on Russian territory, which will lead to rapid escalation with NATO


includes new judgments about whether arms shipments to Kyiv might lead to a military"...

Ammo companies are reporting packages being lost or damaged before reaching customers


was not properly packaging his ammo shipments. They even attempted to reach out to"...

The Biden cabal will scurry away like cowardly RATS with their tails between their legs to their bunkers before triggering nuclear Armageddon in their rush to depopulate the planet


by flooding Ukraine with massive arms shipments afterwards. The former senator said"...

Pfizer vaccines HALTED in Hong Kong after multiple defects were reported


they do not plunge the needles in their arms. Governments and pharmaceutical companies"...

There is absolutely no reason in the world to believe that Bill Clinton is a CIA asset ... except for all the evidence


also caught up in the scandal. Many arms shipments to the Contras were carried out from"...

China issues new details on sanctions against Raytheon and Lockheed, potentially cutting off rare earth minerals to the U.S. defense industry


blockade and confiscate the illegal shipments to Taiwan (province of China)?” “This"...