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Man who doesn't 'believe' in guns rescued from armed robbery by two good Samaritans with guns


Man who doesn't 'believe' in guns rescued from armed robbery by two good Samaritans with guns Friday, January 18, 2013 by: J. ... Following the robbery, Dorsey started running down the street, at which point he said two men in a Mercedes stopped and asked him what had happened. "...

University students berate cops for arresting armed robbery suspects who fled to campus, screaming, "abolish the police" and "disarm the pigs"


Rather than thank these law enforcement officers for bravely risking their own lives to protect UChicago students and faculty from potentially being harmed or killed by these armed robbery suspects, several students instead took to social media to complain about the incident, calling for all police officers to be “disarmed” and “abolished.” ... Sources for this article include: - More news on - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website ...

Participating countries in 2026 World Cup warn fans to avoid traveling to the US due to mass shootings and killing sprees


“Many of the dangerous cities on the list this year have appeared on past lists,” the database said, remarking that “violent crimes” that happen in these cities include rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault. "...

Oregon standoff reveals how leftists desperately want armed government to execute private citizens


Oregon standoff reveals how leftists desperately want armed government to execute private citizens Tuesday, January 05, 2016 by: J. ... I tend to doubt it, considering his glowing endorsement of Michael Brown of Ferguson, shot by police as he tried to beat an officer and take his gun – after a strong-armed robbery of a local convenience store. "...

4 Americans missing, 1 Mexican bystander dies after shootout near Texas border


A on Friday shows armed men, some wearing tan body armor, who loaded four people into the bed of a pickup truck in broad daylight. ... The alert also reminded U.S. citizens that this particular part of Mexico is a “ ,” which is the highest warning in the government’s travel advisory system. “ – including gun battles, murder, armed robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, forced disappearances, extortion, and sexual assault – is common along the northern border and in Ciudad Victoria,” ...

Pathetic mainstream media lies about armed "white" St. Louis homeowners defending against “peaceful” BLM protesters who were threatening to kill them


Sources include: RiverFrontTimes.com KSDK.com NewsTarget.com Previous :NOT a hoax: Chinese Communist Party warns Christians to renounce Jesus or starve to death Next : Left-wing mobs defacing and destroying cities were “digitized” by the Internet into tribal behavior that will end civil society - More news on armed Antifa shows up armed to “kid friendly” drag event in Texas to “stand guard” and protect groomers Antifa, BLM now showing up ARMED to violent “protests” Armed ...

Daunte Wright accused of choking, robbing woman at gunpoint, had an arrest warrant


(Article by Nicholas Sherman republished from JustTheNews.com ) Wright, 20, had been charged with first-degree aggravated robbery in the December 2019 incident, and authorities had a related warrant for his arrest at the time of his death. ... During the robbery attempt, Wright and his friend allegedly were at a house party and stayed the night with the two alleged victims because they claimed not to have rides home. "...

Judge draws outrage after using woke bail reform group’s “safety tool” to free suspect in two murder cases


He and an 18-year-old accomplice, Anna Bella Dukes, have both been charged with murder, armed robbery, conspiracy, tampering with evidence and kidnapping after using a social media app to lure Otero’s brother as part of a robbery attempt. "...

APOLOGIES DUE: Now that mainstream media admits Covid vaccines are failing, where are all the apologies and retractions for false claims?


Whether a criminal is guilty of armed robbery, aggravated rape, arson, dealing experimental drugs or murder, the prison time can get lengthy, depending on how many “counts” they are found guilty of by judge and jury. "...

Armed citizen in OKC stops mass shooting with a concealed weapon, proving once again that armed citizens HALT violence


He was apparently shot-to-death by an armed citizen. Three citizens were injured, two of whom were shot. ... He was apparently shot-to-death by an armed citizen. Three citizens were injured, two of whom were shot. "...

Whole Foods store robbed at gunpoint for $60,000


Two robbers, armed with guns, were there waiting for the elevators doors to open. ... If someone is already going to commit an armed robbery, they aren't going to suddenly drop their guns because someone trashed the Second Amendment. "...

Refreshing rationality: Why NOT believing in conspiracies is a sure sign of mental retardation


Thus, when three hoodlums plan to rob the local Quickie Mart, they are engaged in a "conspiracy" and will likely be charged with a "conspiracy to commit armed robbery" in addition to the different crime of "armed robbery." "...

Violent crime in D.C. spikes by 40 percent in 2012


Finally, the "396 robberies citywide in January topped January robbery totals in any year from 2008 to 2011," the paper said. ... "Crime, whether it's petty theft or armed robbery, will not be tolerated in our city, period - no excuses." "...

Judge tosses lawsuit against FBI after bureau 'stole' millions in jewelry, cash from 1,400 safe deposit boxes


“This was the largest armed robbery in United States history, and it was committed by the FBI.” "...

Flash mob ransacks Sports Authority store; sign of things to come


"A close look at the robbery on Clark Street shows an employee who tries to intercede gets trampled," CBS Chicago reported. ... By the end of the night, 28 teens had been arrested on charges ranging from battery and strong armed robbery to reckless conduct. "...

BLM thug Marquise Love allegedly tried to murder a "racist" who was helping a transgender robbery victim


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Psychiatrist with a pistol ends patient's hospital shooting spree - man with gun saves lives


He reportedly had also served six years for an attempted armed robbery from a bank in Delaware County, where Darby is located. ... Questioning this incident without answers So here's a guy with a history of threatening others, of using a gun in a bank robbery, of abusing his wife mentally and physically before their divorce, and attempting suicide. "...

BLM screams "racism" when any black person is exposed for corruption, and if it's a female, then it's "sexism" too


It’s a reminder of the BLM riots America had to tolerate for two years, where they committed burglary, armed robbery, arson, rape, vandalism, and murder in the name of “equal rights” and restitution, and the mass media called it “peaceful protests.” "...

Los Angeles VA hospital lost 30 cars, then fired worker who reported it


For example, two felons work in management at the San Juan VA hospital , and a worker in the security office came to work each day with a GPS monitor because she had taken part in an armed robbery, which a spokesman said was irrelevant since it occurred off-duty. "...

Seattle is set to implode in a cauldron of violence and lawlessness as lunatic Leftists seek to abolish police and jails


The notion that touchy-feely ‘violence prevention’ people can successfully intervene in a violent criminal act (murder, bank robbery, strong-armed robbery, fighting with deadly weapons, etc.) is complete idiocy. "...