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World's longest living rats have 'extraordinary' resistance to cancer


But in NMRs, iPSCs don't cause tumors due to a special tumor-suppressor gene known as alternative reading frame, or ARF, that remains activated in NMRs. In humans and in other mice, ARF remains suppressed under normal conditions, altering the expression of these otherwise life-giving cells. "...

Could chronic jet lag increase your risk of cancer? Study on circadian rhythm finds a link between body clock disruption and how tumors form


They then observed the protein’s behavior when it reacts to two other proteins that are known to suppress cancer — INK4a and ARF. They found out that RAS, which controls cell multiplication, likewise controls the circadian cycle through INK4A and ARF. "...

Neonicotinoid pesticides not just a threat to bees; humans also at risk


The ADI and AOEL for acetamiprid should be cut by nearly 70 percent, say experts, while the ARfD should be cut by 75 percent. Similarly, the AOEL and ARfD for imidacloprid must both be cut by 25 percent in order to protect public health, the report explains. "...

EU Food Safety Authority admits glyphosate formulations are


It acknowledged the potential toxicity of glyphosate , setting an acute reference dose (ARfD) of 0.5 mg per kg of body weight for the chemical. This is the first time that any government has created an ARfD for glyphosate. An ARfD is the amount of a substance that can safely be consumed in food over a short time period, such as at one meal, or within one day. "...