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Steel giant ArcelorMittal forced to shut down two massive German steel facilities due to energy crisis


ArcelorMittal closures significantly reduced European steel capacity Without energy from Moscow, the ArcelorMittal facilities were heavily reliant on the weather – only operating when there was a sufficient amount of renewable energy on the grid. ... Bloomberg reported that European steel capacity has already been reduced by about 20 percent across the bloc, with ArcelorMittal causing most of the reductions. "...

World's largest steel manufacturer to shutter plants in Germany amid catastrophic energy crisis


Reiner Blaschek, CEO of ArcelorMittal Germany, the world’s largest steel manufacturer, would know. ... ArcelorMittal produces sponge iron inside its 60-meter tower – or at least it did up until October 1 “until further notice.” "...

Europe's top steel plants CLOSE due to "exorbitant rise in energy prices"


In a statement, ArcelorMittal indicated that the two plants being “partially closed” are located in the German cities of Bremen and Hamburg. ... “As an energy-intensive industry, we are extremely affected,” announced ArcelorMittal Germany CEO Reiner Blaschek. "...

The SHUTDOWNS continue in 2022: Aluminum, copper, iron, steel production being shuttered at alarming rate


. - ARCELORMITTAL SA, a formerly large Ukrainian steel plant, shuttered its operations in March after several foreign companies buckled under pressure to Russia’s invasion — rendering the steel plant uneconomical. - Liberty Steel’s mill at Rotherham in the U.K. could not keep up with rising electricity costs and had no choice but to stop production entirely. - The SALZGITTERAG Steel Producer in Germany significantly reduced its smelting operations in March at their Peine plant, laying off ...

New "iron-air" battery stores electricity for days by RUSTING


However, Form Energy said that ArcelorMittal would not be the exclusive supplier for these. ... ArcelorMittal Global Head of Research and Development Greg Ludkovsky lauded Form Energy for its development of long-duration, grid-scale battery storage solutions. "...

As energy costs soar, steel production in Europe on verge of collapse which will have catastrophic ripple effects across global economy


“Production in Germany is currently no longer competitive,” Reiner Blaschek, the CEO of ArcelorMittal Germany, which recently closed two plants in the country , ReMix reported. ... “Other industrial sectors are also having major problems,” the CEO of ArcelorMittal Germany added. "...

FORCE MAJEURE: Massive global shutdowns are now under way for METALS SMELTING operations covering iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc and STEEL


The Chinese-owned mine has been a flashpoint of protests and road blockades since it started functioning in 2016, with operations last suspended in December due to a similar blockade. https://www.reuters.com/business/mmg-may-halt-peru-las-bambas-mine-operations-by-feb-20-after-latest-blockade-2022-02-07/ Mar 03,2022, Ukraine ARCELORMITTAL SA Steel Plant Closure A giant Ukrainian steel mill owned by ArcelorMittal SA closed on Thursday, shutting one the country’s largest pieces of ...

Europe is in a DEINDUSTRIALIZATION SPIRAL due to ongoing energy crisis


Steel giant ArcelorMittal forced to shut down two massive German steel facilities due to energy crisis . "...

Canada says NO to guns but YES to drugs


Sources include: Law Enforcement Today.com BBC.com USA Today.com Brighteon.com Previous :Steel giant ArcelorMittal forced to shut down two massive German steel facilities due to energy crisis Next : Study: States that implemented COVID lockdowns suffered major ECONOMIC LOSSES - More news on addiction Canada says NO to guns but YES to drugs More children are now suffering from eye disease that commonly affects older adults Horse sedative street drug killing thousands in Philadelphia and other ...

Energy crisis forces Austria's only domestic salt manufacturer to cut production by 20%


More related stories: Steel giant ArcelorMittal forced to shut down two massive German steel facilities due to energy crisis . "...

Dirty bomb false flag event to IGNITE World War with Russia, but Europe and USA don't have enough functioning INDUSTRY to win a war


Aluminum operations are down more than 70%, and just this weekend, the largest steel manufacturer in the world — ArcelorMittal in Germany — is warning it will have to shut down for the same reason. From SlayNews.com : Reiner Blaschek, the CEO of ArcelorMittal Germany, warns that the German wing of the company can no longer compete due to soaring energy costs… Gas and electricity prices, which have soared in recent months due to sanctions and Russia’s decision to cut gas flows, have ...

Will the EU succeed in using hydrogen to decarbonize "heavy" industry?


Luxembourg-based steelmaker ArcelorMittal also has a number of decarbonization trials underway, including one that tests hydrogen’s ability to extract iron at its facility in Hamburg, Germany. "...

Form Energy CEO claims iron-air battery can "fully retire thermal assets like coal and natural gas"


(Related: Coastal town in Western Australia reaches 100% renewable energy milestone in demo. ) Also on Thursday, the startup company announced the $200 million funding round led by a strategic investment from steelmaking giant ArcelorMittal SA, one of the world’s leading iron-ore producers. "...