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Sandy Hook AR-15 hoax? Still no school surveillance footage released


Sandy Hook AR-15 hoax? Still no school surveillance footage released Monday, January 14, 2013 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) ... Answer: The AR-15 appears to have been left in his car and never even used in the shooting The real answer to all this - and this reveals the "Big Lie" of the mainstream media - is that the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle was left in Lanza's car. "...

141 House Republicans vow to challenge Biden ATF's unconstitutional targeting of AR-15 pistols


141 House Republicans vow to challenge Biden ATF’s unconstitutional targeting of AR-15 pistols Wednesday, June 23, 2021 by: JD Heyes AR pistol , ar-15 , atf , brace , criminals , firearms , government , gun rights , guns , Justice Department , regulation , Republicans , Second Amendment , self-defense , stabilizing brace Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/526488.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Regardless of what you ...

Antifa terrorists firebombed a government building with AR-15 "assault" weapons, but the mainstream media didn't say a word


Antifa terrorists firebombed a government building with AR-15 “assault” weapons, but the mainstream media didn’t say a word Sunday, July 21, 2019 by: Ethan Huff antifa , ar-15 , bias , Big Tech , Censorship , domestic terrorism , fascism , firebombing , hypocrisy , information control , Journalism , mainstream media , news media , Social media , terrorism , terrorists , thought control , violence Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews....

Watch as CHAZ "warlord" hands out AR-15s on video


Following this “transaction,” the presumably legal young man fumbles around with the AR-15 before the guy who handed it to him instructs him to “take the clip out and put it back in.” This is apparently all the firearms training that is necessary to use an AR-15 in the CHAZ. "...

Good man with an AR-15 rifle saves the life of a stabbing victim, but you won’t hear about it in the American Pravda media


Good man with an AR-15 rifle saves the life of a stabbing victim, but you won’t hear about it in the American Pravda media Thursday, March 01, 2018 by: JD Heyes ar-15 , guns , Illinois , protection , save lives , Second Amendment , self-defense , shootings , stabbing - (Natural News ) Anytime the so-called “mainstream media” does a story about an AR-15 rifle or similar firearm, you can bet a dollar to a donut it is going to be negative. ... Like ...

Revealed: IRS agents training with AR-15s to engage taxpayers at gunpoint


To hear the multitude of anti-Second Amendment types in the Obama Administration and scattered throughout out the federal law enforcement community, Joe and Jane American don't need a military look-alike, semi-automatic rifle. ... No one at the IRS has yet to offer a credible explanation as to why its code enforcement agents must be equipped with, and proficient in, the use of the AR-15 assault rifle (yes, "assault rifle," because the government's AR-15s are fully ...

Federal government declares AR-15s are not "weapons of war" as gun rights opponents frequently claim


Alan Grayson of Florida – claimed that an AR-15 can fire “700 rounds per minute.” ... The Democratic mayor of Nashville, speaking after a shooting that left four people dead at a Waffle House restaurant in the city, called the AR-15 used in the crime a “weapon of war.” "...

Video shows CHAZ warlord handing out AR-15s to youth… the insurgency is arming up (while CNN falsely claims no guns there)


Now, new video footage shows warlord Raz Simone handing out AR-15s to youth, who clearly don’t know how to properly handle a firearm. ... The terrorist group was caught on film recruiting their army and distributing AR-15s to young followers. "...

Company selling “Ghost Gunner” machine that allows you to build AR-15s in your own home hit by coronavirus-induced China supply line collapse


Company selling “Ghost Gunner” machine that allows you to build AR-15s in your own home hit by coronavirus-induced China supply line collapse Wednesday, March 04, 2020 by: JD Heyes 80 percent lower , ak-47 , ar-15 , China , coronavirus , Defense Distributed , delays , disruption , firearms , Gear , Ghost Gun 3 , guns , Second Amendment , self-reliance , spare parts , supply chain , supply lines , survival Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning....

Mike Adams shows how to transform a standard AR firearm into a single-shot rifle using the Kali Key


“What this product does is it takes your standard AR-15 and it replaces the bolt carrier group and charging handle. ... By turning an AR-15 system into a single shot rifle, Adams said it is now compliant in some jurisdictions to transport in a legal way. "...

Buffalo shooter chose his location based on one frightening fact that has nothing to do with race


Gendron also wrote that he obtained an illegal version of a Bushmaster X-15 AR-style rifle. ... Sources include: TheEpochTimes.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Mainstream media now covering for Nazi-affiliated Ukrainian military unit they once condemned Next : Democrats, Biden and left-wing media jumped all over the Buffalo shootings but ignored, downplayed Waukesha massacre over race - More news on ar-15 Buffalo shooter chose his location based on one frightening ...

The Boulder shooting smashed another liberal media narrative... and it was NBC News who stepped in it


Cue the calls for gun control, the demonization of the AR-15 and its variants, and the “fear the white man” narratives. "...

America is arming up: Record background checks recorded during first half of 2017


America is arming up: Record background checks recorded during first half of 2017 Monday, July 17, 2017 by: Jayson Veley background checks , Donald Trump , firearms , gun laws , Hillary Clinton , Second Amendment - (Natural News ) It’s always somewhat humorous when liberals try to argue that just about anyone can walk into a gun store and walk out five minutes later with an AR-15 just as easily as someone can walk into a 7-Eleven and walk out with a Mountain Dew. "...

Kyle Rittenhouse is an American HERO... finally someone stands up to BLM terror and shoots back in self-defense, taking out two BLM thugs


Using an AR-15 and his wits, he managed to shoot three of his attackers, killing two of them and saving his own life in the process. "...

Why did Uvalde police stand outside and do nothing while Texas shooter rampaged through Robb Elementary School?


Witness Juan Caranza, 24, who was at the scene as the crime was occurring, says he saw Ramos crash his vehicle and run into the school with an AR-15. "...

The answer to tyranny is suddenly obvious: 2A sanctuaries and armed militias in every county, every state across America


It brings to their twisted minds images of banjos and chew spit drool, long beards and camo-printed underwear, smoking hot AR-15s and rustic American flags. ... That’s up to you, but at the very least, you should buy a Ghost Gunner , make your own non-serialized AR-15s, and be ready to defend your nation against the demonic, lawless tyranny of the insane Left, which honors no civil liberties whatsoever. "...

The uprising begins: Ex-cop testifies before Congress, says "will not comply" with gun confiscation laws


They said that the differences between the AR-15 and weapons like it, and a standard semi-automatic hunting rifle are merely cosmetic. ... For example, a college student was able to scare off two armed burglars simply by holding up an unloaded AR-15 in 2013. "...

Labor Day exclusive discounts and coupon codes (from multiple online retailers) for readers and listeners


Use coupon code LABOR15 for 15% off site-wide, through Sep 10th. Kali Key – 15% off with code “ranger” The Kali Key company makes a drop-in replacement for your AR-15 BCG (bolt carrier group) that instantly converts your semi-auto rifle into a single-shot, bolt-action rifle. ... Use coupon code LaborDay2021 for 15% off site-wide at AR15parts.com Palmetto State Armory also running a Labor Day Sale on AR uppers and more… ...

Left-wing tech companies using economic terrorism and discrimination against firearms industry because they hate the Second Amendment


As reported by Ammoland , the latest is Salesforce, a Silicon Valley giant that is now demanding all clients using their cloud-based customer relationship management services stop selling popular AR-15 rifles (and other gun-related gear) or give up using their software. ... Ammoland noted that on February 15, 2018, he tweeted, “The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America. "...