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7 Reasons why you should start building an aquaponics garden now


An aquaponic garden is a self-sustaining system and a great choice for preppers. Whatever your objectives may be, running an aquaponic garden of your own can offer you tremendous benefits. "...

So what's vertical gardening all about? 13 Reasons to grow your vegetables in a vertical garden


Reasons to grow vertically So, why would you want to take advantage of growing a garden vertically, instead of in a traditional garden plot? ... Save space with a vertical garden, especially if you have no land or a very small yard. "...

Bringing back the hanging gardens of Babylon -- Indoor urban vertical farming; the next gardening venture for survival and the new agriculture


Indoor, organic urban farms growing food vertically using hydroponic and aquaponic principles, are sprouting around the country. ... Hardej had the vision as far back as 2008 to grow fresh, organic produce using aquaponic techniques, and no soil. "...

When the grocery store shelves are empty, this amazing Food Rising invention will keep you well fed and nourished


Many people are buying heirloom garden seeds in anticipation of a coming food crisis. ... And for many garden-grown foods, you'll use more calories growing them than those foods deliver. "...

Shanghai goes green: District with towering vertical farms may become a reality in the near future


Leafy greens like kale, bok choi, watercress and spinach make up a large part of the vegetables consumed by the Shanghainese on a daily basis; these same leafy greens do well in simple agricultural setups and require little attention to thrive, making them “an excellent choice for hydroponic and aquaponic growing systems.” ... Michael Grove, director of Sasaki’s Shanghai office, stated that the district may also have vertical aquaponic fish farms in the future. "...

Your path towards Food Freedom: Simple and cheap home gardening innovations


Tending to a home garden comes with a wide array of benefits; not only can the practice of gardening be therapeutic and rewarding, it can help bolster your food security and freedom. ... Further, aquaponic gardens can be designed to fit in virtually any space, indoors or outdoors. "...

How to grow food in a window sill, balcony or countertop: Amazing deals on urban preparedness seed and sprouting packs


So they need ways to grow food that don't require large yards or garden plots. We've got just the solution! ... Yep, we pay the shipping on all these urban garden kits. (Sorry, no sales outside the USA or Canada because other countries seize seeds as if they were more dangerous than drugs or something...) "...

Eleven revolutionary ways to celebrate your independence from the system on this July 4th


Better yet, build a small greenhouse and run an aquaponic system in there, producing both fish and plants at the same time. (I'm building an aquaponic system and will be sharing videos online soon). You could also go the traditional, simple route and till a garden in your back yard. "...

Clean and green - Inspiring urban farm grows an astonishing three tons of produce a year on a mere 1/10 of an acre


Over the course of several decades, the property was transformed into a self-sufficient garden of Eden, providing over 6,000 pounds of fresh produce annually using sustainable, eco-friendly practices. ... Bees are also kept as well as an aquaponic pond with tilapia fish. The homestead embraces the following practices: Garden: - Growing 99 percent of produce - Saving seeds - Companion planting - Intensive growing methods - Polyculture/intercropping - Composting Food - Handmade ...

Survival medicine: Use wild lettuce as a natural painkiller and sedative when SHTF


(Related: Learn how to grow these 8 medicinal plants in your indoor garden .) Here are some other things you must know if you want to grow your own wild lettuce: - While wild lettuce appreciates constant sunlight, it can tolerate some shade. If you grow them indoors, you can use reptile warming bulbs to provide enough UV light that the plant cannot get through glass and plastic. - If you are interested in trying out aquaponic or hydroponic growing systems, wild lettuce is a good ...

5 reasons why you’re totally crazy if you aren’t growing your own food


The Health Ranger notes that by using systems like the Mini-Farm Grow Box 2.0 and growing your own garden plot, you’ll be able to save as much as a couple hundred dollars per month, especially if you’re feeding a family. ... Unlike aquaponic and normal hydroponic systems, the Grow Box works in your absence — you don’t have to spend time fussing over your veggies because they grow on their own. "...

U.S. food prices rising 367% faster than inflation; chemical agriculture headed for catastrophic failure


As a bonus, the chickens eat all the grasshoppers and bugs that normally threaten a home garden. That's why smart home gardeners actually plan their gardens to be surrounded by free-range chickens that run free in a "buffer zone perimeter" that prevents bugs from reaching the garden. "...

Fabrication power to the People! Why no government can stop the 3D printing revolution


Need a hose mender for your garden hose? Don't drive to Home Depot to get it - just print it! ... I do plan to write about it and show videos, and I even hope to use 3D printing to help fabricate parts to be used in my aquaponic systems that are already under way (growing food and fish in a closed-loop system). "...

Multivitamin breakthrough delivers nutrients from food, not isolated chemicals; many multivitamins now obsolete


No vitamin, no matter how amazing, can replace real, fresh foods and superfoods you grown in your own garden or aquaponic system. "...

JB Bardot


Including a backyard water garden in your yard surrounded with colorful heirloom flowers, vegetables and fruits can increase your property value and provide you with an oasis of tranquility. ... Indoor, organic urban farms growing food vertically using hydroponic and aquaponic principles, are sprouting around the country. "...