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Chinese hacking group targets private companies, gov't agencies linked to wind farms


Another group called APT41 has also launched cyber espionage and cyber attacks against different entities. Back in May 2021, APT41 – which also goes by the names Winnti, BARIUM and Blackfly – hacked into the networks of at least six U.S. state governments. "...

Chinese hackers STEAL intellectual property from more than 30 companies


Chinese hacking group APT41 behind Operation CuckooBees According to researchers at the Boston-based cybersecurity firm, Chinese hacker collective APT41 was behind the intrusion. ... But prior to the discovery of Operation CuckooBees, APT41 beginning in May 2021. "...

Report: China HACKED networks of at least SIX state governments in 2021


Known for hacking for financial gain and espionage, APT41 instigated the intrusions at the behest of Beijing, the report added. ... APT41 continues to be undeterred by the Department of Justice (DOJ) indictment in September 2020,” it stated. "...

5 Chinese nationals charged with hacking more than 100 companies worldwide


On Wednesday, U.S. cybersecurity firm FireEye stated that APT41 was currently the most prolific Chinese hacking group it tracked. ... Hackers targeted several “high-value” targets According to prosecutors, APT41 deployed sophisticated techniques to hack into their victims’ networks. "...

Shocking survey shows women today generally support censorship and totalitarianism while men prefer free speech and liberty


It identified “the largest-ever gender gap in terms of political leanings: 41.1 percent of women, an all-time high, identified themselves as liberal or far left, compared to 28.9 percent of men.” ... Women apparently vote left because they “are less apt to approve of the use of force and the striking of hard bargains internationally, and more apt to approve of substantial concessions to preserve peace,” the paper added, against suggesting that all of this is true of Democrats....

How many of these vaccine facts do you know?


"On 20 and 22 October, 1948, a large number of babies and children in the city of Kyoto received their first injection of APT. ... (Jonas Salk, Science, March 4, 1977, p. 845) "By the (U.S.) government's own admission, there has been a 41% failure rate in persons who were previously vaccinated against the (measles) virus." "...

Low Vitamin D Linked to Dangerous Vaginal Infection in Pregnancy


A study just published in the Journal of Nutrition concludes that pregnant women with low levels of vitamin D are more apt to have an infection that can put the health and even the very life of their babies at risk - bacterial vaginosis (BV). ... Bodnar and her colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh's Magee-Womens Research Institute found that 41 percent of the study participants had BV - and an astounding 93 percent of the pregnant women with the infection were found to be ...

TSA news, articles and information:


.,... 5/11/2012 - The phrase, "bloated, broken bureaucracy" could apply to a number of federal government agencies, but without question there is no more apt description of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). ... According to reports, 41-year-old Scott Wilson had been working for the TSA at Baltimore - Washington... 12/29/2011 - Bound and determined to violate the Fourth amendment rights of as many Americans as possible and not satisfied with doing so merely at the ...