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Urgent: Democrats attempting to pass Food Safety Act by hiding it inside appropriations bill HR 3082


In a last-ditch effort to resurrect S.510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, House Democrats are effectively hiding approval of the bill inside another bill - HR 3082, an appropriations bill meant to fund the Department of Veterans Affairs. "...

While they scare you with "variants," Congress wants to make dietary supplements prescription only - TAKE ACTION NOW


Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is once again attempting to eliminate your freedom to access dietary supplements, this time by slipping his own hidden bill into the upcoming appropriations bill, which is expected to be voted on at some point next week. ... Be sure to sign the petition calling for Durbin’s bill to be shot down and removed from the upcoming appropriations bill. "...

'Monsanto Protection Act' to grant biotech industry total immunity over GM crops?


Peter DeFazio (D-Or.) introduces amendment to kill 'Monsanto Protection Act' According to the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations website, the 2013 Agriculture Appropriations Bill, with the Kingston rider, was already approved by the committee on June 19. ... Peter DeFazio (D-Or.) seeks to altogether eliminate the Kingston rider, which has now been dubbed by the health freedom community as the Monsanto Protection Act, from the 2013 Agriculture Appropriations ...

Oppose the GMO Riders: Must-pass 'fiscal cliff' bill could end up becoming 'Monsanto Protection Act'


The health freedom advocacy group Alliance for Natural Health - USA (ANH-USA) has issued a warning about the developing appropriations bill that Congress is currently working on to solve the fiscal cliff crisis, as it will more than likely contain special provisions for the biotechnology industry to continue thrusting genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) into the food supply with little or no resistance. ... Please take the time to tell Congress to OPPOSE any and all GMO Riders ...

Emergency federal spending bill contains hidden provisions of Monsanto Protection Act


But hiding in this upcoming appropriations bill is, you guessed it - the aptly named Monsanto Protection Act, in all its shameless atrocity. ... "The text of the bill the provision is tucked away in was released ... by House Appropriations Committee Chairman, and recipient of Monsanto campaign contributions in 2010 and 2012, Harold Rogers of Kentucky," writes Justin King for Digital Journal. "...

The 'Monsanto Rider': Are Biotech Companies About to Gain Immunity from Federal Law?


In other words, if this single line in the 90-page Agricultural Appropriations bill slips through, it's Independence Day for the biotech industry. ... This rider, quietly tacked onto an appropriations bill, is in effect a substantial amendment to USDA's governing statute for GE crops, the Plant Protection Act. "...

'Monsanto Protection Act' to be voted on by Congress - take action now to fight back against biotech tyranny


Congress is right now moving forward with the passage of the 2013 Agricultural Appropriations Bill (AAB), also known as H.R. 5973, which currently contains an added "rider" that would allow agricultural biotechnology corporations like Monsanto to bypass the legal system in approving, growing and selling illegal genetically-modified (GM) seeds and crops. Dubbed the Monsanto Protection Act by an unofficial cohort of family-scale farmers and health freedom advocates, the so-called ...

GMO labeling initiative continues full-speed ahead toward victory: How are you supporting the movement?


This is perhaps part of the reason why the Senate Appropriations Committee recently broke the status quo by actually moving forward with a bill to fund the labeling of GM salmon, should the U.S. ... One of the most recent signs of positive progress was the Senate Appropriations Committee's passage of an amendment to the 2014 Agriculture Appropriations Bill that would furnish the FDA with $150,000 to spend on labeling for GM salmon. "...

House votes to prohibit DEA from spending funds to target medical marijuana patients and providers


HR 4660 is a 2015 fiscal year appropriations bill for funding the Departments of Justice, Commerce and Science, and related agencies. ... One of the other representatives who co-sponsored the appropriations amendment, Rep. "...

Obama White House OKs legislation allowing military to arrest, detain terror suspects on U.S. soil


Both Congress and the White House are signing off on new defense appropriations legislation which contains a provision permitting the U.S. military to arrest terrorism suspects on American soil , then detain them indefinitely. ... "We have concluded that the language [in the appropriations bill] does not challenge or constrain the President's ability to collect intelligence, incapacitate dangerous terrorists, and protect the American people, and the President's senior advisors ...

Classified UFO info must be disclosed within 6 months according to newly signed bill


Bill seeks detailed report on UFOs The omnibus appropriations legislation includes the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 (IAA). ... Pentagon spokesperson Sue Gough also confirmed that the provision is part of the appropriations bill, noting the department is aware that the Senate Intelligence Committee required the disclosure of UAPs. "...

Three out of four Americans want to end medical marijuana raids


In a effort to stop this tyranny, a bipartisan effort has been launched in the form of an amendment to H.R. 5326, a key appropriations bill that recently passed the U.S. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Medical marijuana at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on medical marijuana ASA sues Obama Administration for interfering with state, local medical marijuana laws Medical marijuana victories sweep America as 4 states leap ahead ...

The deep state is planning to cut off health coverage for people with "wrong" beliefs


House of Representatives and the Senate have struck a funding prohibition out of the proposed appropriations bill to advance a government that will identify and track every patient through the health care system,” the letter further explains. ... “Bill Gates has already sold the DNA of everyone tested with the PCR to China (he probably kept a copy for himself) and the jab has made you identifiable and scannable through the nanobots that were in the death shots.” "...

Collapsing oil prices to slow green revolution as energy costs plummet


For one, American motorists - the world's largest consumers of oil and gasoline - have adapted their driving habits to offset high gas prices by merely driving less and by purchasing more fuel-efficient vehicles (two factors that have also contributed to a dearth of gasoline taxes that make up the annual highway and transportation funding appropriations bill). "...

Congressman secretly forced EPA to lift ban on deadly weedkillers made with heavy metal arsenic


"Simpson acknowledged that he inserted language into a report attached to an appropriations bill, and that effectively forced the EPA to lift a ban on the weed killers," explained Rebecca Williams for Michigan Radio, noting that an industry lobbyist working on behalf of two companies that sell arsenic-containing weed killers persuaded Simpson to turn against his constituents. "...

Conflicts of interest at the FDA are rampant and largely ignored


On May 9 of 2006, less than two weeks after the Public Citizen study was published in the April 26 issue of JAMA, the House Appropriations Committee approved Rep. Hinchey's proposed amendment to the Agriculture, Rural Development, FDA and Related Agencies Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2007. "...

Food companies attempting to work around the Freedom of Information Act


They are working hard, trying to get wording included in the 2017 House Agricultural Appropriations Bill that encourages the USDA to allow them to ignore the FOIA. "...

Private household wells heavily contaminated with arsenic in Texas, Michigan, California, Idaho, Arizona and more


According to David Heath of the Center for Public Integrity, an investigation has revealed that a lobbyist for two companies that make arsenic-containing herbicides successfully persuaded Congressman Mike Simpson of Idaho to insert language into an appropriations bill to prevent the EPA from finalizing the report and taking action against those products. "...

How the US govt faked a pandemic in 1976


A hearing was held before the United States Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies, and C. ... The House Appropriations Committee reported out a special appropriations bill, including $135 million for the swine flu vaccination program, which was approved on April 5. "...

The forgotten veterans: Why are so many soldiers relying on food stamps just to survive?


A measure added to the 2016 Defense Appropriations bill seeks to encourage data-sharing between the USDA and the Pentagon, in order to address the issue. "...