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There's no "I" in TEAM: How to boost team performance in the workplace


Enforce consistent performance appraisals Schedule regular appraisals to assess employees’ overall performance and contribution toward the company’s success. ... Regular appraisals offer many benefits, such as: - Improving morale level and teamwork - Giving employees a fair assessment - Increasing workers’ job satisfaction - Identifying areas where business lags Train, retrain and promote Change is constant in a developing world, but training can help prepare employees ...

Citigroup whistleblower awarded $31 million after exposing lending fraud


The mortgages had to have properly signed paperwork, verifiable borrower income and realistic appraisals," said the magazine. ... By 2006, the bank was buying bad paper: mortgages from outside lenders containing doctored paperwork, missing signatures, bogus appraisals. "...

Cooking oil's price surge signals worsening global food inflation


Heat and drought have led to repeated reductions in appraisals for soybean crops in Brazil and Argentina. "...

Realtor.com censors crime map on its database in "an effort to avoid penalizing Black and Latino communities"


Others include incentivizing agents to represent properties valued at $150,000 and lower, and improving transparency and education to remove bias from appraisals and lending. > > “We cannot let more years go by and accept the same inequities to persist in our industry,” Doctorow said. "...

The secret to happiness is gratefulness and appreciation, scientists conclude


The researchers confirmed, "People who pursue happiness through material gain tend to feel worse, and this is related to negative appraisals of their satisfaction with life." "...

Power With Nature: Solar and Wind Energy Demystified


That makes for more useful descriptions of how to do stuff, and more honest appraisals of whether you need to. "...

What most preppers forget: How to disaster-proof your important documents


Secure these important documents against disasters Your important documents can be divided into six categories: - Identifiers — Church documents like minister’s license or patriarchal blessing; driver’s license; list of items in your wallet; passport; Social Security card or proof of citizenship; state-certified documents like birth and marriage certificates, car titles, and home deed - Estate Planning — Court rulings; emergency contacts directory; prepaid funeral and burial arrangements; organ donation; ...

It May be Nit-picking but is the News Monkeying with Our Mental Health?


Appraisals of these interesting observations were subsequently perverted to the needs of the news media as being indicative of the macaques "paying for sex". "...

From UK troll farms to covert psyops: The troubling past of Nina Jankowicz


One leaked file offers appraisals of 56 organizations identified by the Foreign Office as potential network members, including OIP founder Bellingcat. "...