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Texas Senate passes bill protecting users from Big Tech political censorship


Texas Senate passes bill protecting users from Big Tech political censorship Tuesday, April 06, 2021 by: Ramon Tomey appeals procedure , banned , Big Tech , Bryan Hughes , Censored , content moderation , Facebook , First Amendment , free speech , freedom , internet censorship , Liberty , political censorship , Senate Bill 12 , social media platforms , tech giants , Texas , Twitter , YouTube Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/508659.html Copy URL ...

Mark Zuckerberg proposes a “Facebook Supreme Court” to “rule” on hate speech: More censorship ahead


Mark Zuckerberg proposes a “Facebook Supreme Court” to “rule” on hate speech: More censorship ahead Thursday, April 05, 2018 by: JD Heyes appeals process , Censorship , content , Facebook , free speech , Google , mark zuckerberg , online censorship , posts , Social media , speech , Supreme Court - (Natural News ) Embattled Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who appears to be in a race with Google to see who can ban conservatives the fastest, now wants to create a “Supreme Court” ...

Soon U.S. Citizens Must Ask for Government Permission to Fly or Travel


Under the proposed Secure Flight Program, this procedure would also be required on domestic flights. ... The association has expressed concern that there is no clear appeals process for passengers denied boarding or continually forced to undergo enhanced security screening. "...

Thousands who signed up with Healthcare.gov encounter errors that cannot be fixed


"CMS is working to fully implement an automated appeals system. Until we have that functionality, we are putting in place a manual review process wherever possible and expect hearings to begin soon," the agency said, in a statement. "In the meantime, CMS is reaching out to these consumers to provide assistance so they can successfully complete their application without the need to complete the appeals process." "...

VICTORY: Court says Monsanto showed "willful" disregard for human safety with Roundup, implicates Bayer for selling cancer-causing glyphosate


The appeals court, however, sided with the plaintiffs and against Monsanto. Monsanto lied about first court case during appeals process The appeals court also pointed out that there is substantial evidence to show that Monsanto acted with a “willful and conscious disregard for the safety of others” with regard to Roundup (glyphosate). ... Further, Monsanto lied about the first trial during the appeals court trial, completely misrepresenting what occurred....

Children of welfare recipients more likely to become dependent on government handouts


"Critical to the analysis-and being able to get at causation and not just correlation-is that these appeals claims are randomly assigned. ... The study's results led researchers to conclude that, when parents were granted benefits during the appeals process because they were able to sit before a more lenient court, the probability of their children subsequently applying for disability insurance rose 6 percent over the next five years; over the next decade, it rose by 12 ...

Forty-seven TSA workers suspended for running illegal gambling ring on the job at Pittsburgh airport


What's more, depending on the outcome of the TSA's "appeals process," agency brass may have to let the employees off the hook. ... Before they are formally terminated or suspended, each employee is granted an official appeal process. "...

Courts rule Philadelphia man must pay $280,000 that he does not owe


The Philly man's saga demonstrates just how complex the tax appeals system has become in the state, as well as how tough it can be to navigate it - and the consequences of not doing so correctly, as well as disobeying court orders. Basically "just makes them up" Initially, the report said, Lerner tried to address the appeals process without a lawyer - a near-impossibility these days for most people because of the overly bureaucratic tax system - after the city filed a complaint ...

Chauvin guilty verdict completes the total collapse of law, order, and due process in Biden's America


Washington Post Barring a miracle in the appeals process, Chauvin will spend decades if not the rest of his life in prison. ... Mob rule has taken over in America, which means that law and order is dead, and the Constitutional right to due process has been shredded beyond recognition. "...

US Justice Department says book, Freedom!, 'poses a threat to security' and 'good order'


The letter further states that there is an appeals process, and Kokesh said he plans to utilize it. "...

Texas AG Ken Paxton: Twitter, Facebook, Google and other Big Tech corporations need to be regulated like utility companies


The state senator said his bill will provide Texans with a legal option they can pursue rather than depending on the appeals process of the websites. These currently do not give Texans a lot of power in the process of retrieving their social media accounts. "...

Federal courts obstructing BP lawsuit: Evidence proven


Johnson explains: According to the Federal Rules of Appeals Procedure (F.R.A.P.), there is a time limit for every motion and response. "...

Facebook de-platformed ex-employee for questioning Black Lives Matter narrative


“For 10 years I said all great things and then one time I say something that you may not necessarily like, you disable my entire account and I lose access to all the past 10 years information and there’s no explanation, no customer service, and not much an appeals process,” Shyu said. "...

Freedom in America now lost as judge rules NSA spying on all your phone calls is legal and justified


If the split in rulings continues through the appeals process, it is likely the Supreme Court will have to decide the issue. "...

The 'cancel culture' is losing its mind


As he explained, “… just because you didn’t like something I said… for 10 years I said all great things and then one time I say something that you may not necessarily like, you disable my entire account and I lose access to all the past 10 years information… and there’s no explanation, no customer service, and not much [of] an appeals process.” "...

Tech giants pushing for "centralized censorship" to activate coordinated, universal blocking of ALL videos and articles questioning official narratives


Even worse, there’s no audit or appeals process to challenge this ever-expanding censorship. "...

What's Really in Obama's Health Care Reform Bill - A Plain English Translation


• Page 30: A government committee will decide what treatments and benefits you get (and, unlike an insurer, there will be no appeals process) • Page 42: The "Health Choices Commissioner" will decide health benefits for you. "...

Court orders EPA to reassess glyphosate's impact on human health and the environment


In a 3-0 decision, the federal appeals court ruled that the EPA did not adequately evaluate the potential impact of glyphosate on human health and endangered species when it reauthorized the use of the product in January 2020. ... “Because of this lawsuit, the agency’s obstruction of the regulatory process will not be allowed to stand.” "...

Two Utah moms file open records requests on election records – State Lt. Gov. tips off reporter, blocks them from access, and Feds are called in


Once the County’s Chief Administrative Officer of Appeals got involved, she said “the fees are excessive”. ... The county then demanded an astronomical fee of $9,489 to process the records. After many appeals steps Jen got the fee lowered this to $1,663. "...

The Depp trial and the demise of the ACLU: How a celebrity trial exposed the collapse of a once celebrated group


I have long been a critic of the rollback on due process on our campuses and noted the absence of the ACLU in leading this fight. The ACLU sounded much like its historic opponents in decrying the scourge of too much due process as inhibiting greater enforcement. "...