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Walmart cancels billions in orders to align inventory with plummeting consumer demand


Visit SupplyChainWarning.com for more stories about how inflation is affecting companies like Walmart. Watch this Fox Business report for more information on the supply chain crisis in the United States . "...

Children's clothing found loaded with endocrine-disrupting chemicals


Three major clothing lines based in Sweden and Norway are selling products that contain toxic chemicals, reported NewsinEnglish.no. ... The Detox Campaign , which focuses on pressuring major clothing brands to commit to using zero dangerous chemicals in their products by 2020, found the following brands to contain similar harmful substances: Adidas, American Apparel, Burberry, C&A, Disney, GAP, Li-Ning, Nike, Primark, Puma and Uniqlo. "...

Biden's economic policies and inflation are tanking tech IPOs like Rivian, Robinhood


Purposefully jacking up the prices of everything from gas to electricity to food and clothing and housing also puts a massive strain on household budgets. ... County to close largest jail, releasing 900 mentally ill criminals onto the streets Next : Finnish MP quotes Bible in pushback against church LGBTQ event, now facing criminal charges - More news on Biden economy Biden’s economic policies and inflation are tanking tech IPOs like Rivian, Robinhood Pain in the pocketbook: Inflation worsened ...

Swiss fashion company creates 100% compostable clothes


From there, it sources other biodegradable materials for other portions of its apparel. ... According to Isenegger, the company spent five years setting up their own sustainable textile supply chain. "...

US companies relying on American-made products and raw materials are THRIVING during supply chain crisis


Bayard Winthrop, president, founder and CEO of apparel manufacturer and retailer American Giant, explained in an interview with Business Insider that his company did not have any supply shortages during the holiday season because he is close to nearly every aspect of his company’s supply chain . ... Learn more about the ongoing supply chain crisis in the United States at SupplyChainWarning.com . "...

Yoga pants and other popular clothing may be key source of seafood contamination


According to some experts, these fibers could be poisoning our waterways and food chain on a massive scale. ... These microbeads were recently banned in the United States because they have the potential to poison the environment and our food chain. "...

Feces and body fluids detected on new clothes bought in stores


The television program hired microbiologist Philip Tierno of New York University to culture 14 articles clothing purchased from three different high- and low-end chain stores in New York City. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Clothing at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on clothing Greenpeace finds highly toxic chemicals in branded clothing New 'Stealth Wear' clothing collection protects wearers ...

Minimizing fibers used in synthetic fabrics can reduce plastic pollution and save marine life


The concentration levels of these chemicals increase as they travel up the food chain. ... Clothing manufacturers should refrain from using synthetic fabrics that drop microfibers. "...

Supply chain disruptions persist in Vietnam months after end of COVID-19 shutdowns


These delays pose global risks for sourcing goods like apparel and furniture, as well as innovation, as the country aims to move up the value chain. ... Read more articles about the global supply chain crisis at SupplyChainWarning.com . "...

'Retail tsunami' of bankruptcies and closings now sweeping America


Also, the company plans to shutter an entire chain that it owns, Gilly Hicks, which has about 20 stores. ... -Loehmann's: This entire chain of discount clothing stores in the New York City region has ceased physical retail operations. "...

Food inflation in Biden's economy will continue to rise into the foreseeable future as supply chain collapse worsens


You may have heard that inflation has skyrocketed under the Biden regime, due in part to supply chain issues from China, but also because of the faux president’s economic policies. ... Supply chain analysts say the closures “are likely to further delay shipments and damage global supply chains” as no relief in logistics is on the horizon. "...

Drought conditions causing surge in cotton prices, raising fears clothes could become more expensive


More related stories: US companies relying on American-made products and raw materials are THRIVING during supply chain crisis . ... Report warns that supply chain backlogs might never let up . Leftists declare COTTON to be “racist” and call for ban on cotton products, including underwear, jeans and T-shirts . "...

Amazon now looking to put clothing retailers out of business with new "Prime wardrobe" service


Do consumers really want to do the same thing with clothing? Amazon is already facing antitrust accusations over this deal as federal authorities mull over the company’s predatory tactics in swallowing up entire industries – supply chain and all. ... It controls 74 percent of e-book sales, is the largest seller of clothes online and is set to soon become the biggest apparel retailer in the country.” "...

Walgreens begins rationing baby formula amid worsening supply chain crunch, forcing new parents to scramble


On Friday, the second-largest pharmacy chain retailer in the U.S., behind CVS, said that as the supply chain crisis deepens, customers are being limited to three infant and toddler formula product purchases at a time at all 9,021 locations around the country. ... The Daily Mail adds: The shortage is being blamed on pandemic-related supply chain issues — which has spawned a backlog of billions of dollars of toys, clothing, electronics, vehicles, and furniture over ...

Greenpeace finds highly toxic chemicals in branded clothing


Earlier this week Greenpeace announced at the launch of its report "Dirty Laundry 2" that traces of toxic chemicals have been detected in products made by 14 big brand top clothing manufacturers. ... The alarming truth about clothing factories In the past, Greenpeace became concerned by the amount of water used to make the majority of our clothing. "...

Do your favorite foods contain chitin, a substance derived from the exoskeletons of INSECTS?


Chitin is even sprayed on clothing to provide antimicrobial protection, as well as in textile material to keep it from breaking during the weaving process. ... Check out the NASTY ingredients in Beyond Meat burgers Dutch government’s new climate agenda will force thousands of farmers out of business and destroy Europe’s food supply chain Schools in Dutch province serving INSECTS to students Alaska’s snow crab season CANCELED due to population crash; lying media blames “climate change” ...

Do You Know What Toxic Chemicals Lurk in Your Clothing?


A growing number of parents are demanding organic cotton clothing and diapers for their babies. ... Yet US laws require flame retardants be applied to many kinds of children's clothing. "...

Do You Know What Toxic Chemicals Lurk in Your Clothing?


A growing number of parents are demanding organic cotton clothing and diapers for their babies. ... Yet US laws require flame retardants be applied to many kinds of children's clothing. "...

China's perpetual lockdown of major port city Shanghai brings supply chain to brink of collapse, but that may be the plan


“Growing lockdowns in China have me believing more and more that the country isn’t exactly crestfallen about the supply chain crisis it is creating for the rest of the world,” the writer says. ... This is before much of the world has failed to fully recover from those initial shortages, which means the current supply chain crunch is only going to get worse, and yes, that’s very possible. "...

SUPPLY CHAIN PAIN: Shoppers see record number of out-of-stock messages as they scan retail websites


Transportation secretary: Supply chain problems will persist for months Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg admitted that the supply chain problems will persist for months . ... The credit rating agency said there are dark clouds ahead for the global supply chain as there is no clear solution to work out kinks between subsections of the supply chain around the world. "...