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Bush Administration blocks scientific report on global warming


Bush Administration blocks scientific report on global warming Thursday, September"...

Bush administration censored global warming research, say scientists


Bush administration censored global warming research, say scientists Thursday, November"...

COVID-19 pandemic a shameful disaster, says leading immunologist


expressed their skepticism of the Biden administration’s legal power to mandate large employers"...

REPORT: Reducing global plastic pollution would require halting plastic production, improving waste management, participating in cleanups


plastic production, improving waste management, participating in cleanups Monday, September"...

Monopoly prescription drug racket goes global with push from Bush administration, pharmaceutical companies


prescription drug racket goes global with push from Bush administration, pharmaceutical companies"...

FTX collapse fallout: Crypto brokerage firm Genesis warns of possible bankruptcy


Binance and private equity giant Apollo Global Management. According to sources that spoke"...

Corporate America reports biggest slump in profits in years, a sign that recession may just be months away


economist for private equity firm Apollo Global Management. Learn more about the collapse"...

Virgin Islands AG fired three days after suing JPMorgan over Jeffrey Epstein


previously served as CEO of Apollo Global Management before his relationship with"...

Used car prices drop 14.2% due to influx of new cars, higher borrowing costs


lenders, which include PIMCO and Apollo Global Management, hold around $4 billion of the"...

NO WARMING AT ALL: Global COOLING continues for eighth straight year, according to NOAA data


Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there . Instead, global COOLING continues"...

These 150-plus multinational corporations have CEOs demanding that Biden be made president immediately


James Zelter, Co-President, Apollo Global Management, Inc. John Zimmer, Co-Founder"...

FDA admits five patients now KILLED by anti-obesity surgical balloon surgery


among users. Four of the patients used Apollo Endo Surgery’s Orbera balloon. The saline-filled"...

Bart Sibrel tells Mike Adams: NASA faked and lied about moon landing


many live broadcast elements during the Apollo missions. The and writer said he was"...

Coming economic collapse will be used to close banks and introduce central bank digital currencies


wealth management firm in Geneva, Switzerland. He warned that this coming global financial"...

Bart Sibrel presents evidence claiming NASA faked the moon landings


evidence of the actual location of the Apollo 11 “moon landing” filmed in June 1968"...

The "first worldwide global revolution" is now underway, says financial author Bob Moriarty


manager Paul Singer, the head of Elliott Management Corporation, recently warned in mainstream"...

World Wildlife Fund scientist offers the worst hurricane advice ever, calling for "vaccine logic" to tame flood waters while ignoring mass vaccine DEATHS


“vaccine thinking” for flood management the global lead freshwater scientist at"...

TAKING OUT THE TRASH: Elon Musk's effort to completely remake Twitter takes a huge step forward as another round of mass departures takes place


another giant step in that direction late this week. “In response to Musk’s demand for"...

The vast majority of pharmacology, psychiatry, vaccine science and published research is a complete fraud


went to extraordinary lengths to fake Apollo broadcasts, falsely claiming they were"...

Survey: 79% of Americans NOT satisfied with the way things are going in the US


say they are satisfied. Consulting and global research firm Gallup released last week"...