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BREAKING: CDC creating secret national database of households with unvaccinated children... hear the recording... plan to medically KIDNAP all unvaxxed kids?


Friday, August 13, 2021 by: Mike Adams CDC , Child abuse , children , concentration camps , covid camps , demonic , evil , green zones , human rights , human trafficking , Immunizations , Medical Kidnapping , NORC , Orwellian , phone survey , prison camps , Twisted , vaccine wars , vaccines Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/544339.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The corrupt CDC, which has outlined a plan to set up covid internment camps in every ...

CDC now calling U.S. households and demanding child immunization records as part of vaccine surveillance and tracking program


As part of what it deems a National Immunization Survey (NIS), the CDC is sending letters to U.S. households, alerting them that they will be called by "NORC at the University of Chicago" and that households should "have your child's immunization records handy when answering our questions." ... Ties to the military industrial complex Under a heading called "Advances in Survey Research," NORC adds something that should raise some red flags among privacy advocates, ...

Even under Obamacare, most insured people can't handle medical costs


But now, the AP reported, they are also becoming standard fare within the new health insurance exchanges created by the law. ... The AP said he bought a plan that comes with a $6,000 deductible through the federal Healthcare.gov exchange last year. "...

Fact-check of Bernie Sanders’ claims that Americans are in RUSH to adopt his single-payer system reveals they’re actually NOT


For instance, respondents were more or less divided evenly in an AP-NORC Center survey in January; 39 percent were opposed to having all Americans purchase insurance through the government, while 38 percent were in favor. ... In his Times piece, Sanders cited an Economist/YouGov survey in April that said a clear majority 60-23 percent — support his socialized medicine plan. "...

Only 6% of Americans trust the mainstream media: All the lies about vaccines, GMOs and false economic statistics are finally sinking in


In fact, the AP reports that only 6 percent of people say that they have a lot of confidence in the media. ... The public editor of The New York Times, Margaret Sullivan, told the AP that accuracy needs to trump everything else, even the desire to be the first to publish a particular news piece. "...

Americans are losing recent wage gains due to inflation surge


Polls find Americans have a bleak outlook on the economy A recent survey of inflation expectations from the New York Federal Reserve found that consumers are expecting to see inflation run at a pace of 5.7 percent over the next year, which is the highest pace ever seen since the data started being recorded in 2013. Meanwhile, in a poll from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 6 out of 10 Americans called the current economy “poor.” "...

Social media is creating young criminals: Violent crimes by children are often sparked by interactions on social media, watchdog group warns


Social media use up among teens, reports show Data from the UBS Evidence Lab survey shows that 65 percent of teens used Facebook on a daily basis in November 2016, up from only 59 percent in November 2014. Likewise, the survey revealed that one in three teens polled have reported an increase in Facebook use, while a similar number are expecting to spend the same amount of time on the social media website. "...

Obamacare is now so bad that nearly HALF of all Americans aren’t even going to their doctor — even when they’re sick


A recently-released survey from the West Health Institute and NORC at the University of Chicago found that 47 percent of respondents said over the past 12 months they elected not to see a doctor or dentist because they could not afford it. ... The survey included only respondents who said they are insured; some two-thirds said they had private health insurance, while 27 percent said they were covered by Medicare. "...

Hospitals see spike in drug prices 'that often have nothing to do with improving patient health'


The report, which was conducted by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the behest of the two hospital associations, found that inpatient hospital drug costs increased more than 38 percent per admission between 2013 and 2015. ... Drug price hikes put hospitals in "an impossible bind" More than 90 percent of the hospitals involved in the survey reported that drug price increases had a "moderate to severe impact on their ability to manage hospital budgets." "...

A majority of Americans are "anti-vaxxers"?


Well, an official NBC News Survey by Hart Research found that 50% of American adults opposed “requiring that everyone who is now eligible must get a COVID-19 vaccine.” ... Angry former Florida congressional candidate Richard Rowe dies from covid “vaccines” just days after insinuating he wanted “anti-vaxxers” to die Daily Mail Australia editor Barclay Crawford admits to directing his writing staff to ridicule “anti-vaxxers” EXCLUSIVE: Deep state planning false flag attack in order to blame ...

Shock poll: 4 out of 5 U.S. adults experience poverty, joblessness


In particular, according to the AP survey, economic hardship is particularly on the rise among whites, "based on several measures." ... And in a recent survey, a commanding majority - 63 percent - now describe the economy as "poor." "...



. - Views January 21, 2022 - News Editors LIARS: AP slammed for saying anti-CRT bill prohibits ‘making Whites feel discomfort’ Natural News ) Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pushed for lawmakers to pass the legislation earlier this month, calling critical race theory “crap.” ... Robert Malone predicts Great Awakening in response to Great Reset - Views Shocking survey shows women today generally support censorship and totalitarianism while men prefer free speech and liberty - Views ...

Americans finally waking up and realizing government agencies can't save them


"Maybe a public buffeted by partisan rhetoric and nonstop news should be used to this by now," the AP reported. ... Gostin, an expert on health law and policy at Georgetown University, told the AP. "...

Associated Press pushes pro-war propaganda with deceptive drone strike poll


Is the AP covering for Obama? Moreover, The Intercept observes that perhaps the AP's own reporters are not buying into what they're reporting. ... In the same survey, AP reported that more than four in ten - or 43 percent - of people who said they favored using drones or at least did not oppose using them, "said it's unacceptable to use drones if innocent Americans could be killed." "...

Antibiotics, other drugs found in drinking water as one state hands out prescription drug disposal kits


Grumbles, assistant administrator for water at the Environmental Protection Agency , told the AP. ... Officials believe that the situation nationwide is likely far worse, the AP noted. "...

Hospitals Flush 250 Million Pounds of Expired Drugs Into Public Sewers Every Year


In order to construct an estimate, AP investigators extrapolated from a survey of 14 urban and rural Minnesota hospitals. ... A 2006 survey by a water company of 45 long-term care centers found that roughly two-thirds of drug waste was disposed of through the sewer system. "...

Exclusive: Over 50% of voters in new poll say Big Tech interfered in 2020 election


Americans’ reactions to the social media censorship were part of the National Omnibus survey of 1,000 voters , and the findings spoke volumes. ... This national survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted on October 14-18, 2021. "...

Americans are most worried about water pollution, survey reveals


These survey results are the latest data points in over two decades of tracking worry over these environmental problems among Americans. ... Water pollution emerges as top environmental concern The latest survey results show significantly lower levels of worry on all six issues than in 2000. "...

Brazil's massive protest is a citizens' revolt against Big Government


"It's not clear that will calm the country, though, because the protests have released a seething litany of discontent from Brazilians over life's struggles," AP reported. ... Per the AP: Yet public services such as schools are in sorry shape. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development found in a 2009 educational survey that literacy and math skills of Brazilian 15-year-olds ranked 53rd out of 65 countries, behind nations such as Bulgaria, Mexico, Turkey, ...

Hospitals news, articles and information:


The report, which was conducted by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC)... ... Small clusters of Ebola would completely overwhelm US hospitals - AP investigation 11/3/2014 - An assessment of the state of American healthcare compiled by The Associated Press (AP) has revealed that the nation is ill-prepared to deal with a large-scale Ebola outbreak. "...