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Post-trial, AP coverage of Rittenhouse worsens


Instead, AP sides with the mob. Then again, AP should have played it straight in covering the trial. ... AP is fanning the flames of racial division in the United States at a time when the races have never been more united. "...

AP photojournalist found to have history of anti-Semitism


They also obtained a statement from AP, which read: “AP condemns antisemitism and all forms of discrimination. ... See here: https://www.ap.org/about/news-values-and-principles/downloads/ap-news-values-and-principles.pdf And here: https://www.ap.org/assets/documents/social-media-guidelines_tcm28-9832.pdf AP was unaware of such tweets, which were sent prior to his joining AP, but as soon as we became aware we took steps to ensure they ...

AP fires journalist who caused global panic with inaccurate news alert claiming Russia fired missiles into Poland


Those fears were heightened when the AP issued a news alert with investigative reporter John LaPorta’s story claiming Russia was responsible, citing an . ... Confusion at AP about who approved source cited in story John Leicester, who also had a byline in the article, is still working for The Associated Press. "...

AP forced to issue correction on fake news about ivermectin


From the AP : “In an article published Aug. 23, 2021, about people taking livestock medicine to try to treat coronavirus, The Associated Press erroneously reported based on information provided by the Mississippi Department of Health that 70% of recent calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center were from people who had ingested ivermectin to try to treat COVID-19. ... Paul says ‘Fauci lied again’; lying to Congress could result in jail time - More news on AP CNN, CNBC and AP ...

AP investigation: US hospitals nowhere near ready for Ebola


An Associated Press (AP) investigation found that, generally speaking, the American healthcare infrastructure would likely collapse in the event of even a moderate Ebola outbreak, stressing the need for better preparedness. Reporters from the AP conducted surveys to assess the sentiment among healthcare workers about how prepared their hospitals are for Ebola, and how they personally feel about the disease. "...

AP declares mistreatment of Jan 6th prisoners as a 'conspiracy theory'


@DavidKlepper , how did this pass the quality check for fact checking at AP? > > Claim: Jailed Jan. 6 riot suspects are mistreated. > > Klepper: False. ... Authorities have said the suspects in custody are being given the same access to food and medical care as any other inmate,” the AP declares. "...

AP article filled with outright lies & ad hominem attacks


The title of the AP article is highly biased as it contains a misleading term – “vaccine disinformation.” ... Smith (@MRSmithAP) May 13, 2021 Also, below is her publicly-available contact information published on the internet. "...

Fact checking the fact checkers: Debunking AP's '2000 Mules' hit piece


Of course, the PolitiFact and AP pieces are nearly identical, almost as if they were coordinated. ... According to the AP, though, the “mules” were just wearing gloves because it was cold out. "...

AP says government's mistreatment of Jan. 6 prisoners is just a "conspiracy theory"


“[H]ow did this pass the quality check for fact checking at AP?” asked independent reporter Andy Ngô in a tweet. ... Another described the AP as “lying, ludicrous, licentious leeches” with “zero credibility” – “just like CNN.” "...

Packing the Supreme Court with six new justices will "depoliticize" it, says AP


Is the AP working with Democrats to soften the blow of court packing? As originally reported by the AP, it was Gov. ... Sources for this article include: Breitbart.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Democrats call for non-Democrats to be sent to the guillotines Next : Mad scientists say livestock need to be genetically modified to stop climate change - More news on AP CNN, CNBC and AP heads met with CCP propaganda group to “malignly influence” American politics AP ...

AP drops bombshell report: China suppressed critical coronavirus information FOR WEEKS


The AP report came in the wake of Washington’s decision to cut funding for the WHO ?... China, meanwhile, as a response to the new report, said the AP was “seriously inconsistent with the facts ” in its investigation. "...

CNN, CNBC and AP heads met with CCP propaganda group to "malignly influence" American politics


For some time now, CNN, CNBC and the AP have been pushing anti-American, pro-globalist sentiment in their reporting. ... Sources for this article include: Infowars.com NaturalNews.com Previous :EV market depends almost entirely on communist China – “going green” actually means going COMMIE Next : Hundreds of Coast Guard members sue Biden regime over covid vaccine mandates - More news on AP CNN, CNBC and AP heads met with CCP propaganda group to “malignly influence” American ...

AP caught running fake news about death of fake news pusher


The AP, however, would have you believe that’s “fake news.” J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel . Sources include: DailyCaller.com FoxNews.com NaturalNews.com TheGuardian.com Previous :Republican liars sink latest effort to dismantle Obamacare, even though it would have stabilized insurance rates Next : More reason to be a prepper: Aid is arriving by the ton in Puerto Rico, but it’s NOT getting to the people because ...

AP scandal widens: DOJ also targeted Fox News reporter in 2010


AP scandal widens: DOJ also targeted Fox News reporter in 2010 Thursday, May 23, 2013 by: J. ... Says AP CEO Gary Pruitt of the targeting of his reporters by DoJ: "I really don't know what their motive was, I know what the message they are sending was - if you talk to the press we are going to go after you." "...

AP abandons facts, demands all media outlets play along with transgender pronoun insanity


The AP has gone “woke” Other slanted ideas in the AP’s new Topical Guide include the notion that chemically altering hormones and slicing off body parts is a helpful way for gender dysphoric children to avoid having suicidal thoughts. ... Sources for this article include: Newsbusters.org NaturalNews.com Previous :LGBT protesters demand more financial “aid” and weapons to Ukraine so Mariupol can host a Pride parade Next : HUMAN LAB RATS: Getting “vaccinated” for monkeypox automatically ...

AP issues correction after publishing fake news story lying about ivermectin


The AP falsely claimed that 70 percent of all calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center now involve overdose cases where people self-administered the “livestock medicine” to try to treat a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) infection. ... Sources for this article include: Infowars.com NaturalNews.com Previous :WHO scientist could reportedly face DEATH PENALTY for attacking ivermectin and withholding effective treatment from patients Next : HOSPITAL HOMICIDE: American war veteran dies after ...

AP attempts to sanitize violence, claims rioters are "regular" citizens caught up in the moment


“But an AP review found most of those arrested in U.S. protests look like regular citizens caught up in the moment.” ... Author and comedian Tim Young said that the AP has turned into a public relations firm for Antifa . "...

Small clusters of Ebola would completely overwhelm US hospitals - AP investigation


An assessment of the state of American healthcare compiled by The Associated Press (AP) has revealed that the nation is ill-prepared to deal with a large-scale Ebola outbreak. ... "We're really going to have to step up our game if we are going to deal with hemorrhagic fevers in this country," added Lawrence Gostin, a global health law expert and professor at Georgetown University, to the AP. "...

Top AP photographer says Obama photos are nothing more than 'staged propaganda'


Top AP photographer says Obama photos are nothing more than 'staged propaganda' Sunday, November 10, 2013 by: J. ... And the AP says it has never been allowed to photograph the president with his staff. "...

LIARS: AP slammed for saying anti-CRT bill prohibits 'making Whites feel discomfort'


In other words, AP completely made up the whole ‘white people’ part. The Post Millenialpointed out that the AP never included the full language of the text until paragraph 8 of their article, explicitly stating the aforementioned ‘white discomfort,’ narrative in both the headline and the first paragraph of the article. Numerous people took to social media in order to bash the failed and false reporting by the multi-media conglomerate. > Ask the Associated Press, because it’s the ...