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Anxiety is a double-edged sword: The 3 benefits of situational anxiety


Here are some of the benefits of anxiety: 1. Anxiety is an ingrained warning system It’s normal to feel anxious. ... Anxiety helps promote empathy Scientists have ruminated for some time the connection between anxiety and empathy. "...

anxiety relief


In 2013, about one in six American adults reported taking at least one psychiatric drug, usually an antidepressant, sedative or antipsychotic, to cope […] in: anxiety relief , Big Pharma , Harmful medicine , Health , Medicine , Mental Health , Sleep Disorders - Top 7 causes of cancer and smart alternatives for prevention and healing December 25, 2016 - Posted by S.D. ... It found that cannabinoid receptors are naturally present in our bodies and that […] in: anxiety relief , Cancer ...

Promoters of climate anxiety


Among certain vulnerable people in our region, talk of eco-grief and anxiety has become signs of psychological crises. ... Major media from the Guardian to the NY Times are covering climate anxiety, with anxiety-racked climate stars like Greta Thunberg are tearfully describing how their dreams and their childhood have been stolen by climate change. "...

Treating anxiety naturally


Everyone experiences anxiety. ... However, the anxiety medication causes awful side effects sometimes worse than the anxiety itself. "...

Homeopathy: Deal with anxiety naturally


If you suffer from anxiety, it can make you feel nervous, restless, angry or sad — sometimes all at once. ... Here is a look at some of the homeopathic remedies that are used for anxiety. Aconite Some homeopathy practitioners use aconite for sudden and intense bouts of anxiety, fear or panic that may be connected to past trauma. "...

Relieve anxiety with essential oils


A 2015 meta-analysis by researchers in Brazil found that bergamot oil exhibits “certain clinical anxiolytic [anti-anxiety] actions” and that it can reduce anxiety in patients awaiting surgery. ... So, if you’re battling anxiety take heart: Anxiety can be beaten through a combination of good sleep, regular exercise, talk therapy and the use of natural aromatherapy oils. "...

Natural ways to manage anxiety


The symptoms of anxiety Modern life is hectic, and anxiety is usually a regular part of life for certain individuals. But if you exhibit some of the symptoms below , you may be suffering from anxiety or an anxiety disorder. "...

Fight anxiety and depression by running


If you need further motivation, here is a look at the ways in which running can help those who are experiencing depression and anxiety . ... You might even find that your depression and anxiety disappear once you start running regularly. "...

Anxiety news, articles and information:


Anxiety news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Calm your anxiety and stress with these 10 natural herbs 11/30/2016 - Anxiety and other stress-related issues are on the rise in the United States. ... Use natural treatment for anxiety 11/28/2010 - Living with anxiety is never easy. "...

Jedi mind tricks for anxiety


The Jedi understand that fear and anxiety are natural phenomena you can't live without. ... Anxiety - even unwelcome or untimely anxiety - is a primeval sign that you are alive and well. "...

Use natural treatment for anxiety


Living with anxiety is never easy. ... Natural Treatment for Anxiety: Supplements Dietary and lifestyle changes can be difficult to make when you have anxiety. "...

Relieve anxiety with these 5 herbal supplements


Ashwagandha has been studied numerous times for its efficacy on relieving anxiety and has been shown to be as effective as benzodiazepines, a class of prescription medications for anxiety – but without the harmful effects for one’s health. 4. ... In some parts of the world, however, it is used as a natural remedy for anxiety and sleep disorders. "...

Guided imagery dramatically reduces anxiety


The purple jangle is a nervous wreck mainly because of paralyzing anxiety – a feeling many sufferers of anxiety-related disorders know all too well. ... Regular mental imagery can help multiple types of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety, panic attacks, and traumatic memories. "...

These foods may be contributing to your anxiety


Generalized anxiety and your diet Generalized anxiety is often linked to a common condition called reactive hypoglycemia. ... It can also help you manage your anxiety. Can antioxidants help? Anxiety is believed to be associated with a lowered total antioxidant state, which means eating foods rich in antioxidants may help ease the symptoms of anxiety disorders . "...

Discover these effective and NATURAL remedies for anxiety


Women were twice as likely to develop an anxiety disorder compared to men. Thankfully, various studies have confirmed that there are several natural remedies that can help address anxiety. ... Anxiety can be scary and it often exhausts you both mentally and physically. People experience anxiety in their own way, and they may have either long-, short-term, or ongoing symptoms. 8 herbal remedies for anxiety Regardless of if you have mild symptoms or suffer ...

Ease anxiety with meditation and essential oils


However, anxiety becomes a problem when this “fight-or-flight” reaction grows out of control. ... To measure anxiety levels, the participants took the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) before and after the procedures. "...

Tips and habits for banishing anxiety for life


If you’re having a hard time getting through each day because of your anxiety, consider some calming exercises. ... You can learn more about mental health and tips on how you can manage your anxiety at Mind.news. "...

Anti-anxiety, sleep medications increase likelihood of drug abuse - Relieve anxiety and get sleep naturally


Adolescents given prescriptions for sleeping pills or anti-anxiety medications by their family doctors are up to 12 times more likely to go on to abuse those and/or other drugs into adulthood, according to shocking new research published by the American Psychological Association (APA). ... Another simple way to relieve anxiety is to spend less time around computers, cell phones, wireless routers and other emitters of electromagnetic pollution. "...

Anti-anxiety news, articles and information:


Anti-anxiety news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Anti-anxiety drugs, sleeping pills proven to kill thousands of American each year 4/17/2014 - People who take prescription drugs for anxiety or to induce sleep are significantly more prone to early death than others, suggests a new study recently published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). A team of researchers from the U.K. found that taking anti-anxiety medications like Valium (diazepam)... "...

Natural cures for depression and anxiety disorders


Bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety steal the life away from millions of people - every day. ... On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, we offer a better way to deal with depression and anxiety. "...