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Brazil suspends AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine following pregnant woman's death


Both states cited Anvisa’s guidance as a factor in their pause of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. ... Anvisa however said that her demise “was assessed as possibly related to the use of the vaccine.” "...

"We're not guinea pigs!" - Brazilians push back against mandatory coronavirus vaccinations


In a Reuters report , Doria asked the country’s health regulator Anvisa to register Sinovac’s candidate. ... Many state governors supported the deal, which was contingent on Anvisa’s approval. "...

First DEATH reported in AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine trial, but human experimentation will continue anyway


Vaccine regulators not concerned about deaths Anvisa, the authority overseeing the case, will not stop the vaccine trials. ... Anvisa backed off from any additional investigation because the regulatory agencies in Brazil only “received partial data related to the investigation.” "...

Glyphosate herbicide should be banned, Brazil's public prosecutor says


"The first measure seeks to compel the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) to reevaluate the toxicity of eight active ingredients suspected of causing damage to human health and the environment. ... The actions request a preliminary injunction, calling on the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply to suspend the registration of products until a final determination is made about their toxicity by ANVISA. "...

Brazilian scientists claim they've discovered live, replicating adenoviruses in Russia’s covid vaccines


Adenovirus-vectored vaccines can revert to LIVE form, putting the immunocompromised at risk Brazil’s drug regulatory agency, Anvisa, tested samples of the Sputnik V covid vaccine. "...

Brazilians poisoned to death as 70 percent of crops are treated with pesticides banned in other nations


Brazil's track record with pesticides and GMOs is very poor After an analysis of 1,665 samples in 2014, the Brazilian health agency ANVISA discovered that 29 percent showed residues that were in excess of the permitted levels or contained chemicals that were unapproved. "...

Bee massacre: Pesticide use decimates Brazilian bee population


Gauging the implications In its most recent report, the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) found that 20 percent of food samples tested contained either unauthorized pesticides or pesticide residues above state-mandated levels. "...

Who needs SCIENCE? China justifies widespread COVID-19 immunizations without bothering with clinical trials


Reuters reported Oct. 3 that Sao Paulo governor Joao Doria asked Brazilian health regulator Anvisa to vaccinate the state’s population with CoronaVac. "...

China’s coronavirus vaccine production may be unable to fulfill commitments to other countries


An Oct. 3 report by Reuters said Sao Paulo governor Joao Doria had asked approval from Anvisa, the Brazilian health regulator, to use Sinovac’s coronavirus shots on the country’s most populated state. "...

Chinese drug makers plan to export coronavirus vaccines at rock-bottom prices, flooding the world with cheap, China-made vaccines


Sao Paulo governor Joao Doria confirmed the $90 million deal and asked Brazil’s health regulator Anvisa to register Sinovac’s coronavirus jab candidate. "...

Chinese pharmaceutical firm Sinovac gets $500 million, boosting its coronavirus vaccine production


It procured 60 million doses from the Chinese drugmaker in October, with state governor Joao Doria asking Brazilian health regulator Anvisa to register Sinovac’s candidate. "...

Brazil ignored food safety agency warnings when it approved GM maize in 2007


ANVISA addressed this misleading Monsanto tactic in its report, showing that MON810 was not substantially equivalent to the non-GM parent maize. ... After taking another look, the council ignored IBAMA and ANVISA advice, voting 7-4 in favor of approving the new Mon810GM maize. "...