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Prepper first aid: DIY antiseptics for wound care


When SHTF, use the DIY antiseptics detailed below to wash wounds and prevent infections. ... DIY antiseptics for wound washing Below are two DIY antiseptics you can use for wound washing in a survival scenario. "...

Natural antiseptics to fight infections in a SHTF scenario


Natural antiseptics to fight infections in a SHTF scenario Tuesday, February 06, 2018 by: Janine Acero alternative treatments , Antibiotics , emergency medicine , essential oils , Herbs , home remedies , medicinal herbs , natural antiseptics , natural cures , natural medicine , off grid , preparedness , remedies , SHTF , survival , wound treatment - (Natural News ) In any accident, be it minor like cuts and bruises or major ones such as burns, part of the treatment is preventing ...

DIY medical tips: What are antiseptics and why do you need them?


Antiseptics are also harder to store in large quantities than soap. Antiseptics for preppers There are antiseptics that are easy to buy, can be used safely and effectively (if handled properly), and have good shelf life. ... Natural antiseptics If you run out of antiseptics, there are natural alternatives that you can use that may just be lying around in your kitchen. "...

Horowitz: Move over, ivermectin: The media is now attacking effective nasal sprays used against COVID


Horowitz: Move over, ivermectin: The media is now attacking effective nasal sprays used against COVID Monday, October 11, 2021 by: News Editors antiseptics , badhealth , badmedicine , covid19 , FLCCC , ivermectin , mainstream media , Nasal Spray , outbreak , pandemic , treatment Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/557548.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Imagine reducing your viral load of COVID and decreasing your chance of hospitalization 19-fold with a ...

Iodine the new ivermectin: Government, media attacking all covid remedies that actually work


Iodine the new ivermectin: Government, media attacking all covid remedies that actually work Wednesday, September 29, 2021 by: Ethan Huff antiseptics , attack , betadine , Biden , COVID , Cures , goodhealth , goodmedicine , government , iodine , ivermectin , Journalism , lunatics , media , Nasal Spray , pandemic , Plandemic , prevention , remedies , scare stories Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/557515.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The latest threat ...

SHTF first aid: Suture options for medical emergencies


(Related: Prepper first aid: DIY antiseptics for wound care .) Braided sutures are more likely to harbor organisms, but they are stronger and more flexible. "...

The bark of this rainforest tree from Australia inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria


Researchers from Griffith University in Australia found that Oliver’s sassafras (Cinnamomum oliveri) exhibits potent antibacterial activity and therefore has potential use in the development of antiseptics. ... Moreover, they point to the possible use of Oliver’s sassafras in the development of antiseptics, especially against drug-resistant pathogens. "...

Natural first-aid treatments of old can help you survive off-grid emergencies


Infections – Antiseptics - Sugar and honey are two of the best antiseptics . Apply sugar to the wound until it becomes syrupy, then wash it off and reapply. ... Prickly pear, slippery elm, yarrow, and sweetgum can also be used as antiseptics. "...

Probiotics Found to Block Pneumonia in Critically Ill Patients


Probiotics are just as effective as conventional antiseptics at suppressing pneumonia-causing bacteria in the mouths of critically ill patients, according to a study conducted by researchers from University Hospital in Lund, Sweden, and published in the journal Critical Care. ... In contrast to antiseptics, which must be reapplied every few hours, a single probiotic swab can remain effective for 24 hours. "...

How to disinfect a wound almost instantly


Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most commonly used wound antiseptics. According to the American Medical Association (AMA), the cleansing action of hydrogen peroxide helps eliminate debris and necrotic tissue from the wound tissue when used at full strength. ... Clinicians from the Intermountain Healthcare has prepared a list of procedures necessary for proper wound care : - Clean the work area and gather the necessary supplies such as bandage, antiseptics, and gloves. - Wash hands ...

How to beat recurring UTIs without prescription drugs


(http://www.naturalnews.com ) 6) Take herbal antiseptics like uva ursi and dandelion leaf. A common treatment option employed by naturopaths and herbalists, herbal antiseptics like uva ursi and dandelion leaf are another effective way to treat and prevent UTIs. "...

Top five emergency first aid items you probably didn't even realize were medicine


When it comes to emergency medicine for preppers, everybody is already aware of the extraordinary usefulness of things like nano silver, fish antibiotics and off-the-shelf antiseptics such as povidone iodine. ... You don't want to land yourself in a situation where you have to trade ammo for antiseptics... especially when you can grow aloe vera for free and produce your own antiseptics using soil, sunshine and rainwater. "...

Many invasive plants have medicinal benefits


Sources for this article include: TheBowerStudio.com PrepSchoolDaily.Blogspot.com Previous :Study: 1 out of every 5 California electric car owners switching back to gas Next : Alaska Airlines to require COVID-19 vaccines for all employees, despite record of widespread injury and death caused by vaccines - More news on emergency medicine Prepper first aid: DIY antiseptics for wound care Many invasive plants have medicinal benefits Learn the basics of wound management for survival situations ...

Top 8 houses to consider for your off-grid hideout


Sources include: Survivopedia.com Environment-Ecology.com Previous :Food supply 101: How to store rice properly - More news on disaster Top 8 houses to consider for your off-grid hideout Hoover Dam water levels at all-time low, endangering the power grid in Western states China to halt thousands of hydropower projects as older dams pose serious safety threats Tips for choosing and organizing a medic bag The government spent BILLIONS to equip Afghan forces, only for American military hardware to end ...

Amazon, eBay and other online stores advertise teeth whiteners with toxic levels of hydrogen peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used in household cleaners, antiseptics and oral care products. "...

Food supply 101: What to cook when SHTF


Sources include: FoodStorageMoms.com CrisisEquipped.com JuliesEatsAndTreats.com Previous :Prepper first aid: DIY antiseptics for wound care Next : Prepper sanitation: Preventing bed bug infestations with natural remedies - More news on bug in Delicious, long-lasting recipes from the Amish that will help you survive a food crisis Food supply 101: What to cook when SHTF Prepping before SHTF: How to store fuel properly Survival 101: 5 Reasons to set up a safe room or storm shelter 10 Tips that ...

Mask mouth causes gum disease, which increases coronavirus death risk by 900%


“Hospital staff should identify Covid-19 patients with periodontitis and use oral antiseptics to reduce transmission of bacteria,” he says. "...

Scientists: Handwashing gets rid of more germs than using hand sanitizers


(And how to clean and disinfect surfaces properly) DIY medical tips: What are antiseptics and why do you need them? "...

Prepping safety tips: How to survive in a post-SHTF world if you have diabetes


Your survival kit should include wound dressings, antiseptics and other medical supplies. "...

Prepper must-haves: 14 Ways to use baking soda on your homestead


Simple home remedies you can start using right now DIY medical tips: What are antiseptics and why do you need them? "...